Tackling Textures And Smells – Healthier Eating For The Sensitive Child

Tackling textures and smells – Healthier Eating For The Sensitive Child by Neil Welsh Nutrition.   Feeding kids is difficult at the best of times and can have implications for the physical and mental health of everyone involved. It is stressful for kids who have sensitivities to food and can limit the range of foodRead More

How To Help Reduce Teenage Exam Stress

  How To Reduce Teenage Exam Stress Sadly Exam Stress And Anxiety Is A Big Problem For Many Students And Teenagers. Especially with such increase in mental health challenges in young people, especially chronic anxiety and depression. Exam stress for many is actually stress anxiety, for some it is more anxiety performance. Most students andRead More

Why Lavender Essential Oil Should Be In Every Family First Aid Kit

lavender pure essential for family

Why Lavender Essential Oil Should Be In Every Home First Aid Kit   Lavender essential oil is one of the most widely known aromatherapy oils. It is an extremely popular essential oil for families especially for kids and infants. Especially the fact Lavender is extremely calm, soothing and generally safe. Lavender essential oil is distilledRead More

NOISE Sensitivity- Why Noise Maybe Your Child’s Biggest Stressor

NOISE Sensitivity – Why Noise Can Be A Child’s Biggest Stressor Why Noise Sensitivity Could Be One Of Your Child’s Biggest Cause Of Stress, Anxiety And Depression So What Is Noise Sensitivity?   Noise sensitivity is reduced tolerance to sound. It is exacberated by fatigue, infection, medications, medical conditions, stress and other stimuli. It causes differentRead More

How To Calm Down A Hyperactive Child Or Teenager

How To Calm Down A Hyperactive Child The challenges of a hyperactive child or child with ADHD Hyperactivity is a state of mental, emotional and physical over-activity. Kids with Attention Deficient Hyperactivity Disorder can be in a perpetual state of stress due to their hyper-sensitivity. A hyperactive child is more suspectible and triggered by anxietyRead More

Calm Bedtime Routine For Your Child

How To Create A Calm Bedtime Routine For Your Child   Simple effective ways to create a calm bedtime routine for your kids and teenagers.   For so many parents a calm bedtime routine seems impossible. So many families are so stressed out and exhausted that bedtime can feel like a nightmare or the lastRead More

5 Ways To Empower Your Child For Life

How To Empower Your Child With Life Long Skills There are many ways to help empower your child. We are so often told about all the things we shouldn’t do but what about the things we should do. We all know how much a lack of self-esteem and self-confidence can seriously impact the way weRead More

Mindfulness For Children -Healthy Benefits Of Meditation And Mindfulness

mindfulness for children heakthy benefits mindful activities

Meditation And Mindfulness For Children So What Are The Healthy Benefits Of Meditation And Mindfulness For Children? Well sadly more and more children are suffering from anxiety, stress, depression and over-stimulation that is why mindfulness for children is now so popular. Society places a lot of pressure not just on adults but children and teenagers.Read More

Healthy Chocolate Milk Recipe Kids Love – Sugar & Dairy Free

Healthy Chocolate Milk Recipe For Kids Healthy chocolate milk, is their really a healthy alternative? When we automatically think of a cool chocolately drink we think of chocolate, sugar and of course milk. But for many children who are highly sensitive to sugar, dairy, preservatives and artificial flavours or colours, chocolate milk is not theRead More

Essential Oils For Sensitive Kids And Highly Sensitive Persons

chamomile essential oil for sensitive kids

Suitable Essential Oils For Sensitive Kids And HSP’s Choosing essential oils for sensitive kids and adults can be a challenge. Selecting the right essential oils for sensitive kids involves quite a few considerations. Other than the child  being sensitive to others emotions, noise, light, touch and sound, they can be extremely sensitive to scents. In-fact manyRead More

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