Having The Strength To Let Go And Let God

let go and let god

Do you have the ability to trust and surrender, let go of control in difficult situations?

Or do you have that constant need to control or fix everything?

In one my latest modules Letting Go,  I explain how I believe to become truly empowered we need to let go. It reminded me how much the ego fools us into believing that we need to or are supposed to control everything. As if the world is this terrible place that doesn’t provide, nurture or support us. These deep ingrained beliefs that you are the only one who can and must make it all happen. And that you have to do this and that to be this worthy person. Completely seperates us from universal laws and god.

It’s sad how much distorted perceptions we all carry from ancestral, cultural, religious and society’s conditioning. And how these conscious and unconscious distortions can shape or destroy our life. What we believe or don’t believe about ourselves can create great illusion and dillusion lol.

One of the biggest distorted perceptions many empaths and highly sensitive people hold. Is that their role is to constantly support, fix, heal, care or put others’ needs first. Especially the way we absorb and interact with other people’s energy, feeling other people’s pain. We become so over identified with the healer or carer role on an unconscious and conscious level. We believe we have to, or should control or fix every situation. When this can be so far from the truth.

We all have areas of life where we think we need to or should be controlling a situation. Maybe its your family, your relationship, your colleagues or staff, career… We all try and control situations or events how we would like them to go. And making wise healthy actions in life are important but control and resitance is something else.

I spent a large part of my twenties housebound and at times bedbound.  I tried so so hard to get better  It was like something I had to fix, over come and of course control. But no matter how hard I tried to heal myself. I meditated 20 minutes twice a day, visualised myself healing every night going to bed. I even followed a no sugar, no gluten, no dairy diet for many years. Do all sorts of affirmations, gratitude and law of attraction courses, so many forms of healing and therapies desperate for a cure. My biggest healing breakthroughs were only when I started to let go and just be.

I remember one day I was so frustrated my body wouldn’t do what I wanted it to do. I had been training to be a singer when I got ill and was still trying to get back to doing what I loved. And it just wasn’t happening I could hardly walk never mind anything else. And my mum said to me  “Be still and know that I am god”. In a way these were not the words I wanted to hear. But looking back I realise I had tried so hard to fix, heal, myself…I had also so much shame that I wasn’t better, I had trained as a healer and studied so much and I still wasn’t fixed. I felt so much guilt that there was something wrong or bad about me. I just wanted to live that normal life like my friends, my siblings, I suppose it was the why me? But during these times I was unconsciously fighting, resisting my illness trying to survive.

how to let go and let god

And the truth was, it was only those times what when I let go and let god. Those times when I stopped trying so hard and gave up that need to control. That I started to get stronger and stronger. Because I wasn’t resisting what my body was trying to tell me

Now I have to say I was a bit impatient in my healing journey and it wasn’t plain sailing after that. Because it takes tremendous courage to truly surrender. I did get some of my health back but I was just so desperate to get some of my life back. The only way I knew how was to became self-employed. Despite still needing to sleep/rest up to 14 hours a day just to function, serious mobility and stamina issues.  I just wanted to feel valued, feel worthy, have a purpose and not depend on the lowest of state benefits.

Now in many ways my business gave me so much, it was highly empowering. But underneath like most of us I hadn’t healed within, where it truly mattered. That place where all di-sease, unhappiness, addictions, stress and anxiety resides. Like most of us I wanted a role, an identity to mould myself into and control.  Anything but this distorted perception of myself as a disabled weak fragile woman with no value. But despite being a stress therapist, I attracted very extreme business challenges. And had an unhealthy need to fight for my businesses at almost any cost because I over identified with it. In many ways it was my baby, my relationship and a replacement for all those things I also loved that I could no longer do.

It was often only when I was forced to STOP.  That I had to let go and let god that I was reminded how powerful letting go is. And believe me you would have thought I would have learned. I have received so many huge signs, particularly around my health; threatened eye loss, suspected cancer scares, surviving life threatening sepsis and so much more. I seem to be a slow learner or very very stubborn lol.

You know, when we let go and let god and just be, it is not just deeply healing or spiritual.

But it can be life transforming and magical.

 In these moments, so much shifted in my life in such a deeper and profound way. We don’t have to do it all alone, we don’t have to live our life in a specific way.

We are supported, we are being guided, but are we listening or maybe more importantly are we trusting?


My Soul Care For Sensitives Program is packed with powerful modules to help you let go and let god, how to just be. Let go of old patterns and fears that are holding you back. My one to one sessions are tailored to your specific needs. But you also will gain amazing support from many of my free resources including my free podcast.