Inner Child Therapist

Inner Child Therapist – Eileen Burns

Inner Child Therapist For Empaths, Healers, Spiritual Entrepreneurs

What Does An Inner Child Therapist Do?

An Inner Child Therapist has the skills and qualifications necessary to help support you heal your inner child or heal your inner archetype child, heal your wounded child.

Inner Child Therapists use a variety of approaches and skills such as counselling, psychotherapy and or/ healing skills. Forms of therapy and healing that help equip them to support the client with inner child trauma and unhealthy conditioning in a safe, healthy and effective way.

Heal Your Inner Child – One to One Therapy and Coaching Sessions

Heal Your Inner Child to Heal The Adult You

An opportunity to heal and release old trauma, old conditioning and unhealthy behaviour patterns formed from childhood that are sabotaging your life, your relationships, your business. In a safe supportive nurturing space by highly qualified coach, healer and therapist Eileen Burns.

Heal Your Inner Child Self Study Program

Heal Your Inner Child in your own time, in your own space with this step by step carefully designed self study program.

Inner Child Healing is something that should never be rushed, or forced. It is something that should be nurtured, that is why I created this step by step inner child connection and nurturing program. A creative, fun and deeply empowering program that looks at a variety of different inner child archetypes. That uses a variety of creative, fun inner child approaches to help you tap into your inner child, your magical child, innocent child, orphan child, wounded child, nature child, eternal child…

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Inner Child Free Meditation

Free Magical Inner Child Guided Meditation

Release Your Inner Magical Child with this Free Healing Webinar and Meditation Session from Christmas