Empowering The Inner Child

Empowering The Inner Child is a powerful way to heal old conditioning, beliefs and trauma from your childhood. We all hold distorted beliefs, unhealthy memories in our psyche in our subconscious. These distorted beliefs, ideas impact how we show up, relate, react to the world and those around us. They are often fragments of stories,

The Wounded Healer Archetype

The Wounded Healer Archetype The Wounded Healer Archetype according to Carl Jung is the healer who wants to heal others because of their own wounding. Now although the wounded healer is a recognised archetypal term created by the psychologist Carl Jung. The idea of the wounded healer goes way back to Greek mythology. In Greek

Grounding For Empaths And Sensitives

Grounding For Empaths And Sensitives Some tips on grounding for empaths and sensitives. If you are a highly sensitive person who get’s easily overwhelmed, exhausted, anxious or stressed you probably need to ground more. Empaths and sensitives are so finely tuned into the world and people around them, they often struggle to feel centred and

Empaths Tool Kit – Life Skills

Every Empaths Tool Kit. The life skills and tools I believe every empath should have to get through life in a more healthy balanced way. Why You Need An Empaths Tool Kit Why many empaths today are struggling with modern life. The reason you are exhausted and burnt-out by other people’s energy, drama, emotional and