7 Signs Of A Highly Sensitive Child

7 Signs Of A Highly Sensitive Child- Hyper Sensitive Child. Thankfully medical research is starting to recognise the highly sensitive child or highly sensitive person. Especially with increased awareness and education on those with sensory process or those labeled on the autism or aspergers spectrum, who are more visible as the highly sensitive child.  SoRead More

Top Tips To Calm The Kids Down At Christmas

how to calm kids down for christmas

How To Calm The Kids Down At Christmas    So how do you calm the kids at Christmas? Christmas is certainly a crazy time of year and is often anything but calm. Kids not only get excited about Santa or about spending time with family; grandparents or cousins. But are often over excited and overRead More

Stress Management For Anxious, Sensitive, Stressed Out Kids

sensitive kids stressed out kids

Solutions For Anxious, Stressed Out Kids And Their Parents Sadly we are seeing more and more stressed out kids, children and teenagers more anxious and depressed than calm and content. Many struggle to fall off or achieve good quality sleep and most struggle to relax and switch off. So Why Is There So Many Anxious,Read More

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