How to soothe and calm the nervous system when the world around you is so ungrounded and chaotic.

it is so important for us to find our centre, 

to get more still and grounded.

And learn how to calm our nervous system and inner child.

Life Can Be Jarring On The Nervous System

The reality of life is that it is always shifting and changing, 

but sometimes those shifts and changes are so huge or so unpredictable,

that it can be really almost shocking or jarring on the nervous system.

Conscious Actions To Calm The Nervous System

There are so many tools and techniques to help soothe and calm the nervous system,

some are most suitable than others for certain people.

We have so many acupressure, breathing techniques, soma, meditation and relaxation techniques, quantum mind techniques, healing techniques and so much more.

As well as more tapping technique which I do not always believe they are the most suitable for some with sensory or sensitive issues, for so many reasons.

When there is so many other more gentle and soothing techniques available.

How To Calm Your Nervous System Of Your Inner Child

Choosing The Right Approach To Calm The Nervous System

I have personally found as a highly sensitive empath who has suffered sensory processing challenges and neurological complications.

That not all therapeutic approaches being used out there today said to regulate the nervous system.

Were suitable or safe, some were actually contraindicatory, triggering or traumatising to my nervous system.

For a variety of reasons which included brain smudging, motor cortex issues and structural alignment issues.

A lot of people who have sensory processing issues ,are highly sensitive or are neurodivergent can struggle with certain senses or tasks that require certain types of left and right movement or processing.

Some people with structural, spinal or cervical issues struggle with certain breathing techniques.

So it is important to choose a therapist, approach or technique that is most aligned with your specific needs. And has enough experience and training to understand your needs.

Calming The Nervous System With A Holistic Approach

And it is one of the reasons in my Stress Coach Training school that I teach my students a very multi-faceted and holistic approach to helping clients in the most safest and effective ways.

One of the big problems is that many practitioners don’t even understand the basics of anatomy, 

the nervous system and the neural system. And even more worrying is there naivety around trauma and the human psyche.

So they sometimes can push certain modalities or approaches on clients where the techniques doesn’t feel most natural or right for that client.

Everyone is different and now more than ever therapist have access to hundreds probably even thousands of different types of tools and techniques to help calm the sympathetic nervous system.

Calming The Inner Child

One of the ways that we can all start supporting our nervous system more consciously and safely, is by doing simple things to soothe our inner child. 

Using Self Compassion To Calm The Nervous System And Inner Child

Become more compassionate, kind towards our inner child. That little person inside that struggles with certain triggers and trauma, that didn’t learn how to deal with certain life difficulties in the most healthy and empowered way.

We are all a work in progress, no one has got it perfect, 

we all have our own unique and difficult life challenges.

Being hard or unkind to ourselves will just cause further unhealthy responses.

One of the problems at the moment is many people,

are actually constantly questioning their reality and their own truth.

Because of the amount of gaslighting we have all been exposed to from media,

politics, big corporations, world globalisation leaders and even celebrities.

On so many levels it has really traumatised or retraumatised the nervous system,

triggered our inner child’s core wounding and it is showing up in so many different  ways in us all.

That is why taking time out from life’s challenges and doing what your heart and soul LOVE’s to do. 

Is such a powerful part of healing and reteaching our mind, body and spirit how to be.

The Power Of Animals, Children and Nature To Calm The Nervous System

Spending time in the purity and simplicity of nature,  with animals, children or child like activities, can be so nourishing for the heart, soul and nervous system.

Natures Medicine To Soothe And Calm The Nervous System

Also using natural aids to help soothe our nervous system, can make such a big difference in the process of healing.

One of my favourite ways to help calm the nervous system is essential oils, such as Ylang Ylang Oil For The Inner Child

But so is making a deeper connection with your inner child, meeting the magical essence of the different archetypal traits of your inner child.

Which I know so many people could really benefit from at this moment.

If this is you, and you want to start nurturing and healing your inner child more my

Inner Child Healing Course

is one of my older self study programs that helps you connect, nurture, heal and empower your inner child. 

“I have found the sessions deeply moving and uplifting and I have found from them a steady change in myself…” Sarah

 “I felt more grounded, inspired and joyful as a result of completing this course. Thanks to Eileen I now have a healthy and happy relationship with my inner child.”  Janine

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