Stress And The Highly Sensitive Person

Stress And The Highly Sensitive Person

Why stress is such a huge problem for the Highly Sensitive Person. Stress is a huge problem for most people today but for HSP’s and empath’s there is a much greater risk.

In-fact HSP’s and empaths process much more information from the world around them than most people. The highly sensitive person feels deeply. And empaths you are highly sensitive and highly empathic, often absorbing the negative energy, drama, even pain of those around you. This makes you much more likely to suffer from both chronic stress and chronic anxiety.

Now when we refer to stress, we are usually referring to the negative aspects of stress. Normally associated with chronic long-term stress.  But the stress response known as the fight or flight response is actually our bodies innate survival response. The survival response is our bodies way of coping with life threatening and dangerous situations. This response was needed in prehistoric time when we had to run away or fight animals or enemy.

Now, although most of us have no need to fight animals or enemy for survival. Our reptilian brain is often on alert in relation to perceived threats mentally, emotionally and physically.  For those who are highly sensitive, hypersensitive, highly anxious or already chronically stressed. The mind and body is often on red alert.

I know this too well as someone who suffered extreme burn-out in my early twenties and spent approx 7 years mostly house and bedbound. We all take for granted that fine line between health and wellbeing and di-stress and stress. If only I knew what I know now I would have saved myself of 30 years of chronic and serious health challenges. I didn’t listen to the signs, I didn’t listen to my own inner wisdom. I lacked specific life skills and knowledge that could have made a huge difference to the outcome.


Stress And The Highly Sensitive Person

stress and the highly sensitive person or empathThe Highly Sensitive Person or Empath has sensory processing sensitivity. Which means they process the information around them far more deeply and thoroughly. This can be extremely challenging to the central nervous system. Especially when we live in the modern world of so much external stimuli; noise, media, technology and information load, toxins, crisis, emotional pain, busy working environments, busy cities

That is why today so many highly sensitive people, highly sensitive children and empath’s are overstimulated, anxious, stressed, exhuasted and overwhelmed. For the empathic person or child this is often more disabling as they are so even more energetically aware and porous to negativity, pain and drama of those around them. So highly sensitive people are more likely to have stress related challenges.


Top Stress Tips For The Highly Sensitive Person

  1. Learn To Be In The Moment – learn how to focus your attention in the here and now. Empaths and sensitives are often so entangled in the world and people around them. They are not in the moment, they are ruminating over the past or worrying about the future. Especially in relation to those around them. Meditation and mindfulness can really help. Access my Free Meditation Course

  2. Daily Grounding – most sensitives and empaths are very ungrounded. They are often so in their head and upper chakras they are not fully energetically in and connected to their body. Like your house’s electric system that needs to be earthed so you don’t blow a fuse. You need to be earthed to burn out. That is why we are so hypersensitive and so over stimulated we are far more likely to suffer from stress and burn out.

  3. Time To Switch Off – the HSP needs time to switch off, time to relax and rest. They find the modern world exhausting and depleting. So relaxation and good quality sleep is vital. Make sure you have plenty of time to unplug from technology, information overload, electric magnetic frequencies and blue ray devices. As these devices can play havoc with the mind and body

  4. Accept And Own Your Sensitivity – it is important you value, respect and honour all aspects of you, accept who you are, accept your sensitive and empathic traits. When we deny our uniqueness, when we try to fit in or be someone else. We put tremendous pressure on ourselves, we become mis-aligned with our natural essence and purpose.

  5. Reduce Stimulants – it is important to reduce internal stimulants you consume such as caffeine, sugar, alcoho and artificial sweetners. Many food stimulants seriously increase anxiety, stress, depression and sleep problems in the HSP.

  6. Healthy Boundaries – learn how to create and maintain healthy boundaries. Learn how to say NO to other’s and say YES to your self. Boundaries is a common challenge for many sensitives and most empath’s. Especially being energetically aware of what is your energy, your thought’s and what belongs to other’s.

  7. Healthier Thinking – recognise distorted unhealthy thinking patterns. This can stop you falling into the chronic anxiety or stress cycle. It also can help you recognise sabotaing thoughts and patterns that are keeping you in victim or martry role, constantly being the healer, fixer and hero. Instead of putting your own needs first.

The highly sensitive person needs more balance they need to work harder on developing key life skills to reduce their stress levels.  I know how serious chronic stress can impact your life and wellbeing. As a stress therapist for nearly 20 years I know how important it is for you to learn the right skills and how to implement them into your life in a more simple and easy way.

Essential Stress Management Skills For Empaths

That is why I created my  Essential Skills for Empaths a Free Course that highlights the most basic skills every empath or highly sensitive person needs to feel less stress and anxiety. And the Empaths Toolkit an empowerment and stress management toolkit that helps you turn your sensitivity into not only strength but power. This is packed with powerful tools and techniques I have studied over 25 years. A step by step 4 modular program that is designed to give you all the tools you need to be more mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually connected and resilient to the world around you.


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