Spiritual Teacher & Business Coach For Healera

Spiritual Teacher For Empaths, Healers

Turning Sensitivity Into Strength

Empowerment, Stress Management and Self Care Programs

for anxious, exhuasted and stressed-out sensitive children and adults



Helping you or your child turn your sensitivity

into your greatest strength rather than struggle



Most empaths and highly sensitive people struggle to feel physically, mentally and emotionally balanced.

In a noisey, busy, un-natural world where they often feel others negative emotions, drama and phsyical pain before their own.

As a highly empathic sensitive coach, healer and therapist who has studied holistic wellbeing for over 25 years.

Having suffered a variety of chronic and disabling health challenges exacberated by sensitivity from a young age .

I know the challenges many empathic and sensitive children and adults face.


Sensitivity Is A Super Power That Needs To Be Harnassed

Sensitivity Requires The Need For Balance

Sesitivity Is A Powerful Inner And Outer Compass