Welcome To A Safe Space For Sensitives



My name is Eileen Burns, a coach, healer and therapist and a highly sensitive empath.


Who has been on a healing journey of discovery for over 25 years


As someone who was chronically shy but very caring, generous and compassionate I have struggled with some of the challenges of modern day living.

Like many sensitives and empaths do.


Chronic health challenges from the age of 19 led me down the holistic route and on a journey of discover I never imagined.


But it took me many years to realise how much my sensitivity had played such a huge part in the way I showed up in life, how life reflected back and how it also impacted my health.


I will be sharing in these blog and my podcasts some of the very difficult challenges I endured  and those I overcame or learned to work around.


As someone who has always been highly sensitive to the world and energies around me.


You will get to learn my secret tools that help me remain amazingly strong and resilient when others would have gave up. Or have fell prey to some crazy addiction or victimhood.


I will be sharing a wide range of knowledge and insight I gained through my journey as the client, the healer, the student, the teacher.


Some painful, some sad, some amusing, some inspiring and well interesting.


My role is to help empower you to turn your greatest struggles as a sensitive into your greatest gifts


To teach you how to LOVE, OWN and RESPECT who YOU are.


Not who or what others think or expect you to be.


Learn how to love and own even those imperfections that you never thought were lovable.


And to learn even when we still haven’t got it fully right.


We can still shine our light, still have a purpose while were still growing.


If you would LOVE to belong to a safe space of loving, caring and compassionate sensitives.


I have a lovely Free facebook community Soul Care For Sensitives and another exclusive group for those in my membership or coaching program