Inner Child Healing

Inner Child Healing Sessions and Inner Child Therapy Programs

Inner Child Therapy and Coaching with Healer and Therapist – Eileen Burns.

We have all come into life to create a wonderful life, to share our unique beautiful gifts, and live our life and soul purpose.

But the biggest things that often stop us from living those dreams to the full are trauma, distorted conditioning.

You can heal that trauma, those distorted beliefs with Inner Child Healing, Inner Child Therapy.

“When you heal your inner child you heal and empower the adult you “

Inner Child Healing For Healers, Empaths, Lightworkers

Inner Child Healing Sessions

Helping you heal and empower the inner you so you can live more of your life and soul purpose in a more pure, authentic, and empowered way.

The more healing and shadow work we do, the more light we can hold, the higher we can vibrate.

Helping You Live The Life You Were Born To Live

Every single one of us have a unique part to play in the world, unique gifts to share and shine. But so many of you are struggling, suffering to identify, own and shine those gifts.

As a healer for 30 years who has studied and trained in many different types of therapeutic approaches. That have included healing, counselling, and coaching, I find Inner Child Healing and Therapy sessions alongside Archetypal Work deeply healing.

Inner Child work can be extremely and nurturing way to support clients to move forward in their life and business when applied in a safe and effective way. This type of healing is particularly effective for those who are highly empathic, highly sensitive, and spiritual.

Inner Child and Archetypal Healing can help heal and empower you in your business, as a Spiritual Business Mentor I see how important it is for the Spiritual Entrepreneur, Lightworker to really own their life. To own their strongest archetypal traits and heal those traits that are sabotaging your success, your dreams, your purpose.




Healing The Inner Child - The Highly Sensitive Person


Healing Your Inner Child – The Highly Sensitive Adult

Why healing our wounded child can support Highly Sensitive People and Empaths who struggle with their sensitivity and highly empathic traits.

Healing the inner child can be a very powerful way to address all sorts of forms of unhealthy boundaries, unhealthy beliefs, distorted conditioning, lack of personal sovereignty, and dis-ease.

How we experience and see the world as a child often shapes how we show up as an adult. And this is no different for the highly sensitive child who can find the unhealthy modern world too stimulating and energetically overwhelming, when they have not learned how to harness their sensitive gifts in a balanced way.

Empaths and HSP’s struggle to thrive in life because in some ways they have struggled to survive their childhood…


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