Healing The Inner Child – The Highly Sensitive Person

Why healing the inner child can support HSP’s who struggle with their sensitivity.


Healing the inner child can be a very powerful way to address all sorts of forms of dis-ease, unhealthy beliefs, conditioning and patterns of behaviour. We know how we experience the world as a child can very much shape how we show up in the world. And this is no different for the highly sensitive person who can often feel as if they are struggling to survive in a harsh, chaotic buzz of stimulus and pain.


In-fact many HSP’s and empaths find even the more healthier family environment stressful or traumatic because of their highly sensitive and/or empathic traits. The highly sensitive child/person has such heightened awareness than those around them. That they can see, hear, feel and interpret things to a greater degree than most people couldn’t imagine.


This often leads to lack of understanding/ mis-understanding from parents, siblings, teachers and care givers around them. They can be viewed as too sensitive, too weak, too childlike, silly, irrational, niave…the list goes on. This often triggers those around the child to believing there is something wrong with that child. That they need to toughen up, be brave, be bold, shut down their emotions, act differently; basically not be themself.


Many highly sensitive children are highly empathic, intuitive and even psychic. For those with parents, care giver who again don’t understand or even worse view this as wrong, bad, not real, their imagination. Again the child will shut down their natural traits, their natural state of being. It also reinforces as a state of fear of their gifts and further imprints that there is something wrong with them.


Every human being has experiences from their childhood that has affected them to some extent. These situations can very much shape the way we view ourselves, the world and our place in the world. So many highly sensitive people including highly sensitive children often don’t know where they fit in. This can create a great degree of inner conflict especially when we are living in a very noisey, materialistic society, that is often focused on self-preservation than depth of emotion or depth of compassion. This is often heightened if parents or caregivers project their own fears and anxiety onto the child.



Inner Child work can be extremely healing for the highly sensitive person who still struggles to own, accept and honour their sensitivity. For the empath or HSP who can’t say no, struggles with boundaries mentally, physically and emotionally. Who too easily  take’s on other people’s energetic drama, pain and more. Who wants to help and support everyone.


In my one to one sessions and inner child group programs for sensitives and empaths. I address different aspects of the inner child such as the wounded child, the abandoned child, the eternal child and the more positive aspects of the inner child. It can be extremely healing and empowering to address underlying triggers where the child felt traumatised, abandoned, disempowered. At stages where they shut down mentally, physically, emotionally or spiritually.


Clients and therapists have expressed various benefits and huge insights from these sessions and even simply from listening to my inner child healing guided meditations. Because so many HSP’s haven’t learned to harness their sensitive gifts in a balanced way. They often don’t recognise that many of their extreme symptoms are trying to tell them something very important. That maybe they need to own their own power, say NO, stop allowing others to take advantage, control or impose their beliefs or ideas on them. Maybe they need to out themself first, get their own health and life in balance, stop trying to fix everyone else’s life. As so many HSP’s are the over giver, the wounded healer, the victim, the martyr, rescuer…


If you would like some help to heal your inner child I have my full Healing Your Inner Child Program  as well as various stand alone modules you can begin with. My latest most popular session is Inner Child- Fairytale Writing Module

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