Inner Child

Heal Your Inner Child To Heal The Adult You

Free Introduction To Inner Child Healing

What Is Inner Child Work?

Learn what is inner child work and why it is a powerful tool to heal and let go of old pain, old sabotaging patterns, lack of boundaries, poor self-esteem and lack o confidence

Heal Your Inner Child Webinars 1 & 2

Inner Child Webinars

Learn how to connect, nurture and begin to heal your inner child. Access recordings of Heal Your Inner Child 1 & 2 Webinars.

Inner Child – Fairytale Writing Session

Fairytale Writing

Fairytale Writing Session

A fun and empowering creative writing and healing session where you write your own fairy story. You own your hero or heroine aspects to empower your inner child and adult you.

Creative Inner Child Program

Creative Inner Child

Inner Child – Art, Clay, Writing

Learn how to tap in and nurture your creative inner child includes Creative Clay and Art Session plus Fairytale Writing Session

Healing Your Inner Child Program

Inner Child & Creative Child Sessions

Learn how to connect, nurture, heal and be creative with your inner child. Includes over 8 Inner Child Sessions includes Heal your Inner Child Webinars 1 & 2, Fairytale Writing, Creative Child, Empathic & Sensitive Child and more

Latest Testimonials

Claire Lavin-Rice -Heal Your Inner Child Webinars 1 & 2

❤️ I’m so glad I invested in Eileen’s Heal Your Inner Child Program. So far we have done webinar one, a calm and healing session, which I will be revisiting again this week.

❤️I highly recommend it to anyone in this group who wants to heal the past and begin telling a different story.

❤️It’s so easy to invest in the outer stuff but investing in your inner being is where you see the most profound changes.

❤️This is a program you can work through in your own time and space and I am looking forward to the rest of the sessions. Thank you Eileen.

Lorraine O'Hare -Healing Your Inner Child

"Doing inner child work has enabled me to understand and learn so much more about myself. I had things from my past that hurt me badly and I held onto them and they were part of my story but since I have been working with my inner child I have learned to forgive and let go and these things are no longer a part of my story if that makes sense. I know they happened but they don't hurt me anymore. Things will always come up but I'm now in a better position to learn and try to heal from them. Thanks you Eileen for helping me to find my inner child again xxxx"