Trusting Your Intuition -Your Soul’s Inner Guidance

Do You Trust Your Intuition?

Do you listen to your intuition? Listen to your sixth sense? That little voice that is trying to get your attention? Or are you so distracted by the world around you, you cannot hear? 

In my work as a stress expert and meditation teacher for many years. I see the consequences of not trusting your own inner guidance.

It is so easy to get caught up in the noise of the outer world, that you stop listening to your intuition. Especially when your monkey mind gets in the way. Or when you are so addicted to the distractions around you. That is robbing you of your inner peace, your inner calm, and inner wisdom.


The Noise Of The Outer World

Look at the mass media of commercialisation promising you the world at the click of your finger. Adverts and busy social media feeds hypnotising you into a trance. Pushing you to BUY your own spiritual guru at the click of a button. You can even book Tom down the road who has supposedly fast-tracked his way to enlightenment. Through that cheap online spiritual course or weekend retreat.

We are crazily giving our power or wisdom away, even our sanity to something or someone on a daily basis. In more ways than we realise. We are stepping away from our inner guidance, our inner voice, our inner wisdom our gift of intuition. As we lose ourselves in someone else’s confusion.

But no matter how lost you get, how lost you are feelng, your intution is still there as your inner compass. As you become quiet enough, as you get still enough, you begin to hear, feel, sense or know what is right for you. That is why I love teaching clients and students how to meditate, how to access and trust your intuition.  Your intuition belongs to you no one else. Your intutition is your own inner navigation system through life.

Lost In The Voices Of Those Around Us

Despite being highly intuitive as long as I can remember. I spent much of my life giving my power away to others, especially healers and therapists. From a young age, I suffered rare and chronic health challenges that mainstream medicine didn’t appear to treat or support. So I went seeking holistic solutions.

Now along this journey, I met many most amazing healers, therapists and Dr’s. But I also met more than a few who did me more harm than good. One situation nearly cost me my eye. Some simply naive or inexperienced, some caught up in their own story, beliefs or assumptions all projected on to me. And well I was too busy desperately seeking answers elsewhere I attracted these situations in. And although my intuition is much stronger than ever. I recently found myself again being swayed in the wrong direction by some health and wellbeing practitioners.

Listening To Your Intuition, Your Inner Voice

In-fact so much so I began starting to question my own sanity, was I delusional? I was starting to question was my intuition wrong, was I in denial? You see for the last seven years I have been living with rare health challenges including extreme sound sensitivity. So extreme sound and vibration trigger a very complex movement disorder and type of seizure. Certain noises leave me with no control over my body. Despite having a history of trauma, surgery, and sepsis around this area. No specialist or Dr would agree to an audiologist test. And even some healers and therapists I worked with suggested it was something else.

But still my inner guidance, my intuition was nudging me to get that test.  Feeling in many ways pulled, pushed and confused. Questioning if I was wrong, they were right. Maybe this was some sort of PTSD. I decided to book a session with well respected, coach and hypnotherapist trainer Avril Gill.

Avril suggested I joined a program she was running that teaches a lot of similar teachings to my own work. Well very quickly in her second live session I had the insight I needed. I realised how much I was buying into the stories that the Dr’s, healers and therapists around me were trying to place on me. Instead of listening to my inner guidance, my intuition. I was so exhausted by it all. I was giving away my power to other’s people’s tiny view of me, my situation and my health.

The Power Of Awareness

This wasn’t the first time this sort of awareness and insight had come up for me.  A year ago I had this eye-opening vision. Where I saw all these energetic imprints of other people’s projections of my health in my energy field. As an empath, I know how easy it is to get entangled in the pain and energy of others. And how disabling it and disempowering it can be. Especially when we are vulnerable or weak and leave an open door.

So trusting my own inner voice, I requested again an audiology test. Despite being refused once more in a very patronising and mocking way. I continued to listen to my intuitive nudges.  After a few calls, I managed to get a private hearing test done at home. Over seven years later I had confirmed what I needed to know. My persistence and intuition paid off. I had in-fact severe hyperacusis and hearing loss in my right ear.

I now not only have the knowledge I needed to get further tests but possible options or solutions. More importantly, this helped me take back my power that I had given away. As Avril reminded me your intuition doesn’t let you down. YES your thoughts, your mind may let you down, but not that wise inner voice that is there for YOU. You just need to have the ability to listen.

So What Is Your Intuition?

I believe your intuition is the way your soul and universe speaks to you. Your intuition may be an inner voice, an inner knowing, inner seeing,  inner feeling or sensing. Your intuitive skills come through in your unique way. And it is so important to honour and nurture it. Not to fear it.

I know this to well-having spent too many years fearful of some of my intuitive gifts. From my late teens, I experienced all sorts of psychic phenomena. Premonitions and insights at the time I didn’t want to see. But on most occasions my intuition protected me. It helped protect me from a dangerous man in my working environment. Who was later charged with rape and years later disappeared and wanted by the police in relation to a murder. But for various reasons, I shut many of those gifts down.

Your intuitive, even psychic gifts are there for a reason. They are a gift from god not something to be feared. But like every skill or gift we just need to learn how to use these skills the right way. I teach more about this in my Intuitive Development Course

Empaths And Intuition

If you are an empath it is important you learn how to harness your intuitive gifts healthily. Empaths are so finely tuned to other people’s pain and needs they can get entangled in it. For too many years I didn’t know why I just knew so much about other people.  Like most highly sensitive people I was regularly told your too sensitive, too caring, too feeling. Believing I was weak when in-fact in many ways I am extremely strong. Now thankfully so many empaths and sensitives are starting to wake up. They are not just recognising their empathic or sensitive traits. They are starting to understand how not harnessing their gifts, their abilities cause more harm than good, And why trusting your own inner voice is so important.

Learning To Trust Your Inner Voice

Trusting your inner voice is about getting out of your own way. For empaths that is learning how to disengage from everyone else’s pain.

The most successful intuitive’s spend more time in stillness, more time in meditation. Strong intuitive’s spend less time distracted by superficial things, less time ruminating or focusing on the future. They approach their day to day life by following their inner guidance from a moment to moment state of being.

They trust their inner voice.

If you would like to learn how to trust and develop your intuition.

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