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Noise Sensitivity – The Challenges Of Hyperacusis

Noise Sensitivity – The Challenges Of Hyperacusis

Noise Sensitivity –The Challenges of Living With Hyperacusis

When most people talk about noise sensitivity they often think of simply an annoyance to specific noises. But noise sensitivity can be an extremely painful and a huge disabling challenge for many sufferers. I know as I began suffering from a severe form of hyperacusis over the last three years, which has made me mostly housebound.

Slight Noise Sensitivity

As someone who is highly empathic and sensitive, I have slight noise sensitivity as long as I can remember.  I always had challenges sleeping with even the slightest noise around me. But this started to become a much bigger problem when it developed into a painful and debilitating severe form of hyperacusis. Specific frequencies began to trigger extreme pain in my right ear, major balance issue and a complex movement disorder including non-epileptic seizures that leaves me with no control over my body.

Noise sensitivity and late stage lyme disease

Chronic Lyme Disease And Chronic Sound Sensitivity

My noise sensitivity issues appear to be caused by at least 30 years of bacterial/viral implications. But the cause is not clear with a complex medical history; M.E./CFS, suspected untreated chronic lyme at 14 years of age, head and face trauma, a rare cranial condition and survivor of sepsis. Although according to Anthony Williams book the Medical Medium  Many of these neurotoxicity symptoms are simply the fourth stage of very a rare form of Epstein Barr Virus. But I am unsure if I will ever know for sure.

However the reality is noise sensitivity seems to be triggered by a variety of causes, diseases, accidents, trauma and stressors. Sound intolerance also appears to be a common problem in those who are highly sensitive or have sensory processing disorders. Many clinicians used to assume noise sensitivity has a purely psychological basis. But more research and evidence is demonstrating many of the physiological causes behind various types of noise sensitivity.

Noise sensitivity challenges are very common for those with sensory processing challenges on the Autism/Asperger Spectrum.  Which can seriously impact their quality of daily living, education and their careers.

Noise sensitivity is something that is certainly misunderstood and misdiagnosed by many medical practitioners.  Especially as there is so many different classifications and causes of sound sensitivity.


Hyperacusis – is usually linked with amplified sensitivity or auditory increase in the central auditory system which is the hearing pathways of the brain. A “collapsed tolerance to normal environmental sound” The Hyperacusis Network. It is suggested that unexpected exposure to deafening noise can sometimes trigger hyperacusis. But there are some medical conditions associated with hyperacusis which include Bell’s palsy, Lyme disease, migraine, post head injury syndrome and William’s syndrome. Also many people with hyperacusis have tinnitus and many with tinnitus have hyperacusis.

There are two forms of hyperacusis; cochlear hyperacusis and vestibular hyperacusis

Cochlear Hyperacusis; annoyance, distress, ear pain and to very quiet or high-pitched sounds.

Vestibular Hyperacusis; balance, postural control and vertigo problems, nausea, fatigue. Known sometimes as Audiogenic Seizure Disorder and Tullio’s syndrome

Hypersensitive Hearing – where someone is born with a hyper sensitivity to frequencies above 70 decibels normally viewed as problematic frequencies. This is common in the autism spectrum.

Misophonia – is when someone hates a particular sound but it is not collapsed tolerance to sound. Usually there is an atypical limbic and autonomic nervous system response ( fight or flight response) which is related to the auditory system. Examples are repetitive sounds, consonants, sniffing, lip smacking which can often trigger emotional rage.

Phonophobia – is a sub-category of misophonia where one suffers anxiety/fear of events related to their noise sensitivity. Which triggers isolation in the outside world.

Recruitment – is when there is an increased perception of noise sensitivity when someone is suffering from a type of hearing loss where they cannot hear certain pitches but can hear others. Which is perceived as too quiet to dramatically loud.

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Tips And Support For Noise Sensitivity Issues

Ear Plugs or Ear Phones: For most types of noise sensitivity challenges recommendations are that ear plugs should not be relied on for day to day living. As there is suggestions that in the long run this may reduce tolerance to every day sounds. But it certainly would depend on the type and degree of noise sensitivity. I personally do not use ear plugs in my home doing most tasks. But because my noise sensitivity triggers severe balance challenges and a violent movement disorder. I choose to use ear phones outside otherwise I have very limited control over my bodily movements.

Noise Cancellation Ear Phones: Some people find noise cancellation useful, I find for long car drives they can cancel out and reduce some noise and can help reduce general over stimulation.

Pink Noise Devices: For some types of noise sensitivity pink noise devices are used as a form of sound therapy.

Meditation– helps you access that inner calm, peace inside despite what is happening around you. It helps you become more mentally, emotionally and physically resilient. Meditation has helped keep me so mentally strong over the last 25 years. It has helped me find my own equivalent to a power nap, when I can’t sleep due to noise issues.

Craniosacral Therapy – can be helpful where there has been noise sensitivity after trauma to the head and neck. Also bowen and osteopathy is useful for again alignment issues due to trauma.

Healthier Thinking – it is important with any condition or life challenge that a person has the ability to look at their life challenges and focus on what they can do, rather than what we feel disabled by.

Stress Management – generally reducing and manging your anxiety and stress can seriously help reduce any hyper sensitivity to external stimuli. And can be a great cushion at helping you remain as emotionally, mentally and physically strong against noise stressors.

CBD Oil: Cannabis derived oil and paste is used by many who’s noise sensitivity appears to be related to their medical conditions. It is widely uses by lymes and now more popular in ME/CFS sufferers.Many people with noise sensitivity issues including those with sensory processing issues seem to be benefiting from CBD or marijuana in some component.


On Guard Blend: Another product that I have found helpful in my building my sound tolerance is the essential oil blend by doTERRA . These are highly vibrational essential oils which appear to strengthen our energetic boundaries, boost the immune system and protect our body against viruses and microbes.

Manging Your Noise Sensitivity Issues

These are just some of the ways you can help manage your noise sensitivity issues. If like me travelling in a car is a huge problem because you can actually feel a lot of vibrations through the nerves of your body. I find sitting and placing my feet on memory foam cushions and a duvet helps to cushion me from the impact. Some cars are more better than others in relation to the seat and height design

I am fortunate enough to start seeing slowly but surely a reduction in the severity of my symptoms. Having lived with chronic health challenges that have disabled me in various ways for many years. I choose to focus daily on my abilities, strengths and gifts. I am very fortunate to be able to do my work online. Although it can have its challenges.

But when we focus on the things we can change and accept those we can’t. We come from a much stronger, calm and happier place. Noise sensitivity can be extremely challenging, it needs more research/awareness especially on the actual conditions that cause it. But meanwhile the healthiest thing you can do is look after your own health and wellbeing, especially your anxiety and stress levels. As anxiety and stress will certainly make you more hyper-sensitive .

If you are looking for help and support in managing your sensitivity challenges. I share lots of tips and resources in my free facebookcommunity Soul Care For Sensitives

Essential Oils For Empaths And Highly Sensitive People

Essential Oils For Empaths And Highly Sensitive People

Essential Oils For Empaths And Highly Sensitive People

The many benefits of essential oils for empaths, highly sensitive people and healers. As a qualified aromatherapist who has used used essential oils for nearly 30 years to support my own physical, mental and emotional well-being. I in many ways  take for granted how versatile essential oils are. 


But what are some of the best blends and essential oils for empaths and HSP’s?


Essential Oils For Health And Healthy Boundaries

There are so many essential oils for empaths to choose from today, it is important you choose the right essential oil that is therapeutically safe and right for you.

Many people assume all essential oils are completely safe because they are natural but like every herb or essence each has unique properties and effects so it is important to choose essential oils suited to your specific needs.

Some essential oils have analgesic or anti-inflammatory properties, some like peppermint which is used in mainstream medicine can be a digest aid. Some essential oils like tea-tree and thyme have anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.

But pure essential oils don’t just support us physically, but mentally and emotionally. Essential oils like Clary Sage and Geranium are used to help balance hormonal imbalances in females. Some are safe when you are pregnant some are not, some are unsafe if you suffer from epilepsy, and some essential oils should never be used on children or infants.


Quality Essential Oils For Empaths And Highly Sensitive People

If you are using essential oils therapeutically you also want to choose a high-grade quality pure essential oil especially if your are highly sensitive and/or empathic.

Highly Sensitive People tend to be not just sensitive emotionally and mentally but physically to both allopathic and natural medicine. Empaths often struggle with grounding and often have a much porous energetic field. So it is important if you are an aromatherapist to choose high grade quality essential oils for empaths and highly sensitive people.


Essential Oils For Health And Self-Care

As someone with rare and chronic health challenges for over 30 years,  essential oils have been an essential part of my health and self-care. I have found essential oils a great replacement for so many allopathic treatments normally in one’s medicine cabinet.

In fact recently as someone who became completely housebound due to extreme noise, vibration, and light sensitivity which would trigger seizures. I was looking for anything to support me after Neurologists told me nothing could be done and any medication would cause further complications.

But when I started to use a variety of high vibrational essential oils including the product On Guard which I mention below. I couldn’t believe how much physically stronger and more energetically resilient and boundaried I become.

Those of us who are more sensitive and or empathic tend to have a more finely tuned sensory and central nervous system. Which can make us much more vulnerable to a variety of environmental stressors such as EMF Electro Magnetic Frequency, noise, light, other people’s emotions, trauma, and physical pain.


Toolkit for Empaths and HSP's - Highly Sensitive People


Essentials Oils For Empaths Who Are Hyper Sensitive

As someone who has had rare neurological complications from suspected bacterial and viral complications for approx 30 years.  I have used a wide range of high-quality essential oils and blends. One that has been really supporting me energetically and as a support to my immune system has been the On Guard Blend. Which instantly made me feel more energetically stronger and protected.


Essential Oils For Highly Sensitive People Empaths

So What Are The Perfect Essential Oils For Empaths And HSPs?



The Ultimate Grounding Blend– A blend of Spruce, Ho Wood, Frankincense, Blue Tansy, and Blue Chamomile with Fractionated Coconut Oil.  Empath and HSP struggle to feel grounded. This can be added directly to the skin or added to a diffuser for cars, homes, and the office. Frankincense is deeply grounding and Spruce  was used by the Native Americans for various spiritual and medicinal purposes ( spruce tree regarded as sacred)



is deeply relaxing, calming very popular to assist meditation, and deeply grounding. Also helpful in supporting healthy cellular function and great rejuvenator for the skin. So it is one of the most commonly used nurturing essential oils for empaths and hsp’s.


Melaleuca (Tea Tree)

 is an extremely versatile oil for your home first aid kit. It is also an anti-viral, anti-bacterial oil, that supports the immune system. It is also useful for creating stronger boundaries


On Guard

 Can help support your immune system. Can help strengthen and protect your energetic field to create stronger energetic boundaries. and psychic protection especially if you are a healer or some sort of lightworker. So is one of the popular blends with empaths and sensitives. Helpful to protect against environmental threats. Safe for use on countertops, as a non-toxic cleaner, or to purify the air through diffusion



Very powerful for boundaries and can help stop parasitic energy.  Can assist with healthy digestion and supports healthy respiratory function. May help support a healthy immune system. Useful as a powerful cleansing and purifying agent.


Patchouli Essential Oil

Provides a grounding, balancing effect on emotions • Promotes a smooth, glowing complexion • Add to your daily moisturizer to help reduce the appearance of blemishes.



Protects against environmental threats such as EMFs and toxins. Can help clear the air and negative, stagnant energy in your home.



is another favourite pure essential oil of mine, deeply grounding, and great for the skin. For those of us who tend to avoid or reject our masculine energy. This can be a great balancer, it can also be useful as a soothing rub on the chest or neck with chest and throat infections.


Serenity Restful Blend

can be a useful aid for those struggling with anxiety, stress, and overthinking. It also can help you connect more with the self, and connect with your own inner calm. So great aid for those of you who struggle to meditate, be still.


Whisper Blend For Women

a gorgeous blend of jasmine and ylang-ylang ( I adore ylang ylang) patchouli, vanilla, cinnamon, and cocoa.  Useful to support any unresolved issues you may have with your femininity, mother, grandmother, or other close women figure in your life. Useful at helping ease unreleased anger.


Wild Orange

one of Doterra’s most popular oils, this has a gorgeous sweet scent. It is uplifting, energising, and stimulating. Helpful when you are feeling flat from others’ negative emotions.


Ylang Ylang

I  have always been a huge fan of ylang-ylang which is known by some as the oil of the Inner Child. As a qualified aromatherapist, I would recommend it to clients who suffered from nightmares. I find it helps support you to have a much more soothing sleep often with sweet dreams. It is also a reputed aphrodisiac.


Would LOVE To Learn More?

Essential Oils For Empaths and Sensitives
Toolkit for Empaths and HSP's - Highly Sensitive People
10 Ways The Sensitive And Empath Can Ground More

10 Ways The Sensitive And Empath Can Ground More

10 Ways The Sensitive And Empath Can Ground More

What is grounding and what are the biggest mental, emotional and physical challenges of being ungrounded especially if you are an empaths or sensitive? Learn 10 things you can do to help you to be more centred and grounded throughout your day.

How Important Is Grounding?

As a Highly Sensitive Empath, a HSP and empath it took me years to realise how out of my body I was. Despite being a healer for 30 years, who practiced all sorts of different healing and grounding techniques. I struggled to be earthed and centred. This made it much harder for me to have healthier energetic boundaries and had a huge impact on my nervous system. Like an electric circuit my nervous system needed to be earthed.

For this reason I began studying and learning more about the metaphysical reasons why so many empaths and sensitives struggled with this issue. Working with many healers and spiritual teachers around the world who were more experts in this area.

What are Grounding And Earthing?

Now, grounding may sound like a lot of new-age hippy nonsense. But the reality is as humans our natural habit is earth, earthing is part of our innate nature. Being grounded is any act or habits that will naturally help you be fully in your body and be energetically plugged into mother earth and nature.

Sadly modern living has played a large part in disconnecting us from our truest nature and its elements. So we are no longer naturally at one with nature.

Helping You Get More Grounded In The Modern World

The truth is we are all ungrounded to some extent when we are surrounded by technology, metal, concrete, toxic, plastic, manmade fabrics over exposed to high amounts of Electro-Magnetic Frequencies. Instead of natural fresh air, bright vitamin boosting sunlight and the grounding energy of mother nature.

For the Highly Sensitive Empath and many healers, this environment can be extremely harsh on their nervous system and energy field.

Toolkit for Empaths and HSP's - Highly Sensitive People, learn how to ground, protect your energy, develop your intuition

Empaths Are So Over Stimulated And Uncentred

The highly sensitive person especially those that are empaths are already hypersensitive to the world and energy around them. They get easily overstimulated, one of the reasons why many Empaths and HSP’s suffer from chronic anxiety and stress.

I know as an Empath and Highly Sensitive Person I was very sensitive to all sorts of things from a young age. My heightened awareness of other people’s needs, emotions and trauma made it more difficult for me to be earthed and centred.

I find too much EMF exposure can play havoc with my central nervous system at times. So I unplug throughout the day and switch my wifi off at night. I have a variety of sensory processing issues and find too much noise, stimulation and general busyness can be physically and mentally exhausting.

Why Empaths Needs To Get Grounded To Prevent Burn Out

Highly Sensitive Empath Needs To Ground Daily So many empaths and HSP’s end up burn-out, suffering from CFS, Adrenal Fatigue, Severe M.E. or other chronic health challenges. Anyone who struggles to be fully in their body and earthed is more likely to suffer from exhaustion. I myself was diagnosed with severe M.E. in my early twenties, left largely housebound and bedbound for about 7 years. Empaths and HSP’s are so finely tuned to their environment they are high-wired to function at a completely different level as other people. If sensitives and empaths find it difficult to ground as children they can really struggle to be energetically boundaried and fully in their body most of their lives. In many ways, their central nervous system is so sensitive it works so much harder. In many ways making them more vulnerable to exhaustion, fatigue, dis-ease especially for the empath with boundary issues. If you are a bit of an unruly empath who struggles to harness your empathy in a healthy way, you will constantly pick up and even take on the emotional and physical wounding of others.

So How Can A Highly Sensitive Empath Feel More Grounded

Get Outside In Nature

Getting outside more especially in nature, the countryside, forest, park even walking in some grass can help us get naturally grounded.

Get Barefoot

Get barefoot as much as you can, get those shoes, boots even slippers off when you walk around your home and outside if safe to do so.

Become More Body And Energetically Aware

Become more body aware, feel into your physical body, feel into your feet. Relaxation Techniques, Tai chi and Qi Gong exercises and can be a great way to become fully in the body. They also help empaths dispel negative energy they tend to absorb or take on.

Reduce Wifi And EMF Exposure

Reduce time spent online, on your computer, phone. Consider switching off your internet hub when sleeping to reduce EMF exposure. And spend more time on self care and self love. Explore the different emf protection technology you can use on your phone and in your home.

Surround Yourself With Nature And Plants

Bring more plants into your surrounding, your office, your home, your garden, things like cacti and other EMF reducing plants. These are great to sit next to your computer to help reduce EMF exposure.

Use Grounding Aids

Use grounding devices and aids. For many years I used a crystal grounding mat in my bed and grounding crystals under my bed. As well are so many grounding tools and techniques.

Reduce Stimulants

Reduce stimulants such as caffeine, sugar, alcohol, nicotine these play havoc with your central nervous system and impact your ability to feel more balanced and centred.

Grounding Essential Oils

Use grounding essential oils like frankincense, sandalwood, vetivert, doterra has an amazing grounding oil  Balance as well as more a protection oil – On Guard ideal for HSP’s. Also explore different types of flower essence that can support you I found the indigo and crystal essences helpful.

Learn To Be In The Moment

Learn to be in the moment, being in the moment encourages you to be more physically in and aware of your physical body. This is so important for people suffering from health challenges or any sort of physical trauma to their body that causes them to struggle to remain centred in their body.

Learn To Meditate

Meditation not only helps us be in the moment, feel calmer, but can help us feel more earthed and centred especially if it is more proper traditional meditation rather than more guided meditations. Zhang Zhuang a Standing Meditation is great tool to help with grounding. Soul Empowerment Coaching with Eileen Soul Empowerment Coach

Helping You Feel More Centred In Your Life And Work

Above is just some of the things that can help you feel more centred and earthed. If you would like to learn a variety of helpful grounding strategies that I have learned from many highly experienced top healers and spiritual teachers around the world Soul Empowerment Coaching with Eileen Soul Empowerment CoachCheck out my course Grounding Tools for Empaths– a toolkit for empaths and highly sensitive people. Powerful yet simple and easy grounding techniques, essential oils, crystals that will help you feel more grounded and balanced on a daily basis. This course is also included in my Essential Empaths Toolkit. If you would love more one to one support to feel more energetically and spiritually empowered and grounded, learn how to turn your empathic and sensitive gifts into a super power. Book a free mini taster session with Eileen to explore how we can work together and see if we are a right fit. Soul Empowerment Coaching with Eileen Soul Empowerment Coach soul empowerment coaching for empaths and healers

5 Easy Grounding Tips For Healers and Empaths

Soul Empowerment Coaching with Eileen Soul Empowerment CoachSoul Empowerment Coaching with Eileen Soul Empowerment Coach