10 Ways The Sensitive And Empath Can Ground More

What is grounding and what are the biggest mental, emotional and physical challenges of being ungrounded especially if you are an empaths or sensitive? Learn 10 things you can do to help you to be more centred and grounded throughout your day.

How Important Is Grounding?

As a Highly Sensitive Empath, a HSP and empath it took me years to realise how out of my body I was. Despite being a healer for 30 years, who practiced all sorts of different healing and grounding techniques. I struggled to be earthed and centred. This made it much harder for me to have healthier energetic boundaries and had a huge impact on my nervous system. Like an electric circuit my nervous system needed to be earthed.

For this reason I began studying and learning more about the metaphysical reasons why so many empaths and sensitives struggled with this issue. Working with many healers and spiritual teachers around the world who were more experts in this area.

What are Grounding And Earthing?

Now, grounding may sound like a lot of new-age hippy nonsense. But the reality is as humans our natural habit is earth, earthing is part of our innate nature. Being grounded is any act or habits that will naturally help you be fully in your body and be energetically plugged into mother earth and nature.

Sadly modern living has played a large part in disconnecting us from our truest nature and its elements. So we are no longer naturally at one with nature.

Helping You Get More Grounded In The Modern World

The truth is we are all ungrounded to some extent when we are surrounded by technology, metal, concrete, toxic, plastic, manmade fabrics over exposed to high amounts of Electro-Magnetic Frequencies. Instead of natural fresh air, bright vitamin boosting sunlight and the grounding energy of mother nature.

For the Highly Sensitive Empath and many healers, this environment can be extremely harsh on their nervous system and energy field.

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Empaths Are So Over Stimulated And Uncentred

The highly sensitive person especially those that are empaths are already hypersensitive to the world and energy around them. They get easily overstimulated, one of the reasons why many Empaths and HSP’s suffer from chronic anxiety and stress.

I know as an Empath and Highly Sensitive Person I was very sensitive to all sorts of things from a young age. My heightened awareness of other people’s needs, emotions and trauma made it more difficult for me to be earthed and centred.

I find too much EMF exposure can play havoc with my central nervous system at times. So I unplug throughout the day and switch my wifi off at night. I have a variety of sensory processing issues and find too much noise, stimulation and general busyness can be physically and mentally exhausting.

Why Empaths Needs To Get Grounded To Prevent Burn Out

Highly Sensitive Empath Needs To Ground Daily So many empaths and HSP’s end up burn-out, suffering from CFS, Adrenal Fatigue, Severe M.E. or other chronic health challenges. Anyone who struggles to be fully in their body and earthed is more likely to suffer from exhaustion. I myself was diagnosed with severe M.E. in my early twenties, left largely housebound and bedbound for about 7 years. Empaths and HSP’s are so finely tuned to their environment they are high-wired to function at a completely different level as other people. If sensitives and empaths find it difficult to ground as children they can really struggle to be energetically boundaried and fully in their body most of their lives. In many ways, their central nervous system is so sensitive it works so much harder. In many ways making them more vulnerable to exhaustion, fatigue, dis-ease especially for the empath with boundary issues. If you are a bit of an unruly empath who struggles to harness your empathy in a healthy way, you will constantly pick up and even take on the emotional and physical wounding of others.

So How Can A Highly Sensitive Empath Feel More Grounded

Get Outside In Nature

Getting outside more especially in nature, the countryside, forest, park even walking in some grass can help us get naturally grounded.

Get Barefoot

Get barefoot as much as you can, get those shoes, boots even slippers off when you walk around your home and outside if safe to do so.

Become More Body And Energetically Aware

Become more body aware, feel into your physical body, feel into your feet. Tai chi and Qi Gong exercises and can be a great way to become fully in the body. They also help empaths dispel negative energy they tend to absorb or take on.

Reduce Wifi And EMF Exposure

Reduce time spent online, on your computer, phone. Consider switching off your internet hub when sleeping to reduce EMF exposure. And spend more time on self care and self love. Explore the different emf protection technology you can use on your phone and in your home.

Surround Yourself With Nature And Plants

Bring more plants into your surrounding, your office, your home, your garden, things like cacti and other EMF reducing plants. These are great to sit next to your computer to help reduce EMF exposure.

Use Grounding Aids

Use grounding devices and aids. For many years I used a crystal grounding mat in my bed and grounding crystals under my bed.

Reduce Stimulants

Reduce stimulants such as caffeine, sugar, alcohol, nicotine these play havoc with your central nervous system and impact your ability to feel more balanced and centred.

Grounding Essential Oils

Use grounding essential oils like frankincense, sandalwood, vetivert, doterra has an amazing grounding oil  Balance as well as more a protection oil – On Guard ideal for HSP’s. Also explore different types of flower essence that can support you I found the indigo and crystal essences helpful.

Learn To Be In The Moment

Learn to be in the moment, being in the moment encourages you to be more physically in and aware of your physical body. This is so important for people suffering from health challenges or any sort of physical trauma to their body that causes them to struggle to remain centred in their body.

Learn To Meditate

Meditation not only helps us be in the moment, feel calmer, but can help us feel more earthed and centred especially if it is more proper traditional meditation rather than more guided meditations. Zhang Zhuang a Standing Meditation is great tool to help with grounding. Soul Empowerment Coaching with Eileen Soul Empowerment Coach

Helping You Feel More Centred In Your Life And Work

Above is just some of the things that can help you feel more centred and earthed. If you would like to learn a variety of helpful grounding strategies that I have learned from many highly experienced top healers and spiritual teachers around the world Soul Empowerment Coaching with Eileen Soul Empowerment CoachCheck out my course Grounding Tools for Empaths– a toolkit for empaths and highly sensitive people. Powerful yet simple and easy grounding techniques, essential oils, crystals that will help you feel more grounded and balanced on a daily basis. This course is also included in my Essential Empaths Toolkit. If you would love more one to one support to feel more energetically and spiritually empowered and grounded, learn how to turn your empathic and sensitive gifts into a super power. Book a free mini taster session with Eileen to explore how we can work together and see if we are a right fit. Soul Empowerment Coaching with Eileen Soul Empowerment Coach soul empowerment coaching for empaths and healers

5 Easy Grounding Tips For Healers and Empaths

Soul Empowerment Coaching with Eileen Soul Empowerment CoachSoul Empowerment Coaching with Eileen Soul Empowerment Coach