The Wounded Healer Archetype

The Wounded Healer Archetype The Wounded Healer Archetype according to Carl Jung is the healer who wants to heal others because of their own wounding. Now although the wounded healer is a recognised archetypal term created by the psychologist Carl Jung. The idea of the wounded healer goes way back to Greek mythology. In Greek

Highly Sensitive Person Quotes – HSP’s Love

Highly Sensitive Person Quotes Inspiring Highly Sensitive Person quotes that HSP’s love and relate to. Inspirational quotes that help highly sensitive people own their greatest gifts.  HSP quotes that explain why your sensitive and empathic traits are not a weakness. “High sensitivity is not a disease or a disorder. It’s not something that needs to be

Challenges Of An Empath

Common Challenges Of An Empath Some of the most common challenges of an empath living in the modern world. Empaths are highly sensitive people who often feel and absorb the energy around them. They are so used to feeling so much, absorbing so much. That they often grow up confused why other’s do not identify

Grounding For Empaths And Sensitives

Grounding For Empaths And Sensitives Some tips on grounding for empaths and sensitives. If you are a highly sensitive person who get’s easily overwhelmed, exhausted, anxious or stressed you probably need to ground more. Empaths and sensitives are so finely tuned into the world and people around them, they often struggle to feel centred and