Are You An Empath? – Score Your Empathic Traits

Are You An Empath?


Do you have these most common empathic traits? How high do you score as an empath? Is this the reason you struggle with the energy, emotions and world around you?

So What Is An Empath? 

An empath is someone who has heightened clairsentience, the intuitive or psychic gift of clear feeling. Empath’s fundamentally have the gift of feeling the emotions, energy even physical pain of other’s and thing’s around them.

Empathy, the art of being empathic is being able to understand what another might be feeling or going through. So being highly empathic doesn’t necessarily mean you are an empath. And if you are an empath doesn’t mean your unique gifts and strength’s are the same as another empath. All empath’s are to a degree highly sensitive, but being a HSP, Highly Sensitive Person doesn’t mean you are empathic.

Every empath’s is like everyone else in life, they have their our own unique skills, abilities and challenges. But the biggest problem most empath’s have is they haven’t learned how to harness their abilities effectively. In-fact they can become very debilitated by their traits.That is why being an empath can feel like more of a curse than a gift.

The issue with many empaths is they are constantly trying to fix themself and those around them from the wrong perspective. They have so much unhealthy conditioning, not just fear around their empathic gift’s or sensitive traits. But often lots of distorted beliefs, unhealthy guilt around putting their need’s first, their health and wellbeing first.

So Are You An Empath?

  1. Are you easily started or stimulated by noise, too much information, smells?

  2.  Are you more sensitive to internal stimulant’s e.g. caffeine, medication

  3.  Do you have a strong sense of knowing, highly intuitive or psychic?

  4.  Does conflict or violence trigger strong physical symptoms, even illness in you?

  5. Do you absorb and carry around other people’s drama, energy, physical symptoms?

  6. Are you overwhelmed when asked to multi-task, NEED to focus one one thing at a time?

  7. Find large crowds and busy places overwhelming, exhausting?

  8. Do you need lots of rest, time on your own?

  9. Are you sensitive and/or annoyed by certain fabrics,  chemicals, EMF’s?

  10. Do you seem to have a lower or more sensitive pain threshold to those around you?

  11. You crave nature, feel more balanced, stronger, restored outside in nature?

  12. You are easily enmeshed/ over-powered in relationships?

  13. You easily get anxious, stressed or overwhelmed?

  14. You like to arrange exit plan’s to event’s so you can leave when you want or need to?

  15. Are you sensitive, easily exhausted or stimulated by EMF’s, digital technology?

  16. You are much stronger in small or one to one connections or situations?

  17. Struggle to create or maintain healthy boundaries, struggle to say “NO”?

  18. Emotionally eat during times of stress or pain?

  19. Struggle to feel like you fit in or belong?

  20. Been constantly told you are too shy, quite, over-sensitive or weak?

If you score over 15 you are an empath

If you said yes to more than half of the questions you have strong empathic abilities


Despite being a highly sensitive empath as long as I can remember. A coach, healer, therapist who has worked on myself intensively for over nearly 3 decades. It wasn’t until a strange experience during a life threatening experience in intensive care that I began to wake up. And see myself and my life a lot differently.

 I started to see how much unhealthy conditioning and distorted beliefs were disabling and imbalancing my empathic traits. During this period I had started to develop more complex health challenges which included extreme noise, light and vibration sensitivity. So hugely disabling it would trigger  non-epileptic type seizures and very complex movement disorder. My sensitivity was so dialled up that some people’s emotions nearly literally knocked my balance.

These experiences really pushed me into studying this phenomena and working with various expert teachers and healers in this area.  And the reason why I now utilising my areas of expertise to help empaths and sensitives take back their power, find ways to heal and shine their greatest gifts. So empaths and sensitives can live their life and soul purpose.

I have been so fortunate to have met, worked and taught so many empaths in my various areas of work as a teacher, coach and spiritual business mentor.  All with their own unique amazing empathic and sensitive abilities and gifts. Some feel and see the energy of plants, many other’s feel and see the energy of animals, some see, hear and feel angels. Some work as psychics, mediums, intuitive or spiritual teacher’s. Other’s counsel, coach, mentor, educate or have every day jobs as business people, civil servants… All of these gift’s are needed in every field and every area of life.

But for most empath’s the first challenge is going back to basics, creating healthy foundations. Most empaths and many HSP’s haven’t learned how to make themself a priority. They haven’t learned or have took on some very distorted perceptions related to themself, their purpose, their roles, their gifts. That is why I have created my new Free E-course – Essential Skills For Empath’s  that explains more the essential skills every empath needs to become more happy, healthy and empowered.. More Info 



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Essential Skills for Empaths Free Course




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