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Programs to help heal the inner child from unhealthy conditioning, distorted patterns of behaviour and trauma

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  1. Great advice Eileen. I think we often forget just how much external stimuli children are exposed to on a daily basis. Expecting them to detach and calm at this time of year when our own energies can be far from calming and reassuring is as easy as trying to nail jelly to a tree!
    The best gift we can give them is sorting our own energy out so we can approach calmly and efficiently.

    • eileenburns says:

      So true Sally sadly too many parents and people in general don’t even know their highly anxious or stressed as its became the norm

  2. Cindy Fox says:

    Excellent ideas to help children and in fact adults enjoy more fully the holidays.

  3. […] The easily over stimulated childย is often a HSP. Thus they are more easily stimulated; noise, visuals, smells, touch, movement and taste. For some the sensitivity can be so extreme, it can seriously impact their life. For example they may not be able to tolerate touch or find specific or loud sounds extremely painful or uncomfortable. […]

  4. Wonderful blog post, thank you so much, as a sensitive Empath I can so relate, also as a Mom of three, I know how important downtime and reconnecting with the peace and quiet within is. Great insights, and I hope many will learn to understand their sensitive children even better.

    • eileenburns says:

      Thanks Caroline, its good to see those with highly sensitive and empathic traits such as HSP’s is being recognised as something we have to work with not againts

  5. […] for many children who are highly sensitive to sugar, dairy, preservatives and artificial flavours or colours, chocolate milk is not the wisest choice Your every day chocolate milk that can be […]

  6. Kim says:

    I am so glad I found your site it’s so informative. I’m shaking my head the entire time I’m reading this post, because it sounds like my little boy. My 8 year old gets told he’s too sensitive all the time and it hurts his feelings. He was actually diagnosed with HSC and I was told my child had a very low pain tolerance. I never knew what any of this meant. Finding your site has opened my eyes!

    • eileenburns says:

      Hi Kim Im glad this post has helped.Being told you are too sensitive is one of the most common challenges a highly sensitive child faces. And well it does have the child questioning themself that there is something wrong with them, that they are enough, they just have unique traits like many other HSP’s

  7. I am not a parent, but I will be sharing this with the parents I know. Great tips .

  8. Love your tips! I can relate to them growing up with a diverse set of friends. What I noticed was that each culture treated their kids very differently. Some were very demeaning (sadly), others were controlling, yet some always motivated their kids.

    As a parent now, I’m following the latter.
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  9. Mummyitsok says:

    Some amazing tips for a calm bedtime ๐Ÿ™‚ I always used to dread bedtime as it was such a battle! Thankfully things have improved! #readysetlink

  10. Sian Rowsell says:

    Great tips for us parents too! Sian

  11. Elena says:

    Very great tips! I have noticed that redirection really has helped my child when she is acting out or to stimulated

  12. This is spot on. I had a stepson who definitely suffered from this. I always felt so bad for him. Thank you for linking up! #WanderingWednesday

  13. What a great article. I work with 2 other women in a Body, Mind & Soul program and one of our sessions we had singing bowls. The noise badly impacted one of the clients and it wasn’t until that happened did we start to truly understand how noise can impact you if you have a problem.

    • eileenburns says:

      Hi Natalie thank you, oh yes my friend is an international healer who tones and even a soft whisper can literally knock me over on my feet. It doesn’t habe to be the loudest noise.

  14. Mandy says:

    I have three kids and they are all affected differently by noise. My daughter doesn’t seem affected by it at all but my eldest can’t be in the room if I have the blender on! #brilliantblogposts

    • eileenburns says:

      Hi Mandy yes it’s funny how we can all be more or less tolerant or noise sensitive to different noises

  15. chris says:

    There are so many benefits for children. I think you have covered the most important of them. good write up

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