You Are NOT Powerless – 7 Steps To Finding Your Inner Power And Inner Strength when the world around us is out of control.

We are living at a time when there are many distractions, distortions, and divisions.

That if we are not centered and grounded enough in our heart, soul, and body.

We become entangled and consumed by the chaos and confusion that is going around us.

Equally, if we hide our heads in the sand and try to convince ourselves everything in the world and even within us is not our problem.

We are in a state of disconnection or disbelief, believing we are powerless.

When the reality is we are all more powerful than we believe we truly are.

You Are Not Powerless - 7 Steps To Inner Power and Strength

Sometimes We May Need

Sometimes we may need some rest, time out, healing, or space.

The mind, body, and emotions can become overwhelmed, and over-tired, and may need time to realign and recharge your batteries.

But you are not powerless.

But we are not powerless, you are not powerless.

We all are stronger than we know, we all have the ability and even resilience to create great change.

Especially when we can tap into our inner power, strength, and connection.

The problem is that connection and inner strength do not come from someone else, or something else.

Connection and strength do not come from having more financial security, a better home, a better job, or even trying to live the perfect life.

It comes from getting so calm, centered, and open-hearted within yourself, that you have the power and connection.

When You Are Soul Connected You Are Naturally Strong

When you are soul-connected it is much easier to build up your soul power.

You know your calling, you know what you can do each day to make that difference.

And you start tapping into and relying on your own inner resources, strength, and wisdom to be guided and led.

Than relying on other people’s fears, conditioning, distortions, and agendas.

7 Steps To Strength And Empowerment

How to stop feeling powerless and weak and start tapping into your inner strength and connection.


1. Be Present:

Switch off the distractions and learn how to be in the moment.

2. STOP Leaking Energy:

Set healthy boundaries, stop giving away energy, and focus on the wrong things and wrong people ( like the wrong type of clients, those who choose to stay asleep)

3. Listen to your inner voice:

Deeply connect with your heart and soul, and take your meditation and spiritual practice to a much deeper level.

4. Face your fears head-on:

Nature’s essences such as Essential Oils and Flower essences can be very helpful for moving and supporting us through anxiety and fears. So is inner child healing and inner child therapy.

5. Take Daily Steps:

Take small conscious daily steps that are empowering, that help us move through our fears.

6. Acknowledge how far you have come:

Acknowledging your daily achievements, your strengths, and the things you have worked through stops you from being a victim to your distorted thoughts, fears and limitations. Look back in situations in your life where you have found deep courage and strength.

7. Find Inspiration and Motivation:

Read, Listen, And Absorb Inspiring Words, Inspiring People, and Inspiring passions to ignite and fan your inner power, strength, and desire to be the change. Nourish your soul, Invest in spiritual or soul empowerment coaching, healing or inner child therapy to heal what is blocking you.

Becoming Your Own Hero And Heroine

These steps can help take your strength and courage to a brand new level. Supporting you stand strong with those around you to be the change, than being in fear and being part of the problem.

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