Solutions For Anxious, Stressed Out Kids

Top tips for stressed out kids, children and teenagers. Looking at why so many children are anxious, stressed and depressed than calm, happy and content. Many struggle to fall off or achieve good quality sleep and most struggle to relax and switch off.

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Why Is There So Many Anxious, Stressed Out Kids Today?

Well there is a variety of reasons but one of the biggest causes is information overload from technology another is toxic overload from our environment, food and substances we take in internally.

Unhealthy Conditioning And Stressed Out Kids

There is also a major problem with modern day conditioning, where we believe we are more important or are of more value in doing rather than just relaxing and just being.

Society as a whole is struggling to be present, struggling to switch off and move from that active, doing state to our more natural state of being.

When a baby is born it doesn’t need to try to relax or be calm and content it just is. But with a world based on fear and distraction particularly stimulation overload, the child becomes exposed to more anxiety and stressful environments which trigger off the stress response.

Why Sensitive Children Are More Likely To Be A Stressed Out Kid

This is an inherit problem with sensitive children who are naturally more sensitive to their environment around them, including other’s peoples physical and emotional pain.


How To Nurture A Calmer Kid Than A Stressed Out Kid?

Well the first thing you the carer or parent of an anxious,  sensitive or stressed out kid, is manage your own stress.

Manage Your Own Stress

Learn how to live your own life as a more calm confident parent. Kids and teenagers feed off of their parents fear, anxiety and stress as well as their unhealthy trauma and distorted beliefs. So it is so important to address your own challenges, manage your own stress and heal your own inner child trauma.

Teach Your Stressed Out Child How To Relax

The next important thing is to  teach your child simple but effective life skills that will help them experience more calm and peace. One of the most powerful ways to do that is to teach your child meditation and other forms of relaxation strategies like guided meditations. Which most children love and find easy to do.

Teaching your child how to meditate as in more traditional meditation techniques, can seriously help your child to stay centered, present and calm within them self no matter what is going on around them.

Guided meditations are also extremely helpful in supporting calmer kids, encouraging deeper states of relaxation but they are also very powerful at helping build self-esteem, confidence and creativity.

Childrens Meditation F/or Confidence and Relaxation

These strategies can be really helpful at teaching your child how to switch off, relax and have time out which is so important. And is a key part of ensuring a child is relaxed enough to achieve deep quality sleep.

Encourage More Relaxing Hobbies

Encouraging more relaxing hobbies for the whole family can help everyone feel more calm and relaxed. Some activities the whole family can take part in is jigsaws, mindful colouring activities, yoga, meditation or a family walk.

Reducing Overwhelm And Overstimulation In Stressed Out Kids

So many kids are in a constant state of overstimulation they suffer from overwhelm, hyperactivity and hypersensitivity to their surroundings, the information overload, the noise and toxins around them and even in them.

Most kids playtime or relaxation time is not very calming or relaxing, but full of technological devices and distractions that overload the mind. Activities that trigger all sorts of hormonal and emotional over reaction that is anything but healthy.

Just look at how much time young children and teenagers spend today on their phone, i-pad, x-box or computers. And how little time they spend out in nature, that is why it is important to…

The Importance Of Grounding For Anxious Stressed Out Kids

We might think of grounding as something new age hippies do, but there is science around benefits of grounding.

Our natural state of being is to be connected with nature, with the earth not spend most of our waking day behind a screen, sitting in a concrete home that only garden is artificial grass and artificial plants.

Just like the electricity in our home needs earthed, needs grounded so do we, that is a big reason for so many stressed out kids, teenagers and adults.

So get out into nature, take a walk in the countryside, the local park, help your family get more grounded.

Essential Oils For Kids That Are Anxious Or Stressed

Check out my blog  Essential Oils For Sensitive Kids to learn about some great essential oils that are great for children that are anxious, stressed or sensitive.


Childrens Meditation For Confidence and Relaxation