Space For Sensitives and Lightworkers

Safe Space For Sensitives and Lightworkers



A Safe Space For Awakened Sensitives and Lightworkers


A new spiritual empowerment portal for awakened sensitives, empaths and lightworkers.

Who are seeking the right community and empowerment

tools to help them step up into their power and soul’s mission.

The lightworkers portal is a space of sensitive souls who want to become more emotionally and mentally resilient,

will being honoured, respected and supported you in your soul’s mission.


Soul empowerment coaching, spiritual development tools for healers


My name is Eileen Burns, a sensitives coach, healer and therapist and a highly sensitive empath.


Who has been on a healing journey of discovery for over 30 years


As someone who was chronically shy but very caring,

generous and compassionate.

I like you have struggled with some of the challenges of modern day living,

like many sensitives and empaths do.


Chronic health challenges from the age of 19 led me down the holistic route and on a journey of spiritual discovery I never imagined.


But it took me many years to realise how much my sensitivity had played such a huge part in the way I showed up in life, how life reflected back and how it also impacted my health.



As someone who has always been highly sensitive to the world and energies around me.


I found myself on a long and windy road, on the road less travelled,

where I explored the teachings and workings of so many holistic and spiritual souls.

I got to learn so many wonderful and powerful tools that have helped me step more and more into my power, become so much more energetically resilient when others would have gave up.


I will be sharing so much of what lessons I have learned, tools I have been taught through my journey as the client, the healer, the student, the teacher.


Some painful, some sad, some amusing,

some inspiring and other’s mind blowing.


You can learn how to turn your greatest struggles as a sensitive into your greatest gifts


Ready to learn you how to LOVE, OWN and RESPECT who YOU are.


Not who or what others think or expect you to be.


Ready to stand tall the powerful sensitive you are here to be,

learn how to harness your sensitive gifts the right way?


And to learn even when we still haven’t got it fully right


Check out my Lightworkers Library a small sample of what is in my Lightworkers Portal for Awakened Empaths, Sensitives, Healers and Coaches

Lightworkers Step Into Your Power Meditation