The Hero’s Journey in your life, business, your life and soul purpose.

What is the Hero’s Journey

The hero’s journey is based on the classical archetypal template or storytelling structure where the hero goes on a quest or adventure.

An archetypal pattern in mythology that transcends time and culture, recognised in the collective.

The Hero’s Journey Inner Calling

In the hero’s journey the hero has an inner calling that takes them on a journey, a journey that brings up all sorts of tests, trials, and challenges, all part of the initiation process to test the hero’s motivations, strength of character, and soul power.

The hero has to move through different challenges; fears, distractions, temptations, illusions, and perceived limitations.

Despite the initial calling they actually have no idea of what they are going to experience or face on that path. Or what they are going to experience at the other end of that journey.

It many ways the hero’s journey is a deeply spiritual journey that pushes and expands them in ways they never imagined.

The Hero's Journey, In Life, Business and Purpose

Your Hero’s Journey

No matter where you are in your life right now! Know your soul is seeking something so much deeper and powerful. When you begin exploring and following that inner path, you will start to uncover your own power, your own spiritual strength, courage, and integrity in ways that you never imagined.

Your hero’s journey, your soul’s journey, and your different stages of initiation are unique to you.

When we can get on that deeper spiritual journey, it no longer becomes why me, why this.

Because something more deeper helps you take each step even though you cannot see or don’t yet know the bigger picture. I talk about this more in my latest video link in the bottom of the page.

The Hero’s Journey In Your Spiritual Business

The hero’s journey in your spiritual business is the transformation and growth you endure creating and evolving a soul-aligned spiritual business.

The heart and soul of a powerful soul-aligned healing, coaching, or therapy business are not your tools, qualifications, or certificates.

It is not following the latest marketing trends or how many Facebook Followers you have. Or how many tick tock or Instagram videos or selfies you can do.

A soul-aligned business is built on your biggest soul strengths. Your backbone, your integrity, your deepest motivations and drives in your spiritual business.

The Hero’s Journey And Soul’s Journey

Now more than ever people want transparency and accountability, they want to invest those who walk the talk, practice what they preach,  don’t just talk the talk.

Running a soul-aligned business in many ways is one aspect of your hero’s journey especially if you are a healer, therapist or coach.

As it requires not just an inner calling for your souls desire to experience something deeper. As it involves a journey of personal transformation, of soul searching, and soul expansion.

The true soul-aligned path is built on spiritual trust, strength and courage. It is not for the faint heart

ed or for those just looking to be financially successful. It goes so much deeper and is so much more spiritually fulfilling.

Your Spiritual Business Journey

Your spiritual business journey, your spiritual growth, and spiritual transformation is a very personal journey unique to you. That’s why it is important that you are building your business on your hero’s journey, not someone else’s journey, not someone else’s calling or power.

It is one of the reasons we can struggle when we cannot find a business coach, or marketing strategy that feels right for us.

I know for years I struggled to find a spiritual business coach or spiritual business mentor that I felt aligned with. I invested in so many courses and programs that were supposed to be soul-aligned and spiritually aligned that seemed to lack true depth.

In many ways, they were just the same thing most business coaches and marketers were doing. The only difference was some of the words they used, and the titles they called their programs.

So much of it felt dishonest, very superficial, yukky, misaligned with everything I and business stood for.

Your soul-aligned business, is part of your calling it is an extension of you and an extension of so many other things that you stand for and believe in.

If your business is not fully aligned with your core values and traits, passion, purpose and greatest strengths. You are more likely to suffer from misalignment such as anxiety, lack of confidence and overwhelm or even imposter syndrome.

You Deserve To Be The Hero or Heroine Of Your Business

You deserve to do what you are here to do. You are here at this time on earth, to fully step into your life and soul mission with more power and strength, live the life and purpose your heart and soul desires.Here to be soul aligned and soul empowered. NOT to feel powerless or passionless, you are not here to feel disconnected or misaligned with what you are here to do.

ONE of the biggest things I see in the healing and spiritual sector every single day online. There are so too many practitioners giving their power over to their modalities, their tools, their guides and other people than actually building their own soul connection. They struggle bad with discernment, struggle to be in any way soul-guided, and struggle to feel deep passion and alignment.

The Hero’s Journey Archetype

In the work of Joseph Campbell, he believed there were the 3 main stages to the hero’s journey

3 Main Stages

  • Departure
  • Initiation
  • Return

The Hero’s Journey Steps

Campbell also believed there were 12 main steps though others would argue there were 17 steps to the hero’s journey.

Many have different views on the stages of the hero’s journey but what I believe is more important is for us to recognise how sacred our own life journey is. How rich our spiritual life and our purpose can be when we have the courage to go on our own heroine or hero’s journey.

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