About Eileen Burns


I am Eileen Burns, a Stress Expert, Healer, Coach and an extreme empath and sensitive.

I provide simple solutions to help families, parents and highly sensitive children deal with anxiety, stress and sensitivity effectively. Through my online self study courses, meditations, downloads and online sessions.

As a highly experienced Stress Therapist and Stress Coach who provides training to other coaches and healers. I have a wide range of skills, experience and qualifications. I began teaching meditation to teenagers and kids over 15 years ago and since then have offered both children, teenagers and parents stress management, self-help and holistic solutions.

I am highly qualified in various areas here is just some of my qualifications, skills and training

University Certificates

•Advanced Stress Advisor*
•Stress Advisor*
•Cognitive Behaviour Therapy*
•Life & Spiritual Coaching


•Colour Therapy
•Flower Essences
•Indian Head Massage

Certificates, Courses & Training

  • Traditional Usui Reiki 1& 2, Traditional Usui Reiki Master & Teacher
  • Handling Stress, Managing Stress,
  • Laser Therapy – Stress, Weight, Addictions
  • Guided Visualisation for Therapeutic Use,
  • Meditation & Relaxation Training, Transcendental Meditation,
  • Quantum Entrainment
  • Counselling Certificate, Counselling for M.E., Be M.E. Aware,
  • Psychology*, Cognitive Psychology*, Biological Psychology*-University Level
  • Connect Kids 1- Meditation
  • Infant Baby Massage Instructor
  • Community Care, Health Issues in the Community Level 1 & 2
  • Youthwork, Groupwork skills
  • Anger Management, Assertiveness, Colour for Image, Colour Therapy, Time Management,
  • Ultimate Therapist Course-Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy,  Emmeagram


Eileen x


Testimonials from Clients and Students


I thought that was no hope for me … that I was always destined to suffer from anxiety. That was a scary prospect. From the first time I met Eileen I felt like I was in a good, SAFE place where I could feel comfortable, with somebody who understands me without judging…I feel I have my power back to be my natural self again, and for that I am so grateful. To anyone struggling with any aspect of their lives I canot recommend strongly enough allowing Eileen to help you get back on the track you want.


“I have a better quality of life now since Eileen taught me how to let go of stress”

“I have learned valuable relaxation technique tools that I can use at home, at work and in any social event – without which I could not have managed”

“Eileen has taught me how to get rid of anxiety”

“My panic attacks are now less frequent and I have learned the tools/skills to cope with them better”

“I can now cope better with my caring role”

“Eileen is a highly qualified professional in her chosen field, but more importantly she is a very caring person who puts everyone at ease when they first meet her. I found the relaxation therapy courses I attended very informative and benefited from the small group setting which allowed Eileen to spend more time with each student. I learned a number of relaxation techniques which I now put into practice when working with my clients.

I would highly recommend Eileen to any fitness, health or wellness professional who wants to enhance their skills and personal development. “

“Eileen is a first-class therapist, who tailors her approach effectively to meet the specific needs of each indiviual client. Eileen’s meditation classes are the best I have ever attended and I would recommend them highly”