Grounding For Empaths And Sensitives

Grounding For Empaths And Sensitives

Some tips on grounding for empaths and sensitives. If you are a highly sensitive person who get’s easily overwhelmed, exhausted, anxious or stressed you probably need to ground more. Empaths and sensitives are so finely tuned into the world and people around them, they often struggle to feel centred and grounded. In a way they are often too much in their head and their heart and not in their physical body.

As a highly sensitive empath I know, how much being ungrounded can seriously impact your health and wellbeing. Despite having studied grounding through my healing studies over 25 years ago.  It wasn’t until more recent years did I start to realise why grounding is such a big problem for so many empaths and sensitives. Seeking answers to my own empathic and sensitives challenges brought me along a long journey studying with many top healers and teachers around the world.

That is why grounding tools for empaths and sensitives is the first thing I talk about in my Free e-course Essential Skills for Empaths and Sensitives. And why I created my own grounding toolkit for empaths. 

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Tips On Grounding For Empaths And Sensitives

  1. Spend more time in nature and the countryside when you can. Trees for example have gnerally deep roots so are very grounding. Even imagining yourself having deep roots into the earth through your feet is supportive. It helps nurture a deeper connection and trust with mother earth. So many empaths and sensitives view the earth or world as an unsafe place to be. So recognising that the earth actually supports us, feeds us, provides shelter for us, can heal us etc is more supportive.

  2. Bring nature into your home and office when you can. There is a lot of easy to look after plants for your home or workplace. Cactus plants are small and easy to maintain great at reducing EMF pollution.

  3. Get barefoot and become more aware of your body especially your feet and legs. Most of us spend so much time in our head and upper body we are very disconnected from our lower extremeties. Even wearing footwear too much can increase our disconnection from feeling naturally earthed.

  4. Switch off and unplug, reduce time spend around technology and EMF’s especially in the evening. These can play havoc with your circardian rythm which can seriously impact your quality of sleep.

  5. Eat grounding foods, root vegetables are very grounding and earthing. Healthy vegetable stews and soups can be really nourishing for empaths and sensitives. Avoid stimulants and processed food which play havoc with the central nervous system and the gut microbiome.

  6. Use grounding techniques that are highly effective and easy to fit into your daily and busy routine. I teach various grounding techniques and tools in Grounding Tools for Empaths which is also the first module in my membership program Soul Care For Sensitives.

  7. Learn to be more mindfully aware. It is important to recognise when you are not fully and energetically in your body. Or when you are taking on or absorbing other people’s negative energy or pain. Increased energtic awareness is often enough to make big shifts in how you show up and interact with those around you. Meditation and mindfulness tools are highly effective in increasing mindfulness awareness.

  8. Essential oils and flower essences can really help with grounding issues. I find most helpful frankincense, sandalwood and my favourite to help with boundaries and a stronger energetic protection On Guard, essential oil blend from doTERRA.

Make grounding part of your daily self-care routine, just like brushing your teeth, having a shower, having your meals. When you are grounded, you are much more physically, mentally and emotionally robust to the negative energy around you. You feel more balanced and supported structurally, energetically and mentally.

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