Challenges Of An Empath

Common Challenges Of An Empath

Some of the most common challenges of an empath living in the modern world. Empaths are highly sensitive people who often feel and absorb the energy around them. They are so used to feeling so much, absorbing so much. That they often grow up confused why other’s do not identify or see other people’s pain the way they do.

Emotional Challenges Of An Empath

As empaths we have such a heightened awareness of the energy of the people and environment around us. That other’s don’t notice or can’t comprehend. Those around you, may view you as too sensitive, fragile, strange or weird. Which reinforces a belief that at your core you are weak or flawed.

Just because the empath is a highly sensitive person, certainly doesn’t not mean they are weak. I am the mostly highly sensitive and empathic member of my family. But I am also one of the most strongest members of a very large family.

Too many empath have been told by other’s that their sensitivity is a weakness, that they believe it is. They grow up believing they have to fix, heal or grow out of their sensitivity. Often they are told to toughen up.

Especially when those around you constantly tell you, you are too sensitive, strange or weird. Which reinforces a belief that at your core you are weak or flawed.

The biggest weakness or dilemma of an empath. Is that they often over identify with other people’s pain and drama. In-fact absorb, feel and take on other people’s mental, emotional and even physical pain.

You pick up on very subtle cues that others around you fail to notice. The empath just know’s or sense’s when something is wrong with those around them. You pick up on very subtle cues that others around you fail to notice.

The Empaths Psychic And Intuitive Experiences

In-fact both the empathic child and adult is often very intuitive and very psychic. But if these gifts are misunderstood, feared or disapproved by those around them. The will often shut down these gift’s or actively hide them. Which can cause all sorts of imbalances within the psyche.

The Empaths Compassionate Nature

Empaths are highly compassionate and caring. You naturally connect with many different types of people. And will naturally change your vibration, your body language and the way you speak to connect to that person. The empath will often lower their vibration to make another person feel more comfortable. But this leaves you more open in experiencing other’s pain, negativity or drama.

challenges of an empath - highly sensitive empath

The highly sensitive empath is not just compassionate but often extremely generous. They often overgive or freely give without hesitation. You instinctively sense what a lot of people need, want and crave for. But are more likely to be disconnected from your own wants and needs. This leads to many empaths putting everyone else’s needs before their own.

The Boundary Challenges Of An Empath

Empaths struggle to create and maintain healthy boundaries. In-fact many struggle with even the concept and idea of boundaries.  This is something I struggled with most of my life.  I was a highly empathic child that did not learn  how to have healthy boundaries. This led me to develop unhealthy conditioning and patterns in adulthood. Especially those related to self-worth, self-value and self-esteem. The unassertive empath is more likely to develop chronic health issues such as burn-out. They are more likely to become a martyr or victim. i spent most of my life with chronic and disabling health condition’s. Even when I thought I was learning to put my need’s first. On a deeper level this was so far from the truth.

The Burnt Out, Stressed Out Empath

Empaths regularly suffer from exhaustion, over-stimulation, anxiety and/or stress. As an empath you have sensory processing sensitivity which makes you more vulnerable to stress. You process far more information through your senses than those around you. This leads to sensory processing overload especially when you are in busy or noisey environments.

The big reason why empaths become easily depleted, burned out, overwhelmed and over-stimulated. These are visible traits in the highly sensitive child or adult  after a busy day. As a HSP you need plenty of time on your own, time to relax, unplug and unwind. To help heal and restore your central nervous system back into balance.

Empath’s are highly sensitive many things especially technology, wifi, EMF’S – Electric Magnetic Frequencies. So it is important to switch off and unplug from technology, mobile and electrical devices regularly, especially at bedtime.

If you are an empath who struggles with exhaustion, over giving, over caring, over feeling. Learn more about the Essential Skills Every Empath needs to develop to be more happy, healthy and balanced

Essential Skills For Empaths self care skills

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