Empowering The Inner Child

Empowering The Inner Child is a powerful way to heal old conditioning, beliefs and trauma from your childhood. We all hold distorted beliefs, unhealthy memories in our psyche in our subconscious. These distorted beliefs, ideas impact how we show up, relate, react to the world and those around us. They are often fragments of stories, shut out memories from our childhood. Events and thoughts that have impacted our conidence, our self-esteem, our self-worth.

The Dis-Empowered Inner Child

Every childhood no matter how loving or unhealthy, has painful memories, painful experiences. That’s why remnants about these beliefs and events show up in our adult life. As children we see the world, situations and those around us through the child’s eyes. And although as children we tend to see things from a purer perspective, we are unaware of the bigger picture. Children are highly impressionable, highly pliable, more empathic and sensitive to situations and their surroundings. This vulnerability is a major reason why many children blaming themself for abuse, trauma, neglect that was not their fault.

Unhealthy Patterns We Take Into Adulthood

To cope, to survive children develop certain types of behaviour to remain safe or to remain loved. Every child is unique, their perceptions and life experiences are unique. So every child finds a different way of behaving to cope and survive in the world. That is why some children and adults are more passive or manipulative, while others are more demanding or aggressive. We all take on unhealthy and imablanced patterns, roles and identities because of our childhood.

As a child I had 8 younger siblings, brought up in a very close loving family. But we all grow up with different views, different patterns of behaviour, different roles, identities and ideas. Every child has their own unique journey and unique perceptions of their journey. Every child acts, behaves and responds to each situation the find themself uniquely. Even when many siblings share the same experiences. A good example is when a whole fanmily will describe a past event all differently, something I have witnessed in my own family.

The Highly Sensitive Child

If you were a highly sensitive child you would have been more sensitive to your surroundings and those around you. Highly sensitive children are naturally sensitive to the emotions, energy, vibration, smells, sounds, textures, stimuli of the world around them. They are naturally more easily stimulated and stressed due to their innate hypersensitivity. Often people view those as highly sensitive as weak but they reality is HSP’s and empaths are more highly skilled at picking up and sensing.

The Highly Empathic Child

If you were a highly empathic child who felt other peoples’ energy, other people’s pain. You would be more likely to engage in being everyone’s carer, giver, supporter, nurturer, maybe martyr, fixer. Because you probabaly never learned how to have healthy boundaries. How to seperate your energy, your feelings, your needs from those around you.

The highly empathic child finds it difficult to identify and put their own needs first. The highly empathic child is often so entangled in the energy, needs and pain of those around them. As a child they never learns how to be an individual or how to put their needs first. That is why most empaths have unhealthy boundaries, low self-esteem, low self-worth and a variety of healthy issues. Life’s overgivers, martyers, wounded healers, carers, nurtures…. That is why addressing our inner child conditioning, healing our inner child beliefs is extremely powerful.

empower your inner child

Empowering The Inner Child

When you heal and empower the inner child, you empower and heal the adult you. Most of us hold a lot of pain and trauma in our psyche or in the cellular memory of the body.  Which makes us very  disconnected from our inner child.

As someone who has studied many forms of therapy and healing, I LOVE the power of inner child work. Inner child therapy work is extremely powerful if approached in a very safe, effective, therapeutic way. When you work with a highly experienced therapist who understands the sensitivity needed for inner child therapy. Magical things can happen for the inner child and the adult. The adult starts to let go of old conditioning, unhealthy patterns, old identities and roles that are not serving them.

How To Start Empowering The Inner Child

  1. Make A Connection With Your Inner Child. The first step towards inner child healing is making a strong connection with your inner child. If your inner child has felt so abandoned, so unloved, so uncared for or abused even neglected. Your inner child maybe shut down or hiding from you.
  2. Build A Connection Your Inner Child. Like every relationship a connection with your inner child takes time to build and grow. A child needs patience, a child needs space and time to grow. So don’t rush the process, slow down and be more in the moment like a child.
  3. Live More In The Moment. Children can teach us so much about how to be more in the moment. How to tap into what is most natural and authentic fror us. A daily meditation practise is a great place to start. Making time each to dis-engage from your monkey mind and other distractions helps you connect to your inner world. When we connect with our inner world it is a lot easier to connect purley to our inner child’s needs.
  4. Have More Childlike Fun. Every child wants to have fun, every child needs fun and play to be mentally, emotionally and physically healthy. Adults are exactly the same, were just so entangled with the future and past we forget to have fun today.
  5. Inner Child Healing Programs. The right inner child healing program will give you a range of tools and techniques to help you explore, love and heal your inner child. My full inner child healing program explores many aspects and archetypes of the healing child. A very powerful program with tools, techniques, guided meditations that can be used over and over again.
  6. Inner Child Creative Writing. Inner child storytelling and therapeutic writing for the inner child can be extremely cathartic and empowering. My clients and students love my inner child fairytale writing courses. Students are extremely surpised how much is revealed and healed in these short self-study sessions which include recordings of 2 live group therapy sessions.

benefits of inner child healing for empaths and sensitives

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