Sensitive Kids

Sensitive Kids Meditations, Programs & Free Resources

Sensitive Kids Meditations and Programs for anxious, stressed out, highly sensitive and empathic kids.

Highly sensitive and empathic children need the right tools and support to harness their sensitive gifts into a strength rather than a burden, a major problem in their life.

As a highly sensitive empath, coach, healer and therapist I understand the difficulties your child faces. I am also equally aware of how wonderful and needed your child’s sensitivity is needed in the world today.

Sensitive children have great capacity to see, feel, hear and experience the world in powerful ways.

They are the future of the new earth, the future of a new paradigm where we live a far more compassionate, kinder and more intuitive led way of living.

These meditation and programs are designed to help empower and support your child.


childrens angel meditation

Your Guardian Angel MP3 For Kids 2- 7 years

This guided meditation for young children is a great relaxation and sleep aid for young sensitive children, who struggle with anxiety, stress, easily over stimulated and overwhelmed.

In this short sweet meditation your child gets to meet their guardian angel behind a toad stool



Childrens Meditation F/or Confidence and Relaxation

Magical Fairy Garden Meditation

This calming and relaxing guided meditation is suitable for stressed, anxious, empathic or sensitive kids aged between 4 – 10 years of age.

A wonderful empowering meditation designed to help your child tap into their inner world, their inner magic and inner strengths. Great tool for building self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence while encouraging relaxation.


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