Why Every Highly Sensitive Person Should Learn To Meditate

I think everyone should learn to meditate but if you are an empath or a HSP I believe meditation is a must.

Why? Because most highly sensitive and highly empathic people are seriously struggling in the crazy chaos of modern day living. The highly sensitive’s sensory system is seriously over stimulated and fragile. The empaths energy is often so scattered everywhere they are not fully in their energetic body. They are so ungrounded and so uncentred.

So you can understand why so many highly sensitive empaths are struggling mentally, physically and emotionally in their day to day life . Bombarded by constant noise and furious fast feeds of technological information overload. While absorbing everyone’s stressed-out, anxious energy sucking drama and negativity like a spnge.

When you learn to meditate, you learn to become more centred, more grounded, more in the moment. Not as caught up in other people’s drama, negativity or emotional/physical pain. And you are far less distracted by the external noise around you. Or often evern more damaging the internal negative self-talk that maybe pulling you here, there and everywhere. The key is learning the right type of meditation the right way.

As a meditation teacher who began meditating over 25 years ago. I tried and studied various styles of meditation and was introduced to various ways of understanding. This helped me learn how to simplify meditation for my clients and students. With the right type of meditation tools and awareness you can actually be in a state of meditation as you go about your day. But sadly too many people rely on things like guided meditation and don’t learn how to meditate . Or they try one type of meditation a few times they don’t feel they are getting anywhere and they give up too soon. And don’t forget there is so much mis-information on the internet by complete meditation novices that people get confused.

Believe me you should learn how to meditate properly, the benefits of meditation are huge.

I love meditation as no matter what drama or challenges you are facing.


Meditation helps you access a space of deep stillness and peace.

Meditation increases your calm and confidence

Meditation helps you access your own inner navigation system

Meditation allows you to heal mentally, physically and emotionally

Meditation is a powerful and simple form of stress management

Meditation is a great life skills for the whole family

Meditation doesn’t have to be 20 minutes a day

Meditation can be less than 2 minutes here and there


When you learn to meditate the right way, the easy way, life get’s so much easier. You get out of your own egoic way, you get into your heart, soul and a space where magic and stillness transcends everything else.

If you would love to learn meditation tools perfect for empaths and sensitives. I have the ideal meditation toolkit for you. Meditation Tools For Empath’s .   This is a great opportunity to learn a wide range of powerful meditation and mindfulness techniques that will not just help you have less anxiety and stress. But you will experience more calm, peace and connectedness. Become more grounded, centred and aware of you, the self, your thought’s and world around you in a less overwhelming way.

Meditation Tools for empaths and highly sensitive people