Chronic Anxiety In Highly Sensitive People And Empaths

How To STOP Chronic Anxiety In Highly Sensitive People

Why Chronic anxiety in highly sensitive people and empaths is very common. Why many HSP’s are stuck in the chronic anxiety cycle especially those who are also empaths. Learn what you can do to stop the chronic anxiety cycle if you are highly sensitive or highly empathic.

Why Chronic Anxiety In Highly Sensitive People Is So High

As a stress therapist for many years I know how much chronic anxiety is such a big problem for many highly sensitive people. And sad to see such a dramatic increase in chronic anxiety in children especially HSC Highly Sensitive Children

Chronic anxiety impacted my own childhood and teenage years. And I believe it played a part in the serious burn out I experienced a large part of my twenties. So ill, I was predominately house and bedbound in my twenties.

The Highly Sensitive Person according to various research is more sensory sensitive, they process far more information than the average person. The HSP that is highly empathic is far more tuned into the stress, anxiety and pain of those around them.  Being the eldest of 9 kid’s, I have always had a far more heightened awareness  of my surroundings than my siblings. I have always been highly intuitive and had an uncanny gift of just knowing things about people I would meet. I often know when people are trying to cover up deeper emotional pain, fear even anger.

Chronic Anxiety In Highly Sensitive Empaths

Chronic anxiety and chronic stress tends to be more prominent in those whe have unhealthy boundaries. The highly sensitive empath who has poor boundaries or a weakened energy field is more likely to absorb other’s negative energy. Which in turn can play havoc on the HSP’s or empath’s central nervous system. Now if you have unhealthy boundaries, can’t say NO and believe your role is constantly to serve others. You are opening the flood gates to a lot of external and internal stress. Especially if your are not fully present, constantly worrying about this person or that person. Your living from a state of anxiety, worry, fear.

I can honestly say boundary issues has been thee or one of the biggest challenges I have had as long as I can remember. Despite studying all sorts of mind tools, psychotherapy, assertiveness, self-esteem and self-worth issues over 25 years. It wasn’t until recent years did I begin to understand more clearly, why boundaries were such a huge issue for me. And was one of the reason’s I moved into working with highly sensitive people and empaths. I saw too many HSP’s with chronic anxiety, too many empaths with poor or unhealthy boundaries.

Generalized Anxiety Disorders In The Highly Sensitive Person

Generalized Anxiety Disorders in Highly Sensitive People can be a huge problem especially in those who are full-time people pleasers. Those who constantly worry about others or are fearful of daily situations. GAD is also high in those who put themself under a great deal of stress.  The HSP’s heightened sensory system and need to be constantly helpful to other’s makes them more susceptible to chronic stress. In a chronic stress state highly sensitive people are far more hyperalert, more fearful to the world around them.

Chronic anxiety thrives when you are constantly focusing on the past or future, the what if’s, your fears or traumas. Anxiety Disorders are common in type A personality’s, the over-achievers, the over-givers who push themself into fatigue and exhaustion. Those who tend to over-please, over-care, over-identify with other people’s drama and pain. Those less aware and boundaried in their own physical, mental and emotional needs. Those who become people pleasing victim’s who believe they are here to serve others.

How To STOP The Chronic Anxiety Cycle In HSP’s

  1. Get Grounded– Most highly sensitive people are ungrounded, they are not fully energetically aaware or in their physical body. They are very much in their heads in their fear this is what keeps anxiety alive. It is important that HSP’s become more body aware. A simple way to do this is to become aware of the weight of your feet, fully feel the weight of your feet and stomp like a child. It is also important for highly sensitive people to spend as much time in nature or some nature around you as much as you can. For example in-door plants at home or at the office.

  2. Learn How To Be In The Moment – The Highly Sensitive Person is often so used to being aware of pain, in a state of fear that they are anywhere else but the here and now. Every highly sensitive person should learn how to meditate. Meditation  is one of the most powerful and useful ways to help be more present, more fully in the moment. Many chronic anxiety sufferer’s can find some meditation techniques a little bit challenging at the beginning. That is why I teach clients with chronic anxiety or PTSD my 5 Minute Meditation, which actually takes less than 5 minutes it is simple, easy and highly effective for those with generalized anxiety disorders.

  3. Let Go Of Unhealthy Beliefs– Most of us that are highly sensitive are carrying very unhealthy beliefs that are keeping us in unhealthy programming. Distorted beliefs stop you creating and maintain healthy boundaries, they keep you in victimhood. One of the reason’s my clients find the inner child program so powerful. It gives them the space and tools to become consciously aware of sabotaging behaviours that is imprisoning them. Many are very surpised how much changes after these sessions

  4. Let Go Of Old Trauma – Every highly sensitive and empathic person will have old trauma, as humans we all do, especially from childhood. It doesn’t have to be a very awful or obvious trauma for an event to deeply traumatise a child. The child perceives events from a very niave and narrow perpective. Something that may seem very trivial can freeze a child into avoiding certain situations all of their life. Or into forming certain behaviour patterns that keep them stuck throughout their life without them realising it. A lot of trauma is very unconscious, it is something we are not aware of. But is a key role in treating anxiety and PTSD. That is why again I use Inner Child work and suggest various essences and essential oils.

  5. Learn To Relax – Everyone who wants off the chronic anxiety cycle needs to learn how to relax and switch off from the world, from their internal and external stressors. Muscle relaxation techniques are very effective and useful for those suffering from PTSD and those with chronic anxiety disorders. It teaches the body, mind and emotions how to move from the chronic anxiety and stress response into the relaxed response.

  6. Set And Maintain Healthy Boundaries – Learn how to create and maintain healthy boundaries in your daily life; in your relationships, your family and work life. Understanding why boundaries are necessary for you as a Highly Sensitive Person helps you see things differently.  Understanding why you have had problems developing healthy boundaries can be hugely insightful. Check out Healthy Boundaries For The Highly Sensitive Child

Are You Ready To Let Go Of The Chronic Anxiety Cycle?

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