7 Beautiful Edible Flowers You Can Eat!

7 Beautiful Edible Flowers You Can Eat!

7 Different Edible Flowers You Can Eat From Home Gardens.

Some of the most beautiful home garden edible flowers you can add to salads, desserts, cakes, teas and even use as natural remedies.

As a child I loved to spend time in nature especially among the flowers and yes actually eat flowers. My siblings would make fun of me as one of the things I used to do was put rose petals on a sandwich or as we say in Scotland on a piece.

In many ways putting flowers on a sandwich was definitely not the most tastiest ways to eat these lovely flowers. But to me there was something deeper at a soul level that was connecting me to the healing properties of nature.

So it’s not surprising I went onto study aromatherapy and essential oils, flower essences and holistic therapies as part of my own healing journey.

I have such a fascination for natures medicine cabinet, which include the view of food being they medicine so when I found out there was so many different edible flowers, I had to start growing some of them in my small garden.

7 Different Beautiful Edible Flowers You Can Eat

Lets explore some of the pretty culinary flowers you can eat and grow in your home garden.

Calendula (Marigolds)

Calendula is not only a gorgeous edible flower but calendula is widely used in herbal and naturopathic medicine.  This marigold flower is used in many salves and skincare and used to treat and aid wounds. It is widely known to have anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties. Marigolds are used in salads and pickling.


Dhalias are another edible flower that looks spectacular in the garden. You can not only eat the Dhalias flower and petals but you can also eat the Dhalia tuber. In- fact according to Simply Garden com you can eat the whole plant and it tastes like asparagus.

Geraniums Scented

Scented Geraniums are edible, both the leaves and flowers but it is recommended to stick to eat only leaves away from the stem as they can be a little bitter. Geranium flowers can be made into teas, added as a flavouring or decorating for sweets, desserts and salads, as well as used to flavour fish. Rose geraniums have a rose taste, lemon geraniums are more tangy.


Many Hibiscus flowers  are widely used in all sorts of foods such as cordials, jams, relishes, fruit salads, fruit teas, even ice cream. You can eat both the flower and the hibiscus leave in most varieties of Hibiscus. But it is worth checking as there are so many different types of hibiscus. One species of the Hibiscus plant that is widely eaten is Hibiscus sabdariffa.


Nasturtiums are one of the most quick and easy edible flowers to grow. Both leaves and flowers of Nasturtiums can be added to salads. There are a variety of species of Nasturtium some are annuals and others are perennials. They love the sun.


Roses are also edible flowers, it is said that the more fragrant roses tend to taste best. Roses are used to flavour drinks, herbal teas, an ingredient of Turkish Delight, used in icing and on icing especially as a crystallised petal. Roses are used in ayurvedic medicine and other forms of natural medicine. Rose oil is also a high vibration essential oil widely used in skincare and used to gently improve mood.

Viola Flowers  also known as Wild Pansy

Wild Pansy are edible flowers used as a garnish on cake decorations, they can come in an array of colours blue, orange, yellow, white and purple. Some are also bi or tri-colored. Violas are also added to salads and desserts. Heartease is a Viola Tricolour.

Wild Flowers That Are Edible

Above are just some of the edible flowers you can grown in your garden, there is even more edible flowers available in the wild, especially some of the wild flowers that some may deem as weeds such as borage and dandelion.

Essential Oils For Home Use

Eileen Burns is a healer, therapist and soul empowerment coach for empaths, healers and sensitives. She is passionate about helping lightworkers, empaths and sensitives live a more soul empowered and soul-aligned life. Eileen provides a variety of self-study courses, meditations, training and one to one coaching and healing.

She is the founder of Stress Coach Training and the Spiritual Marketing Club.

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10 Things That Lower A Healers Energy

10 Things That Lower A Healers Energy

10 Things That Lower A Healers Energy, Frequency And Vibration. The 10 things healers should avoid, eliminate or reduce in your life and work if you want to be a master healer.

A Healers Role

A healers role is a sacred role, a healers energy is something that should never be taken lightly. If you are an energy healer or spiritual healer it is vital that you are taking care of your own body and life force.

A healers energy needs to be honoured and respected so you can truly fulfill your mission in the healthiest ways for your clients.

Although every type of healing channel and modality is different, any therapist or healer who is working in any shape or form with someone else’s mind, emotions or energy field.

Your vibes, your energy field can have the power to influence and manipulate the person’s energy field.

Especially when the client is on some level energetically vulnerable when they come to you for help or support.

Your clients are coming to you because they feel disempowered in one or more area of their life or wellbeing. So the last thing a client or students needs is a healer who has has mucky energy; especially attachments, entities, who is highly toxic.

Healers Attachments

You maybe surprised how many healers carry attachments and don’t know. It is one of the reason I know so many very experienced healers treat other healers who have attachments daily. And why they no longer practice certain types of healing modalities they used to use before.

It is one of the reasons I am very specific about who I get healing from and what types of healing people do on me. Why I no longer get certain types of healing, because the reality is some types of channeling, healing and healers are more open to this problem.

And most healers are not master healers, they are often taught their type of healing modality is a completely pure channel or that their tools will eliminate or clear any negative or low form of energy.

When the reality is most true master healers see daily the evidence of why this is not true.

Healing Without Permission Or Request

My opinions on many healing modalities has changed dramatically over the years. And is one of the reasons why I find it quite invasive when people assume that its okay to send anyone healing without permission or request.

As someone who has studied healing and spirituality for over 30 years, I do think this is bad spiritual practice for so many reasons. It actually goes against lots of natural spiritual laws especially modalities that use certain types of symbols or spiritual beliefs than just sending someone love or positive intention.

This can be an unconscious trait of the wounded healer, who believes they are here to heal everyone or save everyone,

Spiritual Attacks And Healers Energy

Today more than ever healers are spiritually exposed to all sorts of spiritual attacks, psychic attacks, curses and spells. We are living in a time of spiritual war where it is vital for healers to protect their energy, purify and increase their vibration.

10 Things That Lower A Healers Energy And Vibration

10 Things That Can Lower A Healers Energy And Vibration


Alcohol doesn’t just lower your energy, trigger self-destructive patterns and behaviours. But alcohol also makes you more vulnerable to nefarious energetic attachments and entities. It is one of the reasons why those with alcohol addictions and other drug addictions can end up in a very dark place. Can spiral onto a dark path. And it is one of the reasons why all masters healers and spiritual teachers avoid alcohol.


Caffeine blocks the third eye, it is extremely stimulating on the central nervous system, which can keep many people in a low-level fight or flight state. One of the reasons highly sensitive people and highly sensitive empaths should avoid or reduce their caffeine intake. Just be careful of many decaffeinated versions that have been washed in highly toxic substances.

Processed Foods

Sadly so many processed foods are not just slightly processed but more and more are full of manmade substitutes or seriously genetically modified plants or substances. They lack any natural life vital force that we tend to get from fresh organic and natural produce. What is even more disturbing, is completely manmade foods like artificial meat which is made from stem cells and other crazy approaches by people trying to play god.

Sugar and Artificial Sweeteners

Processed sugar is widely recognized by many scientists as cancer-causing, sugar feeds bacteria, mold, and viruses and causes all sorts of inflammatory responses to the immune system, our organs, and energy field.

Sugar is one of the lowest vibrational foods that causes anxiety, depression, diabetes and moodiness.You just need to try out some basic muscle techniques to see how much it weakens our body and the aura. And how it can contribute to brain fog, poor intuition and lower the healers energy and protection.

Electro Magnetic Frequencies

EMFs are widely known to impact our energetic field even though we have seen a dramatic increase in the roll-out of things like 5G in every place imagine and the general increasing in technology we have around us at home and in work. A healers energy should protected from EMF’s as much as possible. There is so many wearable EMF protectors and things you can use on your technology and in your home today.

Toolkit for Empaths and HSP's - Highly Sensitive People

Energy Practices That Don’t Resonate

One of the things that we need to practice as a healer is good discernment, removing yourself from any energy practices, teachings or energy modalities that don’t feel aligned with your heart and soul is so important.

This can change as we evolve and grow and things change in the collective. So many healers never questions the tools, techniques or form of channeling they are using.

As a healer of 30 years who has worked with hundreds of healers on a personal level as well as professional, I am far more discerning now to what types of healing practices I align with. And who I allow in my energetic field.

As a highly sensitive intuitive and empath I am very aware how spiritually and psychically unaware most healers are to what they are practising and what is in their energy field.Things that can trigger a lot of anxiety, depression, anger, rage, personality changes and so much more.

Heavy Metals

Heavy metals should not be in our bodies, our organs, or brains. “Heavy metals attach to your cells and prevent them from performing their functions, which causes symptoms that could be life threatening without treatment.” Cleveland Clinic.

Heavy metals are in our food, water, cosmetics and in medical procedures such as injections, amalgam fillings and sometimes put in the body for joint and bone repairs. Most people would be surprised at what heavy metal toxicity can do to our energy field.

As energy healers it is important to do what we can to reduce and eliminate heavy metals from our bodies. Such as filtrating the water we drink, avoiding highly toxic medical procedures and treatments when possible.

Synthetic and Toxic Fabrics

Toxic and synthetic fabrics like rayon, polyester, acrylic, or nylon are extremely low vibration. While fabrics like linen, wool, and organic cotton are of high vibration and are great at increasing the light and a healers energy.

As a highly sensitive child I could never tolerate manmade fabrics. I have always been naturally attracted to organic cashmere, organic cotton, linen and wool even silk. But would be energetically repelled by toxic and synthetic fabrics.

Toxic Skincare and Toxic Cosmetics

Avoid cosmetics and skincare products that are made from highly toxic and manmade ingredients. Skincare not made from natural ingredients are not just toxic for the skin but for the body and our mood.

It’s interesting how as a society we can get so focused on the aesthetics of things but have not awareness or interest in how toxic the clothes or cosmetics we are wearing every day have on our body and skin.

Or what they are using as a deodorant and apply to their lymphatic glands. One ingredient that I realised many years ago can seriously lower your energy was isopropyl alcohol which is many cosmetics and nail products. This is a product I was asked to carry to college when I was studying music, it was used to clean some of the recording equipment. Even though I didn’t know at the time it was highly toxic although many times I felt really unwell when I was in the studios.

Unhealthy Boundaries and Lack Of Energy Protection

Lack of boundaries and lack of energy protection opens us up to all sorts of energy, emotions, thoughts, beliefs, attachments. Many of us who are empaths have to really work at setting healthier boundaries with the world around us. And its doing it in a way that is not coming from a fearful space but a healthy space.

A Healers Energy Needs To Be Protected And Honoured

A healers energy has to be honoured and protected on a daily basis. A healers energy needs to be crystal clear.

A lot of healers and lightworkers become like empaths or sensitives, they become more finely tuned to their clients energy and they world around them. Especially spiritual healers and energy healers who work with hundreds or thousands of clients.

When we don’t protect our energy and life force throughout the day, we open the door and allow in lower vibrational energies, toxins and imprints into your field. Or becomes more easily energetically hi-jacked, conditioned or programmed by 3d illusions and deceptions.

Like brushing your teeth, a healer needs to learn how to deep clean their energy field throughout their day. And like a dentist with more microscopic or refined tools. The more you raise your consciousness levels the more finely tuned your awareness becomes and you realise how dirty your energy really is.

Soul Empowerment Coaching and Healing Sessions With Eileen

If you would love some support in your own spiritual growth and soul connection as a healer, therapist or coach. Book a free taster session with Eileen.

Soul Empowerment Coaching with Eileen Soul Empowerment Coach
The Hero’s Journey – Your Life, Business And Purpose

The Hero’s Journey – Your Life, Business And Purpose

The Hero’s Journey in your life, business, your life and soul purpose.

What is the Hero’s Journey

The hero’s journey is based on the classical archetypal template or storytelling structure where the hero goes on a quest or adventure.

An archetypal pattern in mythology that transcends time and culture, recognised in the collective.

The Hero’s Journey Inner Calling

In the hero’s journey the hero has an inner calling that takes them on a journey, a journey that brings up all sorts of tests, trials, and challenges, all part of the initiation process to test the hero’s motivations, strength of character, and soul power.

The hero has to move through different challenges; fears, distractions, temptations, illusions, and perceived limitations.

Despite the initial calling they actually have no idea of what they are going to experience or face on that path. Or what they are going to experience at the other end of that journey.

It many ways the hero’s journey is a deeply spiritual journey that pushes and expands them in ways they never imagined.

The Hero's Journey, In Life, Business and Purpose

Your Hero’s Journey

No matter where you are in your life right now! Know your soul is seeking something so much deeper and powerful. When you begin exploring and following that inner path, you will start to uncover your own power, your own spiritual strength, courage, and integrity in ways that you never imagined.

Your hero’s journey, your soul’s journey, and your different stages of initiation are unique to you.

When we can get on that deeper spiritual journey, it no longer becomes why me, why this.

Because something more deeper helps you take each step even though you cannot see or don’t yet know the bigger picture. I talk about this more in my latest video link in the bottom of the page.

The Hero’s Journey In Your Spiritual Business

The hero’s journey in your spiritual business is the transformation and growth you endure creating and evolving a soul-aligned spiritual business.

The heart and soul of a powerful soul-aligned healing, coaching, or therapy business are not your tools, qualifications, or certificates.

It is not following the latest marketing trends or how many Facebook Followers you have. Or how many tick tock or Instagram videos or selfies you can do.

A soul-aligned business is built on your biggest soul strengths. Your backbone, your integrity, your deepest motivations and drives in your spiritual business.

The Hero’s Journey And Soul’s Journey

Now more than ever people want transparency and accountability, they want to invest those who walk the talk, practice what they preach,  don’t just talk the talk.

Running a soul-aligned business in many ways is one aspect of your hero’s journey especially if you are a healer, therapist or coach.

As it requires not just an inner calling for your souls desire to experience something deeper. As it involves a journey of personal transformation, of soul searching, and soul expansion.

The true soul-aligned path is built on spiritual trust, strength and courage. It is not for the faint heart

ed or for those just looking to be financially successful. It goes so much deeper and is so much more spiritually fulfilling.

Your Spiritual Business Journey

Your spiritual business journey, your spiritual growth, and spiritual transformation is a very personal journey unique to you. That’s why it is important that you are building your business on your hero’s journey, not someone else’s journey, not someone else’s calling or power.

It is one of the reasons we can struggle when we cannot find a business coach, or marketing strategy that feels right for us.

I know for years I struggled to find a spiritual business coach or spiritual business mentor that I felt aligned with. I invested in so many courses and programs that were supposed to be soul-aligned and spiritually aligned that seemed to lack true depth.

In many ways, they were just the same thing most business coaches and marketers were doing. The only difference was some of the words they used, and the titles they called their programs.

So much of it felt dishonest, very superficial, yukky, misaligned with everything I and business stood for.

Your soul-aligned business, is part of your calling it is an extension of you and an extension of so many other things that you stand for and believe in.

If your business is not fully aligned with your core values and traits, passion, purpose and greatest strengths. You are more likely to suffer from misalignment such as anxiety, lack of confidence and overwhelm or even imposter syndrome.

You Deserve To Be The Hero or Heroine Of Your Business

You deserve to do what you are here to do. You are here at this time on earth, to fully step into your life and soul mission with more power and strength, live the life and purpose your heart and soul desires.Here to be soul aligned and soul empowered. NOT to feel powerless or passionless, you are not here to feel disconnected or misaligned with what you are here to do.

ONE of the biggest things I see in the healing and spiritual sector every single day online. There are so too many practitioners giving their power over to their modalities, their tools, their guides and other people than actually building their own soul connection. They struggle bad with discernment, struggle to be in any way soul-guided, and struggle to feel deep passion and alignment.

The Hero’s Journey Archetype

In the work of Joseph Campbell, he believed there were the 3 main stages to the hero’s journey

3 Main Stages

  • Departure
  • Initiation
  • Return

The Hero’s Journey Steps

Campbell also believed there were 12 main steps though others would argue there were 17 steps to the hero’s journey.

Many have different views on the stages of the hero’s journey but what I believe is more important is for us to recognise how sacred our own life journey is. How rich our spiritual life and our purpose can be when we have the courage to go on our own heroine or hero’s journey.

If you would like more support in this area check out my Soul Empowerment Sessions.

5 Signs Of Compassion Fatigue And Empathic Burnout

5 Signs Of Compassion Fatigue And Empathic Burnout

Common Signs Of Compassion Fatigue And Empathy Burnout

5 Signs Of Compassion Fatigue and Emotional Burn-Out. What does compassion fatigue look like and what can you do to reduce the risk of this type of emotional exhaustion, anxiety and stress with Empath and Stress Management Expert; Eileen Burns.

What is Compassion?

Compassion is an awareness and sensitivity to other people’s suffering. Which invokes concern and sympathy, it involves altruism and a wanting to take action to reduce the person’s pain. Now it is easy to get confused with compassion and empathy. Examples of compassion is offering to help out a friend, neighbour with something they find difficult. Being able to listen to someones recent challenges with patience and care.

What is Empathy?

Empathy is the ability to put yourself in someone’s position and feel what someone else is feeling. Someone who is an empath will often actually feels the pain of others for example the physical, mental, emotional pain of others or the energy of a place. Examples of empathy being able to sense other people’s emotions and feelings, feel or see behind a mask. Absorbing other people’s energies, dramas, excitement.

What is Compassion Fatigue and Empathy Fatigue?

Compassion Fatigue

Compassion Fatigue is a form of burn-out a reduction in compassion and empathy that leads to a variety of symptoms that can make you feel frustrated, exhausted, detached, in a state of apathy.

It is caused by both secondary traumatic stress (common in empathy fatigue) which I talk about below and burnout. Often seen in prolonged long periods of over empathy and caregiving, periods of extreme trauma, stress or chronic stress.

Empathy Fatigue

Empathy fatigue is extremely common in empaths as empathy can be extremely overwhelming and very stimulating on the nervous system. It can involve a lot of over-identification of other people’s pain especially when the empath lacks healthy boundaries.

This happens when one’s own wounds are re-triggered by the pain or challenges of others, but feel unable, too detached or too overwhelmed to give the support.

Empathy Fatigue was coined by Professor Mark Stebnicki who documented the observations of “secondary traumatic stress” in what he classed as “high-touch therapists” for example counsellors, psychotherapists etc who in their work needed to have a strong emotional connection to their patients, therapists. They were presenting the same symptoms of their patients or clients anxiety and stress.

Empaths Toolkit - how to become more energetically protected, create healthier boundaries, heal your inner child

Are You At Risk Of Compassion Fatigue Or Empathy Burnout?

Empaths, healers, therapists, caregivers, coaches and counsellors are at a high-risk of compassion fatigue and empathy fatigue. Especially those that suffer or become distracted by other people’s pain.

5 Common Signs Of Compassion Fatigue and Empathy Fatigue

Below are common signs in empathy fatigue and compassion fatigue where there is an overlap in triggers and causes.


Compassion Fatigue And Empathic Burnout

Feelings of Apathy is a very common sign of compassion fatigue, feel as if you don’t care about anything anymore. Lack of concern, interest enthusiasm and motivation.

Anger and Irritability

Feeling anxious, angry and irritable are common compassion fatigue symptoms. It comes from being overwhelmed and having less tolerance.

Burnout And Exhaustion

A general feeling of burnout and overwhelming exhaustion that leaves you feeling unable to have the mental, emotional or physical resources to deal with or support someone else who is suffering.


Feeling very detached from your own emotions and emotions, suffering of others is a common example of compassion fatigue in healthcare and hospitals. This is very common in medical professionals, nurses, doctors, those who deal with traumatic experiences, all sorts of mental, emotional pain and suffering on a daily basis.

Emotional and Traumatic Recollections

Emotional and Traumatic Recollections where the client, patient or situation triggers certain memories associated with another client, patient or their own personal trauma. Especially those that are related to particularly traumatic, demanding or challenging situations.

Healing And Manging Compassion Fatigue and Empathy Fatigue

Healthy Boundaries

Healthy boundaries is so important to reduce both compassion fatigue and empathy fatigue especially in empaths who tend to struggle with boundaries and non-identification. As an unruly empath for most of my life, this has been something I have had to work on deeply.

Many empaths have to deeply understand the importance of boundaries, challenge their belief systems and habits around feeling responsible for other people’s pain and suffering.  Unfortunately empaths tend to be more prone to attract those who want to stay in victimhood, narcissistic traits and behaviour patterns.

Healthy Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle is an important aspects of preventing any sorts of mental, emotional fatigue and burnout. What we eat, what we consume mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually can fuel us, deplete or intoxicate us. That is why it is important to do what you can to consume a high vibrational life.

Sadly many medical professionals are some of the most unhealthiest eaters, have alcohol or other addictions. Suffer insomnia especially understandably those on unhealthy shift patterns. All of these things will lead to depletion and physical burnout which in turn reflects the amount of emotional and mental resources you have to support others.

Good Self Awareness

Good self awareness is key in helping us become aware of our needs, our own triggers, light and shadow traits. Our unconscious habits and beliefs that are keeping us stick. Many in the healing and therapy professionals are wounded healers, choosing careers in these areas because of their own past or present wounding. This can provide greater compassion for others but can also lead to a variety of challenges if the inner child trauma or inner child wounding is not healed. Especially when there is saviour, healer or rescuer traits which can create all forms of co-dependency issues in the patients and clients.

Self Care and Self Compassion

Self Care and Self Compassion is a vital component to the prevention and reduction of compassion fatigue and empath burnout. This is so important in caregivers and empaths who are naturally altruistic and motivated in life by service to others. And who struggle to identify their own needs, wants often due to a childhood knee deep in supporting, helping, rescuing others. Especially self care that helps us keep an open and expansive heart.

Trauma Support

Support with your own personal trauma is so important, we all carry trauma from our childhood and adulthood that shapes our beliefs, behaviours and reactions on a daily basis. Trauma comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes, it impacts us all in different ways in our life, relationships, health and wellbeing. As someone who has tried out, studied and practices wide range  of therapeutic approaches to help clients with trauma for over 20 years. I would always support a holistic approach, a multi-faceted approach for the best results. I personally use a combination of therapeutic archetypal and inner child coaching, healing and therapy with my own clients.

Soul Empowerment Coaching with Eileen Soul Empowerment Coach