Free Lightworkers library of Free Meditations, Free Healings and Courses For Empaths and Healers

provided by highly qualified and experienced healer, therapist and coach Eileen Burns.




Deepen Your Spiritual Connection

Free access to a library of inner child, healing meditations and archetypal sessions for empaths, healers and lightworkers to help you spiritually expand, heal and grow.

This library includes

  • Lightworkers Role
  • Healing Meditations
  • Empaths and Sensitives
  • Understanding The Wounded Healer
  • Inner Child Videos


Eileen Burns

Eileen Burns

Soul Purpose Coach, Healer & Spiritual Teacher


 Eileen is a highly dedicated and passionate healer, teacher and coach who is passionate about nurturing and support her fellow healers and lightworkers live fully their life and soul purpose with more strength and grace.

She has dedicated a very large part of the last 30 years learning and working with some of the most wonderful and powerful healers around the world.

As a spiritual seeker faced with a variety of complex and rare medical challenges including medical harm from an early age.

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