Calm Parenting

Calm Parenting – Stress Management Tools

Calm parenting skills to support your highly sensitive child
A range of stress management programs for parents of highly sensitive kids by Stress Expert; Eileen Burns
Meditation, relaxation, stress management and self-help courses for all ages including kids and teenagers who are easily anxious, stressed, emotionally or sensory sensitive
Free Courses & Downloads Including Parents Guide-Supporting Your Sensitive Child


STOP Worrying And Struggling To Switch Off

FREE Anxiety Course – Let Go Of Chronic Anxiety

5 Day Mini Video Course by Stress Expert, Eileen Burns
free anxiety course parents

Struggle To Find The Time To Switch Off?

Learn How To Relax And Meditate In 5 Minutes

Powerful, fast and effective meditation and relaxation techniques
for busy stressed out parents, carers, guardians who struggle to find it difficult to switch off



Become A Certificated Relaxation Teacher & Therapist In 2018
relaxation therapist training course

Above is just a few of Eileen’s anxiety and stress management courses, find out more for at Stress Coach Training