What Is Your Souls Essence And How Do You Nurture It?

I believe our Souls Essence is our purest essence, who we are at a core level which includes our god spark. Not the stories we tell ourselves or who the world tells us we are. But that aspect of us that naturally shines through when we are allowed to be free to be ourselves.

When we remove the distracting material things of this world, we get to the course of one’s soul essence. Our souls essence is that mixture of beautiful gifts and traits we are here to share in the world.

But sadly most of us have such a distorted perception of ourselves and our purpose. We often can’t see or recognise our spiritual heart and souls essence never mind own them. This can stop us fully living our purpose or soul’s mission.

The Power Of Your Soul Essence

If you are a highly sensitive person or empath who is highly intuitive, psychic, or clairvoyant in any way. You maybe have been traumatised into believing your spiritual gifts, your deeper soul connection was weak, bad, evil, scary, stressful, or even exhausting from childhood.

Because very often highly sensitive child who is energetically wide open is viewed as weak, vulnerable, overdramatic, immature, dysfunctional by those around them. And often grow up believing this about themself.

Never mind a highly psychic sensitive child who is often viewed as crazy, mentally unwell, weird, having a vivid imagination, or simply dishonest.

Disconnection From Your Soul Essence

Parents and siblings of an HSP can struggle to understand their highly sensitives traits and gifts. This fear or negativity around the HSP’s soul essence can trigger a lot of conflicts not just around the empath or HSP but within them.

And as we know inner conflict is one of the biggest ways we all disempower ourselves and create dis-ease or dis-harmony within the psyche. So in many ways, we try to dampen down or cut off that connection to our unique essence because of our own fear.

I know how much I feared my own psychic and intuitive gifts in my life, particularly as a teenager. Although I naturally used many of my empathic and intuitive gifts in my healing and therapeutic work. I was terrified of some of my spiritual and psychic gifts from a young age especially being brought up in a religion that viewed many of these abilities as wrong.

This can be hugely disempowering and disabling. But thankfully I have started to recognize how much they are just part of my unique soul’s essence, part of what I am here to do.

But even if you are not an HSP or empath most people struggle to recognize their soul’s essence because most people today are so disconnected from their true self. They are so caught up with material and egoic distractions of the noisy mind they are not tapping into what is already there.

Learn How To Nurture Your Soul's Essence

How To Build A Strong Connection With Your Souls Essence?


One of the simplest ways you can start building a more natural connection with your Souls Essence is through meditation. Particularly more traditional style meditations than guided meditations especially to begin with.

Because this initially helps us loosen our attachment to the ego to our over-dependence on the rational or logical mind.

If you are an HSP or empath who has spent most of your life in conflict with their psychic and intuitive gifts and sensitivities, your inner conflict will always want to depend on the rational logical mind.

Traditional meditation techniques help you spend time quiet time in the stillness with the self, your self. So you naturally build up a much stronger connection without expectation.

Get Grounded:

The highly sensitive person often struggles to make a strong trustworthy connection with the souls essence and their inner compass because they are so ungrounded. Empaths particularly are deeply affected by the energy, the emotions, and the world around them. So it is important that you ground regularly, as you can read in Why Highly Sensitive People Need To Ground More  As you will learn grounding isn’t a new-age hippie technique.


I believe one of the biggest mistakes many students make when they are trying to build up a bigger connection to their spiritual essence, soul’s purpose, and intuitive or psychic gifts. Is impatience because they want to run before they can walk. They go to meditation or a psychic class seeking a quick solution or magic wand instead of a desire to develop true masters these skills.

Instead of nurturing a true relationship with the self or their soul’s essence first. So they lack foundation or strong connection and then struggle to be truly authentic in their work.

I will give you an example, I began studying Reiki over 30 years ago and things have changed so dramatically in so many ways. Even the word Reiki Master/ Teacher now is a very loose term because most teachers today certainly haven’t spent years never mind decades mastering their reiki practice on a day-to-day basis.

In fact today many go on to Master/Teacher level in months or a few years often with very few case studies or client experiences under their belt. 

Positive Soul Intention:

With a positive intention in life, you create a much more positive vibration in your energy field. That does not mean you do not deny what emotions want to come up and flow out for healing. Emotions are simple energy in motion, we just need to allow them to flow but the biggest challenge most of us have is we either want to deny or block the feeling out of fear.

Or we focus on the story we believe triggered the emotion. And we ruminate that story over and over in our heads. Positive Soul Intention opens you up to allowing magic, synchronicities, and spiritual guidance into your life. It is one of the reasons I prefer more soul intentions rather than goals, goals can be too linear specific, and egoic. They don’t allow room for all the magical possibilities that the world, the universe and god can provide us with. Powerful soul intentions nurture and feed our heart and soul.


Like everything in life, a strong connection with a strong foundation is only built up over time, with integrity, authenticity, and trust. You have to build up trust with your soul’s essence. And believe me, if you take the time to do it right, your connection will become so much more powerful and unshakeable.

When you meditate, get grounded, and send out a more positive intent with patience and trust you are less likely to waste so much time and energy running around in circles with your ego. Distracting yourself with all sorts of things, ideas, courses, or things that never fulfill your passion, purpose, or inner being. You are more open to and likely to start naturally flowing with life’s synchronicities, life’s magic.

Learn the essential skills every empath and HSP needs that will help you nurture a deeper connection with your Souls Essence.

Start to truly know how to love and care for you, and become more empowered with your soul’s greatest gifts.


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The Power Of Your Spirit – Channeling Your Soul Essence

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