7 Signs Of A Highly Sensitive Child

Do you have a Highly Sensitive Child? Thankfully medical research is starting to recognise the highly sensitive child or highly sensitive person. Especially with increased awareness and education on those with sensory process or those labelled on the Autism or Asperger’s spectrum, who are more visible as the highly sensitive child.

So what are some of  the most common signs of a highly sensitive child or HSP.

HSP’s are usually very intuitive and are good judge of character. But because of  deep compassion and empathy will often let their heart rule their head. It is important they learn to trust and be guided by their inner guidance.
The easily over stimulated child is often a HSP. Thus they are more easily stimulated; noise, visuals, smells, touch, movement and taste. For some the sensitivity can be so extreme, it can seriously impact their life. For example they may not be able to tolerate touch or find specific or loud sounds extremely painful, certain clothes too itchy or uncomfortable.
Dislike Violence, Horror Movies, many highly sensitive children will find even the slightest violence quite disturbing. They can appear very cautious or fearful in doing certain activities which may appear to have a risk such as climbing.
Irrational or irrelevant guilt is a common trait of the over sensitive child, due to their highly empathic nature and difficulty identifying their own emotions with others.7 Signs Of A Highly Sensitive Child, Children with High Sensitivity - Healer, Inner Child Therapist - Eileen Burns
They tend to be people pleasers, often to their own detriment. Many HSP’s will go out of their way to be kind, please others as they don’t want to hurt others or cause conflict.
They will usually need more time out and alone. Highly sensitive kids and teenagers need more time to unplug from technology and other’s, Even if they appear sociable and talkative. They burn out and get over stimulated very easily. This can appear as high energy or fun to be around, but can often be over stimulation or over excitement.
The highly emotional child is often a highly sensitive child, many HSP’s are also highly empathic though not all. The Highly Sensitive Empath is often more likely  put other’s emotional needs before them-self. In-fact they will often over identify or take on other’s emotional pain, especially as they find it difficult to set healthy boundaries. Which can seriously affect their physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Powerful Yet Simple Life Tools You Can Teach A Highly Sensitive Child

Highly sensitive children need calm and respite from the over stimulation and information over load of modern life. As a healer, therapist and stress expert I have witnessed for many years, the huge benefits highly sensitive children achieve from learning meditation. Especially the right meditation skills and the right relaxation techniques. The right type of meditation helps one access inner calm and peace no matter what is happening around them.

Highly sensitive children who struggle and don’t learn how to harness their gifts and traits tend to really struggle in adulthood. The more we can learn how to love, accept and honour ourselves as children, the more happier and healthier we become. But if we are misunderstood, not given the support we need, not taught the skills we need we end up carrying those wounds into adulthood. That is why Inner Child Therapy has became so popular, why so many highly sensitive and highly empathic adults are attracted to Inner Child work.

Inner Child Work For The Highly Sensitive Adult

Inner Child work when approached the safe and effective way can be extremely helpful. But in many ways most inner child healing is about healing trauma so there is certain approaches that must be used. It is not something that can be approached lightly. As someone who has studied a variety of therapeutic approaches for 30 years. Not just different healing  and therapy modalities but counselling, psychology, psychotherapy, archetypes and inner child work. I use a variety of safe and effective tools and approaches in my work to ensure my sessions and courses are safe and soothing.

Tools For The Highly Sensitive Child

The highly sensitive child needs to learn they are enough, the need to learn and develop self-love and self-worth.

The HSP Child should learn how to become more resilient to anxiety, stress and any form of over-stimulation.

Traditional meditation techniques can help the sensitive child or sensitive teenager find their own inner calm, own inner peace.

Guided meditations for sensitive children are extremely common as they can help encourage not just deep relaxation, but help them nurture a safe space within them self.

Eileen has worked with many highly empathic and highly sensitive adults, HS children, highly sensitive teens, kids with Autism, Aspergers and also many of their Empathic or Highly Sensitive Parents. It is just as important that the highly sensitive child’s family learn to relax and manage their stress as the highly sensitive teenager or highly sensitive kid.

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