Inner Child Healing For Empaths and Highly Sensitive People

Benefits Of Inner Child Healing For Empaths And Highly Sensitive People

Why Inner Child Healing For Empaths and Highly Sensitive People is one of the most highly effective and preferred forms of therapy. Why Inner child work gets to the core issues of many of the challenges empaths and highly sensitive people face.

I believe Inner Child Healing For Empaths and HSP’s is thee or one of the most useful forms of therapy or self-therapy. Inner child work is gentle while deeply healing, so its very nature is ideal for highly sensitive souls. If you are a struggling Empaths and HSP you need a form of therapy that can be done at your own pace. A healing modality that is soft and empoweringly. Highly Sensitive People generally feel and care deeply about the people and world around them. But you often do not know how to deeply care and love your self. Inner child work at its core is about increasing self-love, self-compassion, and self-care.

What Is Inner Child Healing?

Inner Child Healing is a deeply healing and therapeutic process that is designed to help you heal distorted beliefs, patterns, pain and trauma from your childhood. It works on unconscious related issues that began in childhood. It is a form of therapy or sometimes self-help that helps us heal and often reframe experiences from our past. And stop’s us from maintaining unhealthy and sabotaging patterns in our adult life.

So Why Is Inner Child Healing For Empaths And HSP’s So Highly Effective?

As a Highly Sensitive Empath who has specialised in anxiety and stress management for nearly 20 years.  I see how too many empaths and highly sensitive people face struggle with overwhelm. HSP’s have a more sensitive sensory system, they process so much more information than other people do. So they get easily exhausted, overwhelmed, depleted and over-stimulated.

Empaths are highly sensitive people with deep empathic traits. So HSP empaths tend to be more acutely aware of other people’s pain and the energy around them. I for too many years was the unruly empath. I absorbed and took on the pain of others because of poor boundaries.

Many empaths never learn how to set or maintain healthy boundaries as a child. So they find it extremely difficult to say NO. Their lack of assertiveness and deep compassion make them very much the people pleasers of life. Because of this, Empaths often leave themselves wide open can to a massive amount of external anxiety and stress. Inner child work helps empaths and highly sensitive people address those distorted thoughts and patterns of behaviour.

Why I Love Using Inner Child Healing For Empaths And HSP’s

As someone who has trained in various forms of therapy, healing, coaching, and counselling. I have always loved how inner child work is a more soothing way to move clients through difficult emotional trauma. Everyone can benefit from inner child work, especially empaths and highly sensitive people.

Many empaths and HSP’s have poor self-esteem and self-worth issues because of childhood emotional neglect. Inner child therapy work can help release old distortions, old trauma that is holding them back. It is a very popular form for HSP therapy because it is not too abrasive, demanding or forceful.

benefits of inner child healing for empaths and sensitives

The importance Of Approaching Inner Child Work In A Safe, Therapeutic Way

As a highly experienced therapist, I know how vital inner child work is done in a safe and therapeutic way. By someone who is suitably qualified to support the inner child healing process. Over the years I have witnessed the harm many clients have suffered when therapists and healers go into this type of therapy, naive and unskilled.

Many clients today attempt to heal their own inner child without any safe steps or form of guidance. Now sometimes doing your own self-help work can be a much safer perspective than going to someone that doesn’t know what they are doing. But the problem here is that it is not always easy to have a wider perception of our own blocks. And if your not skilled in this area you can make it far more painful and exhausting than it needs to be.

Also, we have to remember we are often seeing our own triggers or blocks from a very closed child-like perception.  That is one of the reasons I created my Healing Your Inner Child Program – Self-Study Therapy Program. An Inner Child Self-Study Program that teaches you important safe and effective steps. It is designed to help you understand the inner child, how to connect and build a relationship with your inner child.  Identify and recognize the common inner child and adult archetypes many highly sensitive people and empath fall into.

free introduction to healing your inner child course

Why I Bring In The Creative Inner Child In My Work With Highly Sensitive People

I choose to bring in creativity in my inner child work to make it more a fun and soothing experience. As many HSP’s and empaths are naturally creative and find creative expression a highly therapeutic form. My clients really enjoy my Inner Child- Fairytale Writing Course and Inner Child – Art and Clay Course. For INFJ’s who are more introverted and introspecting creative work can help them get out of their analytical head. For ENFJ’s who are highly empathic it can help them get more fully in their energetic body.

Inner child work can be an extremely powerful form of self-therapy when approached the right way, with the right skills.

inner child course to heal old trauma

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