About Eileen Burns

“Empowering You To Live The Life You Deserve”

Hi I am Eileen Burns, a Coach, Healer and Therapist For Empaths And Highly Sensitive People

As a highly sensitive empath who has counselled, coached, treated and taught clients and students of all ages for approx 20 years. I understand the challenges and have the tools to help.

As a natural caring and compassionate teacher and healer my passion is empowering clients and students like you live your soul’s desire. By teaching you powerful yet simple empoweriment and self-care tools through my programs and group sessions.

My own life hasn’t been easy, I developed a rare health condition as a baby and at the age of 19 I started suffering very chronic and disabling health challenges that impacted my health, stamina and mobility dramatically. Leaving me largely house and bedbound a large part of my twenties. Through a lot of education, determination and the right approaches I managed to get some of my life back. And created a self-employed business as a coach, healer and therapist in mainly stress management and teaching meditation.

More recently I developed a more serious form of noise, light and sensory sensitivity which appears to be chronic untreated late stage lyme of over 30 years. So even though I can no longer go out and teach and train outside. I am so fortunate to be able to provide online programs and group sessions.

I not only have the expertise, experience and skills to help you turn your empathic or sensitive vulnerabilities into strengths but I have the heart and compassion to make the journey a more nurtured one. Here is just some of my qualifications, skills and training

University Level

Advanced Stress Advisor*

Stress Advisor*

Cognitive Behaviour Therapy*

Life & Spiritual Coaching




Colour Therapy

Flower Essences

Indian Head Massage

Certificates, Courses & Training

Traditional Usui Reiki 1& 2, Traditional Usui Reiki Master & Teacher

Handling Stress, Managing Stress,

Laser Therapy – Stress, Weight, Addictions

Guided Visualisation for Therapeutic Use,

Meditation & Relaxation Training, Mindfulness, Transcendental Meditation,

Quantum Entrainment

Counselling Certificate, Counselling for M.E., Be M.E. Aware,

Psychology*, Cognitive Psychology*, Biological Psychology*-University Level

Connect Kids 1- Meditation

Infant Baby Massage Instructor

Community Care, Health Issues in the Community Level 1 & 2

Youthwork, Groupwork skills

Anger Management, Assertiveness, Colour for Image, Colour Therapy, Time Management,

Ultimate Therapist Course-Coaching, NLP, Hypnotherapy,  Emmeagram

Soul Purpose Program, Deep Dive Intuition Program, Channeling 1 & 2

free course for empaths

Testimonials from Clients and Students

“Doing inner child work has enabled me to understand and learn so much more about myself. I had things from my past that hurt me badly and I held onto them and they were part of my story but since I have been working with my inner child I have learned to forgive and let go and these things are no longer a part of my story if that makes sense. I know they happened but they don’t hurt me anymore. Things will always come up but I’m now in a better position to learn and try to heal from them. Thanks you Eileen for helping me to find my inner child again xxxx”

Lorraine O’Hare – Heal Your Inner Child program

“Unlock your magic – for me this is invaluable. Feeling warmth, support, love, protection. The opportunity to see what can be achieved when you really look deep within yourself and are not influenced by anything or anyone else. Embracing life and being free to be who you want to be. Really felt at peace in the meditations”

Fran O’Connor – Unlock Your Magic\

“Eileen has created a course that supported me in really taking time out to look at aspects of my life that I tended to miss or not appreciate. If you are like me and always busy, when do you ever take time out to review life? This course was simple but really deep and powerful. With her guided meditations I knew I was in professional hands and could relax and trust the process of helping me find the magic in my life. I completely recommend this as a way to capture the essence of who you are and feel replenished and revitalised.”

Karin – Unlock Your Magic

I thought that was no hope for me … that I was always destined to suffer from anxiety. That was a scary prospect. From the first time I met Eileen I felt like I was in a good, SAFE place where I could feel comfortable, with somebody who understands me without judging…I feel I have my power back to be my natural self again, and for that I am so grateful. To anyone struggling with any aspect of their lives I canot recommend strongly enough allowing Eileen to help you get back on the track you want.

“I have a better quality of life now since Eileen taught me how to let go of stress”

“I have learned valuable relaxation technique tools that I can use at home, at work and in any social event – without which I could not have managed”

“Eileen has taught me how to get rid of anxiety”

“My panic attacks are now less frequent and I have learned the tools/skills to cope with them better”

“I can now cope better with my caring role”

“Eileen is a highly qualified professional in her chosen field, but more importantly she is a very caring person who puts everyone at ease when they first meet her. I found the relaxation therapy courses I attended very informative and benefited from the small group setting which allowed Eileen to spend more time with each student. I learned a number of relaxation techniques which I now put into practice when working with my clients.

I would highly recommend Eileen to any fitness, health or wellness professional who wants to enhance their skills and personal development. “

“Eileen is a first-class therapist, who tailors her approach effectively to meet the specific needs of each indiviual client. Eileen’s meditation classes are the best I have ever attended and I would recommend them highly” N Sterrick

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