Why The Highly Sensitive Person Needs To Ground More

So why does the Highly Sensitive Person need to ground more. Grounding may sound like a lot of new age hippy nonsense. But the reality is grounding and earthing is part of our innate nature. We are human who’s natural habitat is the earth. And part of being physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually balanced involves being connected to our nature, our natural surroundings and to the earth. But the big reason why highly sensitive peoole need to ground more is so many of us are living in and around nothing that seems connected to mother nature. We are living in a technological age, where metal, concrete, toxic, plastic and mand made fabrics are classed as normal. And instead of the fresh air of mother nature were exposed to high amounts of Electro Magnetic Frequences which contain damaging free radicals and positive electrons.

As a HSP since as long as I can rember I was and became sensitive to all sorts of things including those around me. But this sensitivity increased as my health issues increased. I had to leave a job as a fashion designer at 20 being around lots of toxic fabrics. Even though I  can only work online at moment  due to extreme noise sensitivity. I find too much EMF exposure can play havoc with my central nervous system at times. And find too much noise and busyiness extremely physically and mentally exhausting. You just need to look at a child with sensory processing issues to see how much they are challenged by our chaotic toxic crazy life. A reason why we should be teaching children to ground more.


why the hsp needs to ground moreThe highly sensitive person especially those that are empathic are already more hypersensitive to everything around them. They often struggle with too much sensory processing, get easily over stimulated and can pick up and be more sensitive to the energy and frequencies around them. Many find the harsher energies and reality of modern day living quite frantic and some overwhelming and traumatic. This is especially evident in many children who have serious sensory processing issues with autism. This busy crazy chaotic life is often too overwhelming for the physical, mental and emotional body. And often in these experiences the body want’s to like climb out of the energetic body, which leaves them ungrounded. Many HSP’s suffering from extreme anxiety and stress.

But the reality is most people today are ungrounded. Most people function 99% in their head and have really very little awareness of there physical body. Something I really started to learn 18 years ago when I started teaching relaxation and meditation techniques. Grounding is a huge problem for everyone today but is an even bigger challenge for highly sensitive people. As being ungrounded as a HSP can make life physically, mentally and emotionally challenging. This is something I struggled with for many years despite being taught various tools. Now as someone who is extremely sensitive, highly empathic, with a variety of health challenges that make me more vulnerable to energy and stimulation. I use a combination approach of many of the tools and aids below.Self care course for empaths

So How Can A Highly Sensitive Person Ground More

  1. Get outside more especially in nature, the countryside, forest, park even walking in some grass
  2. Get bare foot as much as you can, get those shoes, boots even slippers off
  3. Become more body aware, feel into your physical body, feel into your feet. Tai chi and qi gong excercises can be a great way to become fully in the body and become more grounded. They can also be extremely useful at helping empaths dispel negative energy they tend to absorb or take on.
  4. Reduce time spent online, on your computer, on your phone, away from EMF’s switch off your internet hub when sleeping. And more time on self care and self love.
  5. Bring more plants into your surrounding, your office, your home, your garden, things like cacti and other EMF reducing plants. These are great to sit next to your computer to help reduce EMF exposure
  6. Use grounding devices and grounding support aids, I use an electric bed to keep slightly upright in bed which is certainly not ideal. So I use a crystal grounding mat in my bed and grounding crystals under my bed.
  7. Reduce stimulants such as caffeine, sugar, alcohol, nicotine these play havoc with your central nervous system and impact your ability to feel more balanced and grounded.
  8. Use grounding essential oils like frankincense, sandalwood, vetivert, doterra has an amazing grounding oil  Balance as well as more a protection oil – On Guard ideal for HSP’s. (Contact me directly if you would like to learn more.)
  9. Learn to be in the moment, being in the moment encourages you to be more physically in and aware of your physical body. This is especially important for people with any sort of physical trauma to their body, car accident, traumatic operation, long-term physical violence. The last place people with those sort of issues want to be is in their body because of the pain or shock but this causes huges emotionally disharmony in the mental, emotional and energetic body.
  10. Learn To Meditate; meditation not only helps us be in the moment, feel more calm, but can help us feel more grounded especially if it is more proper traditional meditation rather than more guided meditations that are actually more guided visualisations where the person is in their head or heart, often out of their physical body.

As someone who has had extreme challenges around being grounded and fully in my body. I have spent nearly 30 years looking for answers and help to many of my challenges.  I found that many of the grounding techniques that as I was taught as a healer just didn’t work  for me. So as I started to study this topic a lot more deeply aworking with many top healers around the world. I realised that grounding has to be the or at least one of the first skills you need to address. Especially today when we areso disconnected from nature and balance. That is why I created Grounding Tools for Empaths– a grounding toolkit for empaths and highly sensitive person. Powerful yet simple and easy grounding tools, techniques and even products that will help you feel more grounded and balanced on a daily basis.