Why Do Empaths Struggle With Self-Love And Self-Care? 

Why do so many empaths struggle with overwhelm, exhaustion, and burnout?

Have so many issues around boundaries and feeling so much.

The Empaths Struggle

So many empaths struggle to say NO, many find it difficult to create and maintain healthy energetic boundaries which can lead to all sorts of life, health, work, and business challenges. Especially issues around self-care,  self-love, and self-compassion.

Their high level of empathy, and ability to sense other people’s physical, mental, emotional even spiritual often leads to strong tendencies towards over-caring, over-giving, and putting others’ needs before their own.

So much so that they are more likely to suffer from exhaustion, stress, compassion fatigue, and burnout. Especially when so many of you have strong archetypal traits of the martyr, fixer, healer, nurturer, and rescuer.

Why Empaths Struggle So Much With Self-Love and Self-Care

Why Many Empaths Struggle With Over Giving?

Empaths struggle with over-giving and caring because most empaths are in some way energetically aware and often immersed in the energy, pain, and drama of the people and things around them.

An empath will often find it difficult to differentiate their own needs, their energy field from the energy field, and the emotions of others.

Common Empathic Traits

An empath will be very aware of other people’s emotions and needs they will often absorb another person’s feelings and or pain. 

Empaths often need lots of time out, empaths are so sensitive to the energy and people around them they need lots of time out.

Empaths are often highly sensitive so are more sensitive to energy; not just people but their surroundings, places, items, the world, and animals…

A highly empathic person will be highly intuitive and psychic. These important skills help keep the empath and highly sensitive empath healthy and happy.


The Empathic Child

The empathic child will often bring these gifts through very clearly but if those around don’t understand and support the child’s gifts, the child will often feel confused, ashamed, and fearful which often leads to an emotional and or energetic shut-down.

Empaths can be very misunderstood like the HSP they can be categorised as too weak, too sensitive, strange, or weird because of their heightened awareness and experiences that most people have no comprehension of.

Empaths very easily lose their identity in relationships so can often avoid close or intimate relationships to protect themselves. They can find it extremely challenging to deal with controlling relationships, parents, and work colleagues.

A lot of empaths are introverted but for those with more extroverted tendencies, it is often important for them to spend time alone or resting.

Many empaths end up with burnout or other types of chronic health challenges due to poor management of their gifts.

Especially lack of boundaries, and over-attachment to being the carer, supporter, helper, healer, and nurturer. Most wounded healers are empaths.

Many empaths don’t just feel and absorb people’s emotional pain but also feel their physical pain.


Toolkit for Empaths and HSP's - Highly Sensitive People



How To Heal The Empaths Struggle

The empaths struggle doesn’t go away overnight in many ways it requires a multi-faceted approach, here are some useful tips I learned over the last 30 years as a healer and a highly sensitive and very unruly empath.

Get More Soul-Aligned and Soul Connected

One of the most powerful things empaths can do to become more soul-empowered and spiritually boundaries is to get more soul-connected and soul-aligned. We are more spiritually guided and aligned with our soul’s essence and our soul’s calling than energetically interfered with other people’s wounding and distortions.

Become More Grounded

Learn how to get fully centered, grounded, and in their body. Spend more time in nature, away from the chaos.  Unplug more from EMF and technology.

Be More In The Moment

Start to take one step, one moment at a time, and be less in the future, the past, or in the what-ifs. Don’t let the monkey mind run or ruin your world, get hooked up in other people’s dramas, which sadly we as empaths tend to do.

Learn To Meditate Deeply

Start meditating daily. Meditation helps you not only be in the moment, and be more grounded and centered but it increases self-awareness. It will help you become more of a witness when you are giving your energy or power away to others. Sign up for my Free 5 Minute Meditation.

Heal Your Inner Child

Inner child work is a powerful way to heal incidents in your life’s timeline where you took on unhealthy thought patterns, trauma, and suppressed emotions that are causing blockages in your health and well-being. Where your were shamed about your empathy or sensitivity.

Are you ready to turn your empathic gifts into your biggest strength?

Are you ready to nurture your spiritual and intuitive gifts?


Toolkit for Empaths and HSP's - Highly Sensitive People


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