Heal Your Inner Child


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Heal Your Inner Child

Start healing your inner child today

Let go of old wounds, old trauma, old conditioning, distorted beliefs

This program is designed to help you heal and move through old trauma, old conditioning and patterns of behaviour that is holding you back in your life.

Investment £99

Today £66

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Heal and Soothe Your Inner Child

  • Do You Feel Other Emotional Or Physical People’s Pain SO Much?
  • Do You Struggle To Say NO ?
  • Do you have poor self-esteem, lack of self-worth?
  • Holding on to old trauma or conditioning from your childhood?


We often don’t realise how much fear, anxiety, trauma, distorted and unhealthy belief’s we carry from our childhood. Even when we come from the most loving families.

From childhood we hold so much trauma, pain and unhealthy patterns of behaviour. When we are children we find our own way to survive and show up in the world. But that doesn’t always serve us later in life.

Particularly when it affects your self-worth, self-esteem, your health and wellbeing. The child’s distorted patterns can show up in many ways from challenges around assertiveness and boundary issues, victim or martyr type tendencies, relationship issues, addiction, depression, anxiety…..


Heal Your Inner Child

has been created for YOU

We carry so much old conditioning, deeply held beliefs

and trauma from our inner childhood.

That shape how we show up and assert ourself as an adult.

The empath, the sensitive, the nurturer, the wounded healer are so conditioned in their patterns of being the carer, fixer, healer, mother figure or care giver. They can struggle to put them self first. When we heal and nurture the inner child. Help give the inner child, the adult voice we help the struggling sensitive or empath.

Turn their sensitivity into strength.

Investment £99

Today £66

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