Why Do Empaths Struggle With Self-Care, Self-Love And Setting  Healthy Boundaries?

So many empaths get so easily overwhelmed, exhausted and burnt out
So many empaths tend to over give and attract life’s over takers
So many empaths struggle to say NO, create healthy boundaries

Like most people, empaths lack self-love but empaths also have huge issues around self-care and creating healthy boundaries.  They often have such strong tendencies towards over giving, putting other’s needs first that they more easily suffer exhaustion, stress and burn out. Especially when many have many strong traits of martyrdom or victimhood.

Why? Because the empath is often so energetically aware and immersed in the energy, pain and drama of the things and people around them. They find it difficult to differentiate their own needs, their own energy field from the energy field and emotions of others.

why empaths struggle with self-care

Common Empathic Traits

Empaths are aware of others emotions in-fact they often absorb others emotions

Empaths are need lots of time out, empaths are so sensitive to the energy and people around them they need lots of time out.

Empaths are usually highly sensitive so are more sensitive to energy; their surroundings, people, the world, animals

Empaths are highly intuitive and often highly psychic with strong gut instincts. These important skills help keep the empath and highly sensitive empath healthy and happy. The empathic child will often bring these gifts through very clearly. But if those around don’t understand and support the child’s gifts, the child will often feel confused, ashamed and fearful which often leaves to an emotional and or energtic shut-down.

Empaths are so often misunderstood like sensitives classed as too weak , too sensitive or too weird because of their awareness of often the un-known, the un-seen

Empaths can easily lose their identity in relationships so can often avoid close or intimate relationship to protect themselves. They can find it extremely challenging to deal with controlling relationships, parents, work colleagues.

Many empaths are introverted but even those that have more extroverted tendencies it is often important for them to spend time alone or resting.

Many empaths end up with burn-out or chronic health challenges due to imbalance of their gifts, lack of boundaries, over attachment to being the carer, supporter, helper, healer, nurturer. Many wounded healers are empaths.

Many empaths don’t just feel and absorb people’s emotional pain but physical pain. 

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How To Heal The Imbalance Of An Empath

Become More Grounded, most empaths are not fully centred, grounded and in their body. Spend more time in nature, away from the biz.  Unplug more from EMF’S and technology

Be More In The Moment -take one step, one moment at a time, less in the future, the past or what if’s about those around you. Don’t let the monkey mind run or ruin your world.

Meditate – meditation helps you not only be in the moment, be more grounded and centred but it increases self-awareness. It will help you become more of a witness when you are giving your energy or power away to other’s

Heal Your Inner Child inner child work is a powerful way to heal incidents in your life’s timeline where you took on an unhealthy thought patterns, trauma, suppressed emotion that is causing blockages in your health and wellbeing.

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