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Welcome, my name is Eileen Burns

I am a highly sensitive empath, coach, healer and therapist who teaches self-care and empowerment to empaths and sensitives struggling with their traits. 

My passion and purpose in this area of work began over 27 years ago while studying healing, meditation, and self-help. At a young age of 19 years, I began suffering from chronic health challenges that left me mostly house and bedbound in my twenties.

Through a lot of trial, error, sheer determination, energy and money I eventually got some of my life and health back. And despite still living with many complex health issues including mobility issues I became a self-employed therapist and healer, then coach and trainer.

I spent the last 2 decades teaching mostly as a stress management expert teaching meditation, stress management and self- help therapies to the health, education and charity sector, coaching and therapy industry. Working with all ages and levels from young children of nursery and primary school age to the elderly, to the highly experienced front of line staff in the NHS.

The last few years my work began to change as I started to focus more specifically on supporting empaths and sensitives of all ages.

My Own Empathic And Sensitivity Challenges

Like me, many of the clients and students I worked and supported were highly sensitive or empathic, some were sensory sensitive. I worked with a lot of children who had different types of sensory issues such as autism, aspergers. Especially teaching empowerment and meditation tools.

I as far as I can remember have been highly empathic as well as been slightly noise, light and sensory sensitive from a young age. But after life-threatening sepsis, I developed very extreme and challenging noise, vibration and light sensitivity issues. So much so that certain types of light, noise, and vibration trigger a very complex movement disorder, non-epileptic seizures which leave me with very little control over my body.

Feeling Too Much As An Empath

Like most empaths, I always had huge challenges around boundaries and saying NO. A natural carer giver who tended to over give than to receive. As an empath I often just knew, felt and at times took on other people’s physical or emotional pain. But during this period my empathic traits became alarmingly heightened. So much so that I could not only feel other’s pain and drama but it was like someone had dialed up the volume to an unnatural level. This started to become not only extremely exhausting but hugely debilitating and at times isolating.

So I began not just looking for the why Empaths and HSP’s had such challenges. But I went studying and researching the best forms of healing and empowerment tools I could support myself with teach other highly sensitive and empathic souls.

The Empath is often said to have such a great degree of empathy that they can literally feel what others feel,and thus intuitively know many of the yearnings, sensitives, tastes and even thought patterns of the people they're around - Aletheia Luna, Old Souls: The Sages And Mystics Of Our World

Empowering Empaths And Sensitives Live A More Happier, Harmonious Life

My work is now mostly about teaching the empath and highly sensitive person how to live a more happy, healthy and empowered life. How to heal and harness any imbalances that are making your empathic or sensitive traits more a curse than a gift. So you can turn those sensitive or empathic gift’s into your greatest strength and purpose. I do this by teaching HSP’s various powerful tools, techniques and Inner Child Work

My Empaths and Sensitives Blog is where I will be sharing a lot of the golden nuggets of wisdom, tools, and techniques I have learned along the way. I want to help educate and teach as many empaths and sensitives as I can,  and others around the challenges many empaths and HSP’s face.

If it feels right to share this blog, share this website or my free resources with friends, family especially on social media. This will help educate those around you what being an empath or highly sensitive person really means. And the extra challenges you face on a day to day basis.

Meanwhile, if you would like extra support join my Free Facebook Community Soul Care For Sensitives

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