7 Beautiful Edible Flowers You Can Eat!

7 Beautiful Edible Flowers You Can Eat!

7 Different Edible Flowers You Can Eat From Home Gardens.

Some of the most beautiful home garden edible flowers you can add to salads, desserts, cakes, teas and even use as natural remedies.

As a child I loved to spend time in nature especially among the flowers and yes actually eat flowers. My siblings would make fun of me as one of the things I used to do was put rose petals on a sandwich or as we say in Scotland on a piece.

In many ways putting flowers on a sandwich was definitely not the most tastiest ways to eat these lovely flowers. But to me there was something deeper at a soul level that was connecting me to the healing properties of nature.

So it’s not surprising I went onto study aromatherapy and essential oils, flower essences and holistic therapies as part of my own healing journey.

I have such a fascination for natures medicine cabinet, which include the view of food being they medicine so when I found out there was so many different edible flowers, I had to start growing some of them in my small garden.

7 Different Beautiful Edible Flowers You Can Eat

Lets explore some of the pretty culinary flowers you can eat and grow in your home garden.

Calendula (Marigolds)

Calendula is not only a gorgeous edible flower but calendula is widely used in herbal and naturopathic medicine.  This marigold flower is used in many salves and skincare and used to treat and aid wounds. It is widely known to have anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antiseptic properties. Marigolds are used in salads and pickling.


Dhalias are another edible flower that looks spectacular in the garden. You can not only eat the Dhalias flower and petals but you can also eat the Dhalia tuber. In- fact according to Simply Garden com you can eat the whole plant and it tastes like asparagus.

Geraniums Scented

Scented Geraniums are edible, both the leaves and flowers but it is recommended to stick to eat only leaves away from the stem as they can be a little bitter. Geranium flowers can be made into teas, added as a flavouring or decorating for sweets, desserts and salads, as well as used to flavour fish. Rose geraniums have a rose taste, lemon geraniums are more tangy.


Many Hibiscus flowers  are widely used in all sorts of foods such as cordials, jams, relishes, fruit salads, fruit teas, even ice cream. You can eat both the flower and the hibiscus leave in most varieties of Hibiscus. But it is worth checking as there are so many different types of hibiscus. One species of the Hibiscus plant that is widely eaten is Hibiscus sabdariffa.


Nasturtiums are one of the most quick and easy edible flowers to grow. Both leaves and flowers of Nasturtiums can be added to salads. There are a variety of species of Nasturtium some are annuals and others are perennials. They love the sun.


Roses are also edible flowers, it is said that the more fragrant roses tend to taste best. Roses are used to flavour drinks, herbal teas, an ingredient of Turkish Delight, used in icing and on icing especially as a crystallised petal. Roses are used in ayurvedic medicine and other forms of natural medicine. Rose oil is also a high vibration essential oil widely used in skincare and used to gently improve mood.

Viola Flowers  also known as Wild Pansy

Wild Pansy are edible flowers used as a garnish on cake decorations, they can come in an array of colours blue, orange, yellow, white and purple. Some are also bi or tri-colored. Violas are also added to salads and desserts. Heartease is a Viola Tricolour.

Wild Flowers That Are Edible

Above are just some of the edible flowers you can grown in your garden, there is even more edible flowers available in the wild, especially some of the wild flowers that some may deem as weeds such as borage and dandelion.

Essential Oils For Home Use

Eileen Burns is a healer, therapist and soul empowerment coach for empaths, healers and sensitives. She is passionate about helping lightworkers, empaths and sensitives live a more soul empowered and soul-aligned life. Eileen provides a variety of self-study courses, meditations, training and one to one coaching and healing.

She is the founder of Stress Coach Training and the Spiritual Marketing Club.

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Essential Flower Essences For Empaths and Healers

Essential Flower Essences For Empaths and Healers

Essential Flower Essences For Empaths, Sensitives, and Healers. Learn the mental and emotional benefits of flower essences, Bach essences, and other types of essences around today.

What Are Flower Essences?

Flower Essences are part of the Essence Family. You can get all sorts of essences including Plant, Gem & Crystal Essences, Environmental Essences, even Geometrical Essences.

Flower Essences are flower extracts, that are known to be mentally, emotionally, and physically balancing. Flower essences originated in the 1930’s from the work of Dr. Bach, a Medical Doctor, and Homeopath. Dr. Bach was a strong believer that “the key to good health was by emotional harmony”.

Dr. Bach went onto establish the use of 38 different flower essences to support different emotions. Each essence was obtained from either a plant, flower, or tree.

Flower essences are normally extracted through two different processes that Dr. Bach used; The sun method is used for the more delicate flower which involves floating the flower heads in water directly in the sun for approx 3 hours. The boiling the plant method tends to be more for other flowers and woodland plants that tend to blossom in lower sunlight. Both processes extract the vibration of the flowers into the water, which after being filtered is mixed with equal parts of Brandy and then classed as a stock remedy.

Different Types Of Flower Essences Today

Today there are many different types and ranges of Flower Essences and Essences from a variety of things. While studying my Diploma in Flower Essences we explored the

  • Australian Bush Essences
  • Bach Flower Essences
  • Findhorn Flower Essences

Later on I came to explore and use different types of essences

  • Divine Harmony Essences
  • Indigo Essences – especially the crystal essences

I have also used personally other essences created or channeled by other therapists, these include Janine Thorpe and Sally Arthurs.

My Experience Using Flower Essences

I was first introduced to Flower Essences in the early ’90s by a retired Dr practising different holistic medicine approaches. At a time in my life where I was young and ill, dealing with the physical, mental and emotional challenges of chronic and rare medical challenges in my early twenties. Conditions and symptoms that mainstream medicine couldn’t treat or offer me any support.

During this period two of my family members were involved in a serious physical assault which was extremely traumatising to them both. The practitioner that I was attending recommended they both take Rock Rose. Rock Rose was useful at helping release the terror and trauma of such an experience. Now only one chose to take the remedy, the other didn’t. The interesting thing I noticed was one sister after this dealt with the trauma more healthily than the other.

Flower Essences For Lightworkers

Later in my life another therapist prescribed me some Bach Remedies for a very stressful time in my life. It was a situation where I was working for an organisation where I was being put in a very difficult situation. After taking the flower essences I was so surprised how much the essences didn’t just help me feel more resilient but helped me become more self-aware, make me realise why I was struggling so much more.

I then went on to study a Diploma in Flower Essence Healing at college and began to use Flower Essences and other Essences in my work as a healer, coach and Stress Counsellor.

I was amazed at how effective it was for many clients suffering from extreme stress, Post Traumatic Stress, and Depression.

As someone who has always been extremely empathic and sensitive I found the Indigo Essences extremely beneficial at giving me a protective layer. This was particularly helpful for a few years after a Near Death Experience that left me very open spiritually and psychically. So much so that I was feeling others’ emotional and physical symptoms on a very exaggerated level.


Bach Essential Flower Essences For Empaths and Healers

These are some of my favourite Essential Bach Flower Essences

Centaury for the inability to say NO. Centaury is very useful for empaths and healers anyone else who struggle to be assertive, struggle to stand up for themself. The people pleasers, the over givers, those tend to put others first and struggle to say NO. For those with co-dependency traits.

Crab Apple carries the energy of purity, many healers and intuitive’s find it helpful to clean the energy of other people’s trauma or negative energy. Wounded healers and unruly empaths can too easily absorb or take on the trauma or suffering of their clients or those around them.

Oak is for the individual who tends to be very strong, capable, and self-reliant. But tend to work very hard ( classical workaholic) who tend to push their limits, work through challenges without taking time out, breaks, etc

Star Of Bethlehem is a very effective flower essence to help heal old trauma, abuse, loss, and grief. Because Empaths and Healers tend to attract more situations where people are sharing their trauma and suffering. This not only exposes them to other people’s pain and suffering but is more likely to trigger personal wounds, memories not addressed that are still held in the cellular body. So is very supportive during Inner Child Therapy.

Walnut is a powerful essence to support us with any sort of transition in life. But it is also extremely helpful as a protection against outside influences, think about the protective shell around the Walnut. So walnut is extremely helpful for empaths who struggle to create healthy boundaries.

Indigo Essences For Empaths and Healers

The two I found very beneficial were

Bubble from Chrystal Series. This basically helps give you a feeling of an energetic bubble from Environmental Stress. Today so many healers and empaths are spending a lot of time online or around Electromagnetic Frequencies that can be very harsh on our energetic field.

Software from Chrystal Series. This essence is supposed to filter out the heavy energies coming towards your energetic field, Now this was designed for babies but as someone who developed extreme sensitivity, especially severe noise sensitivity that would trigger seizures. I found this very helpful at supporting my nervous system and help me be less affected by other people’s wounding and distortions.

Others Indigo Essences that Empaths, HSP’s and Healers may find beneficial include

Pink 4 from the Pink Essences will help you find a deeper more stronger connection to self. This is particularly important if you are a healer, coach, or therapist who is supporting others.

Pink 2 from the Pink Essences which helps you connect with your healing team.

Pink 5 from the Pink Essences which helps you connect to source energy. Many healers assume that they are always connecting to source energy but as an experienced healer of 30 years I know this is not always the case for even those who

As you can see there are many different types of flower essences and other types of essences available to choose from. Explore the different types of flower essences, I find the indigo essences are the easiest for many people to intuitively choose from.

Eileen a highly experienced, healer, therapist, coach with a Diploma in Flower Essences Healing helps empaths and healers live more of their life and soul purpose with ease. Eileen offers Inner Child Healing, Spiritual Business Coaching alongside her online Stress Coach Training School.

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