How The Highly Sensitive Person Can Reduce Stress Levels On A Daily Basis

The Highly Sensitive Person is so much more sensitive to external and internal stimuli they need to be more pro-active to reduce stress levels. Anxiety and stress is high in our western busy and over stimulated way of life. But that doesn’t mean just because you are a highly sensitive person or highly empathic that you need to suffer from chronic anxiety or chronic stress.

Chronic stress is triggered by our fears, it is our reaction to the world around us, the way we psychologically and physiologically respond to situations, people and the things around us. The biggest cause of stress today is our mental thoughts; our conditioning, what we attach and give power to.

But external stimuli such as environmental noise,  information over load can certainly play its part so can environmental and internal toxins. But the way we view the world, situations, very much represents how we show up in the world. If you are a HSP, a highly sensitive person who views the world as a highly harsh, uncaring and dangerous place. You will show up in the world as a very fearful, highly anxious, sensitive soul. Who struggles to survive never mind find their wayin the world.

The highly sensitive person or highly empathic person has tremendous gifts to share with the world. They have tremendous compassion and huge insight about those around them. Because they are highly intuitive and highly sensitive to the energy and emotions of the people and situations around them. But this also makes them more vulnerable to other’s anxiety and stress, to mass consciousness and to many other thing’s that most people can comprehend.

Some famous people who have been regarded as a HSP a highly sensitive person include Albert Einstein, Carl Jung, Diana- The Princess Of Wales, Judy Garlan, Mother Theresa. You can learn more about a highly sensitive person’s traits here.

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5 Simple Ways A HSP- A Highly Sensitive Person Can Reduce Stress Daily


Assertiveness- learn how to say NO, one of the biggest challenges many HSP’s and particular empaths have a challenge with. Is the ability to say NO. Empaths feels others pain and fears so deeply the often struggle to identify their own needs. So struggle to set healthy boundaries.

Be Yourself – trying to fit in, comparing yourself to other’s, judging yourself on other’s ideas of what you should and shouldn’t be like. Is a huge source of distress.  You are more than enough, even in within your vulnerability, your physical, emotional and even mental sensitivity, you are enough. You are unique, special, wonderful and here to be you.

Groundedbecome more grounded physically, mentally and emotionally get out of your head and get connected to your body and the earth around and underneath you. I find the essential oil blend On Guard a great aid. When you are more grounded your energetic field is much stronger so you are naturally more boundaried from other people’s negativity and emotions.

Be In The Moment– learn how to be more present, more in the moment, take each step, each day as it comes, let go of the yesterday’s and tomorrow’s, see below as meditation and mindfulness can help. You tend to be more grounded and find it easier to naturally assert your own needs when you live in the moment.

Meditatemeditation is a powerful way to connect with the self, that space where stillness and calm resides, where wisdom, true insight and guidance evolves from. Meditation helps quieten the mind and helps develop a powerful connection with our inner wisdom.

Unplug- a highly sensitive person or highly empathic person usually needs to unplug and switch off more frequently than other’s do. HSP’s tend to have sensory processing issues  which affects the autonomic nervous system. So the slightest over stimulation can trigger the “fight or flight” stress reponse. Leaving the HSP highly wired, anxious, stressed and exhausted.

Cushioning – is a stress management strategy that helps cushion you from the impact of a stressor or stressors. It involves using any practical, therapeutic or strategical strategy that will help you reduce stress and become more resilient to the stressors of every day life. It can involve taking action, managing or reducing the stressor in question but also includes an aspect of balance into your life. It involves havinga . more healthier aproach to your every day life, so you are generally more stress resilient. I have extreme noise sensitivity which is excaberated by medical challenges so I use ear plugs when required. I plan out all activities, visitors and over stimulation with plenty of quiet time. For many sensitives this is a key part of remaining healthy,  calm, confident and strong.

No matter how long you have suffered chronic anxiety or chronic stress due to your hypersenitivity. You don’t just have to live with it, your life as a HSP doesn’t have to be stressful. I was a highly anxious, stressed out teenager, who suffered chronic unworthiness, who tried to relentlessly to deny and resist my empathic traits and highly sensitivite traits. I started to suffer extreme health challenges including burn-out from the age of 19. And spent a large part of my twenties extremely ill, exhausted and isolated. Out of this experience I became a meditation teacher, healer, coach and stress management expert. I have helped many people including many highly sensitive people and highly sensitive children move from a highly anxious state of being to a more calm confident way of being.

I realise how challenging life may feel at the moment. But believe me your life as a highly sensitive person can be far richer, peaceful, lighter and FREE.


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