Self-Care & Empowerment For Empaths and Sensitives

Do You Struggle To Maintain Healthy Boundaries?

Do You Struggle To Put Your Own Need's First?

Do You Struggle To Live An Abundant Life?

My Soul Care Programs help you

Healing Your Inner Child

Unlocking Your Greatest Gifts

Teaching You How To Meditate More Easily

Become More Empowered

Nurture More Self-Care And Soul-Care



Eileen is a highly sensitive empath, coach, healer and therapist who teaches empaths and sensitives, live a more empowered and balanced life. Eileen who has been studying healing and empowerment  for over 25 years...

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Latest Testimonials

Karin -Unlock Your Magic

Eileen has created a course that supported me in really taking time out to look at aspects of my life that I tended to miss or not appreciate. If you are like me and always busy, when do you ever take time out to review life? This course was simple but really deep and powerful. With her guided meditations I knew I was in professional hands and could relax and trust the process of helping me find the magic in my life. I completely recommend this as a way to capture the essence of who you are and feel replenished and revitalised."

Fran Mary -Unlock Your Magic

"Unlock your magic - for me this is invaluable. Feeling warmth, support, love, protection. The opportunity to see what can be achieved when you really look deep within yourself and are not influenced by anything or anyone else. Embracing life and being free to be who you want to be. Really felt at peace in the meditations. "