7 Common Sign’s Your Child Is An Empath

7 Common Signs Your Child is An Empath

Is your child an empath? The Empathic Child is something many parent’s fail to recognise or understand. They often view their child as too sensitive, too emotional, weak, fragile even challenging. They fail to fully understand what being an empath actually mean’s.

The Empathic Child is highly sensitive but just because a child is highly sensitive doesn’t mean they are then an empath. Being an empath has it’s own set of challenges.

signs your child is an empath

Is your child an empath or a highly sensitive person?

  • The Empathic Child recognise’s and understand other’s emotionals needs a lot quicker than most people around them. So a child who is an empath will normally be very kind and compassionate to those around them. They are often over giving and over caring often to their own detriment. So it is important than the empathic child learn’s about self-care and healthy boundaries.

  • Empathic Children tend to get very emotional or frightened by the slightest violence or sadness in books or movies. They will be naturally drawn to more gentler forms of media and reading material. It is important that parent’s understand and respect their need’s, forcing a child to watch movies or other media can be very traumatic for some.

  • Empath’s get easily exhausted, stressed and overwhelmed by the busy world around them, especially groups of people, crowds. So they need plenty time  to recuperate. Empaths are more vulnerable to fatigue and burn out and lowered immune system. Balance in their routine is very important.

  • The Empathic Child is often highly intuitive and or psychic, they often have a deep knowing. They are often are a good judge of character and have such heightened senses they know when something is off, not quite right. Some children are extremely psychic from a young age which can be very confusing andworrying for both the child and the parents. It is important that your child feel’s safe enough to share any of their experiences or fears.

  • Empath’s struggle to say NO, struggle to create healthy boundaries because they are so over-identified by other people’s pain, drama, even physical dis-ease. Some empaths will actually take on other people’s pain. Particularly when they feel that is their role within the family or group dynamic and have not had the opportunity to nurture their own developing needs. If a child doesn’t learn to create healthy boundaries at a young age, they can have huge challenges later in life.

  • An Empathic Child need’s plenty of of alone time, time to rest and replenish as they are often very ungrounded. They thrive in nature and need to be regularly grounded to feel strong. So getting into nature should be part of an empathic kids  daily routine. Especially today when children are over exposed to artificial and technological surroundings.

  • Some Empathic Children have huge struggle’s forming close relationships as children because of many of the traits above. They prefer one to one relationship or just very small groups of close relationships

These are just some of the most common symptoms of an empath, but if you would like to get a bigger insight if your child is an Empath. Check out Are You An Empath? – The Empath’s Test

Learn how you can you support your empathic or sensitive child

in a more healthier, happier and stress free way

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