Meditations and Guided Meditations

Meditations and Guided Meditations support self-care, self-love and soul expansion.

Both the skill of meditation and the therapeutic use of guided meditations are extremely helpful in not only self-care and self-love but to help increase inner guidance and soul expansion. 

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Learn How To Meditate


I believe the ability to learn how to meditate is one of the most powerful life skills one can learn in life. When you learn how to meditate, how to be more still, you start to access your own inner calm, naturally become more calm and confident.

Meditation can help improve intuition, help develop our spiritual gifts and build a stronger soul connection.


Guided Meditations ( Guided Visualisations)

Guided Meditation  also known as Guided Visualisation can also be deeply healing and therapeutic. They can be tailored to individual clients needs or for specific issues such as self-love, self-esteem, empowerment, confidence, inner child healing, grounding, assertiveness, healthier boundaries, trauma and so much more….

Access to a wide range of Guided meditations and healing meditations with Eileen Burns


Listen To This Guardian Angel Meditation For Kids