Ebooks by Eileen Burns

Spiritual And Holistic Ebooks

Essential Oils For Home Use Digital Ebook

This book is a perfect beginner book on how to use essential oils safely at home for the family, and the kids.

Essential Oils For Empaths and Sensitives

Spiritual Business Ebooks

Spiritual Business and Spiritual Marketing Digital Books For Coaches, Healers, and Therapists who want to grow a more soul-aligned business.

How To Be Authentic In Your Spiritual Business - Eileen Burns, Soul Purpose Coach and Spiritual Business Strategist. Spiritual Business book for healers, coaches, therapists

Over 111 Social Media Post Ideas For The Spiritual Business

Social Media Content Ideas For Spiritual Entrepreneurs

Spiritual Business And Marketing Plan Digital Workbook

Save yourself £1000’s of pounds in spiritual business and spiritual marketing courses and coaches with these templates. Successful Spiritual Business needs a soul-aligned business and marketing plan that is aligned with you, your values, and your ideal clients and soul clients.

Plan Your Spiritual Website Workbook

Plan Your Spiritual Website Workbook


Kids Bedtime Tips With Astral  ebook                          Intro To Kids Meditation And Mindfulness ebook

Special Easter Offer on Kids Bedtime Tips With Astral

only £1.99


this site is presently being updated more children’s ebooks coming soon