How To Let Go And Let God – Trust And Surrender

How To Let Go And Let God – Trust And Surrender

Having The Strength To Let Go And Let God

Do you have the ability to trust and surrender, to let go and let god?

The ability to let go of the need to control to every aspect of your life, especially difficult situations?

Or do you find yourself exhausted and overwhelmed with the constant need to control or fix everything?

Why True Empowerment Involves An Element Of Letting Go

You know one of the things I learned along my journey is own spiritual that to become truly empowered we need to let go and let god. It took me a long time to realise this and like most of us, I have to be reminded especially in extremely difficult situations we may feel powerless. The ego fools us into believing that we must do this, or need to do that as if we are supposed to control everything. As if the world, the universe is this terrible place that doesn’t provide, nurture, or support us.

Most of us hold deeply ingrained beliefs that imply we are the only ones who can and must make it all happen. And that you have to do this or that to be enough or to be this worthy person.  These perceptions completely separate us from universal laws and god.

It’s sad how many distorted perceptions we all carry from ancestral, cultural, religious, and societal conditioning. And how these conscious and unconscious distortions can shape or destroy our lives. What we believe or don’t believe about ourselves can create a great illusion and delusion lol.

How To Let Go And Let God Be The Caretaker

Some of the biggest distorted perceptions many empaths and highly sensitive people hold is that their role is to constantly support, fix, heal, or put others’ needs first. This is evident in the way you may absorb and or interact with other people’s energy or pain. It is so easy to over-identify with the healer or carer role on an unconscious and conscious level. When we believe we have to or should control or fix every situation. When the reality is so far from the truth.

We all have areas of life where we think we try to control situations. Maybe it’s your family, your relationship, your colleagues or staff, your career, or someone’s health, and well-being… 

We soon learn when it’s much wiser to let go and let god, let things unfold, and let god be the caretaker of the situation.


How To Let Go And Let God. How to trust and surrender to something much bigger and powerful than we imagined

Top Tips To Let Go And Let God


STOP And Check In With Yourself;

Notice when you are in a constant state of fear, and resistance when you want to control everything?

Meditate Daily;

Meditation is a great aid in helping us be in a better state of being, and flow. It also helps deepen our spiritual connection, intuition, and inner guidance.

Pray For Guidance;

Praying for daily guidance in your life, relationships and work. Can make it much easier to let go and trust god. 

Cultivate A Sense Of Trust;

when you learn how to trust there is a bigger picture, bigger plan it is much easier to let go when it is the right or healthier thing to do. You will also get a deeper sense of when it is appropriate to take action to get more soul-aligned.

Acceptance In The Present Moment;

when you learn how to practice acceptance of each present moment, you learn how to surrender in that specific moment. Please understand acceptance does not mean you are lying down or giving up on a situation. You are just surrendering to that moment, to make room for God to come in and either give you guidance for action or guidance for patience.


The Power Of Letting Go And Letting God

I spent a large part of my twenties housebound and at times bedbound.  Oh how hard I tried to get better, a woman on a mission to fix, overcome, and try to control, every aspect of my health. But it wasn’t until I learned to let go and let god did thinks start to shifts.

I meditated at least 20 minutes twice a day. And visualized myself healing every morning and the night going to bed. I stuck to  a no sugar, no gluten, no dairy diet for many years.Spent hours daily doing all sorts of affirmations, gratitude, mindset, and law of attraction courses. I spend many thousands of pounds on so many forms of healing therapies.

But most of biggest healing breakthroughs were when I started to let go and just be. Because the harder I tried to heal myself the more symptoms and further problems I created.  I began to realise that fighting against disease is not always the best way to heal. In many ways you’re fighting with your body.


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The Distress Of Denial And Resistance

 I remember one particular day I was so frustrated my body wouldn’t do what I wanted it to do. I had been training to be a singer before I got ill and was fighting so hard to get back to doing what I loved. And it just wasn’t happening I could hardly walk never mind anything else.

My mum I think saw my frustration and said to me  “Be still and know that I am god”. In a way, these were not the words I wanted to hear but something made me STOP. 

When I look back it breaks my heart in some ways I was trying so hard to fix, and heal, myself. I was carrying so much shame that I wasn’t better,  I wasn’t healed. I was a trained healer, I had studied so much, and tried so much and I still wasn’t fixed. I felt so much guilt that there was something wrong or bad about me. I just wanted to live that normal life like my friends, and my siblings, I suppose there was an element of why me? But the main problem I was unconsciously fighting, resisting, trying to survive never mind thriving.


The Healing Power As You Let Go And Let God

And the truth was, IT WAS only those times when I let go and let god. Those times when I stopped trying so hard and gave up that need to control. I started to get stronger and stronger. Because I wasn’t resisting what my body was trying to tell me

Now I have to say I was a bit impatient in my healing journey and it wasn’t plain sailing after that. Because it takes tremendous courage to truly surrender. I did get some of my health back but I was just so desperate to get some of my life back. The only way I knew how was to become self-employed.

Despite still needing to sleep/rest up to 14 hours a day just to function, serious mobility, and stamina issues.  I just wanted to feel valued, feel worthy, have a purpose, and not depend on the lowest of state benefits.

In many ways, my business gave me so much, it was highly empowering. But underneath like most of us, I hadn’t healed within, where it truly mattered. That place where all disease, unhappiness, addictions, stress, and anxiety reside. Like most of us, I wanted a role, an identity to mold myself into and control. 

Anything but this distorted perception of myself as a disabled weak fragile woman with no value. But despite being a stress therapist, I attracted very extreme business challenges. And had an unhealthy need to fight for my businesses at almost any cost because I over-identified with it.

In many ways, my business was my baby, my relationship, and a replacement for all those things I also loved that I could no longer do.


When You’re Forced To STOP, Let Go And Let God Into Your Life

It was often only when I was forced to STOP.  I had to let go and let god I was reminded how powerful letting go is. And believe me, you would have thought I would have learned. I have received so many huge signs, particularly around my health; threatened eye loss, suspected cancer scares, surviving life-threatening sepsis and so much more. I seem to be a slow learner or very very stubborn lol.

You know, when we let go and let god and just be, it is not just deeply healing or spiritual. But it can be life-transforming and magical. In these moments, so much shifted in my life in such a deeper and profound way. We don’t have to do it all alone, we don’t have to live our lives in a specific way. We are supported, we are being guided, but are we listening, or maybe more importantly are we trusting?

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