Why The Highly Sensitive Empath Needs To Ground

Why The Highly Sensitive Empath Needs To Ground

So why does the Highly Sensitive Empath Need To Ground More? How is grounding so soothing and important for HSP’s?

As a Highly Sensitive Empath, it took me many years to realise how ungrounded I was. Despite being a healer for 30 years, I didn’t start to fully appreciate the true level of grounding and why I struggled with it till my 40’s.

Now, grounding may sound like a lot of new-age hippy nonsense. But the reality is grounding and earthing is part of our innate nature. We are humans whose natural habitat is the earth. And part of being physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually balanced involves being connected to our nature, our natural surroundings, and to the earth.

What are Grounding And Earthing?

Basically grounding and earth involves different acts or habits that will naturally help you “ground” or reconnect you to the earth and nature. Grounding is actually something we would naturally do years ago. But sadly a lot of modern life especially city and town living has played a large part in disconnecting us from something that at a core level is innate.

The Highly Sensitive Empath In The Modern Environment

The truth is we all need to ground more especially when we are surrounded by technology, metal, concrete, toxic, plastic, and mand made fabrics. When we are exposed daily to high amounts of Electro-Magnetic Frequencies which contain damaging free radicals and positive electrons. Instead of natural fresh air, bright v.itamin boosting sunlight

But for the Highly Sensitive Empath, the modern environment and way of life can be extremely harsh. Many HSP’s and most empaths are so sensitive to their surroundings, the energy of others and to the external world, they are often not fully grounded in their body.

I know as an Empath and Highly Sensitive Person I was very different from my 8 siblings. Very sensitive to all sorts of things from a young age that dramatically increased at certain stages in my life.  My heightened awareness of other people’s needs and emotions, even trauma made me more out of my energy field in some ways than in. 

Even though I do work online I find too much EMF exposure can play havoc with my central nervous system at times. And find too much noise and busyness extremely physically and mentally exhausting. You just need to look at a child with sensory processing issues to see how much they are challenged by our chaotic toxic crazy life. A reason why we should be teaching children to ground more.

Why Highly Sensitive Empaths Are More Easily Stimulated And Uncentred

The highly sensitive person especially those that are empathic are already more hypersensitive to everything around them. They often struggle with too much sensory processing, get easily overstimulated, and can pick up and be more sensitive to the energy and frequencies around them. Many find the harsher energies and reality of modern-day living quite frantic and some overwhelming and traumatic. This is especially evident in many children who have serious sensory processing issues with autism. This busy crazy chaotic life is often too overwhelming for the physical, mental, and emotional body. And often in these experiences, the body want’s to like climb out of the energetic body, which leaves them ungrounded. Many HSP’s suffer from chronic anxiety and stress.

The Highly Sensitive Empath And Burn Out

Why The Highly Sensitive Empath Needs To Ground More,

In-fact many highly empathic Hsp’s end up with some sort of burn-out, Adrenal Fatigue, or other chronic health challenges. The Highly Sensitive Person who is ungrounded is more likely to suffer from exhaustion especially Adrenal Fatigue or other chronic health challenges. I myself was diagnosed with severe M.E. in my early twenties, a time in my life when this debilitating fatigue and exhaustion left me predominately housebound and bedbound for about 7 years.

Now years later my diagnosis would be not just M.E. but a whole long list of other complex medical challenges including a high probability of late-stage Lyme.

But the reality is many Empaths and HSP’s are so finely tuned to their environment they are high-wired to function at a completely different level as other people, In many ways, their central nervous system is working so much harder. They are far more vulnerable to exhaustion, fatigue, dis-ease especially for the empath with boundary issues. If you are a bit of an unruly empath you will constantly be picking up and even taking on the emotional and physical wounding of others. 

So How Can A Highly Sensitive Empath Ground More

  1. Get outside more especially in nature, the countryside, forest, park even walking in some grass
  2. Get barefoot as much as you can, get those shoes, boots even slippers off
  3. Become more body aware, feel into your physical body, feel into your feet. Tai chi and Qi Gong exercises can be a great way to become fully in the body and become more grounded. They can also be extremely useful at helping empaths dispel negative energy they tend to absorb or take on.
  4. Reduce time spent online, on your computer, phone. Consider switching off your internet hub when sleeping to reduce EMF exposure. And spend more time on self care and self love.
  5. Bring more plants into your surrounding, your office, your home, your garden, things like cacti and other EMF reducing plants. These are great to sit next to your computer to help reduce EMF exposure
  6. Use grounding devices and grounding support aids, I use an electric bed to keep slightly upright in bed which is certainly not ideal. So I use a crystal grounding mat in my bed and grounding crystals under my bed.
  7. Reduce stimulants such as caffeine, sugar, alcohol, nicotine these play havoc with your central nervous system and impact your ability to feel more balanced and grounded.
  8. Use grounding essential oils like frankincense, sandalwood, vetivert, doterra has an amazing grounding oil  Balance as well as more a protection oil – On Guard ideal for HSP’s. (Contact me directly if you would like to learn more.)
  9. Learn to be in the moment, being in the moment encourages you to be more physically in and aware of your physical body. This is especially important for people with any sort of physical trauma to their body, car accident, traumatic operation, long-term physical violence. The last place people with those sorts of issues want to be is in their body because of the pain or shock but this causes huge emotional disharmony in the mental, emotional, and energetic body.
  10. Learn To Meditate; meditation not only helps us be in the moment, feel calmer, but can help us feel more grounded especially if it is more proper traditional meditation rather than more guided meditations that are actually more guided visualisations where the person is in their head or heart, often out of their physical body.

As someone who has had extreme challenges around being grounded and fully in my body. I have spent nearly 30 years looking for answers and help to many of my challenges.  I found that many of the grounding techniques that as I was taught as a healer just didn’t work for me. So as I started to study this topic a lot more deeply working with many top healers around the world. I quickly realised that grounding has to be the or at least one of the first skills Empaths need to master. Especially today when we are so disconnected from nature and balance. That is why I created Grounding Tools for Empaths– a grounding toolkit for empaths and highly sensitive people. Powerful yet simple and easy grounding tools, techniques, and even products that will help you feel more grounded and balanced on a daily basis.

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9 Traits Of A Highly Sensitive Person

9 Traits Of A Highly Sensitive Person

 9 Traits Of A Highly Sensitive Person

Are You A Highly Sensitive Person?

More and more people are starting to realise they are a highly sensitive person. According to various research 15-20% of the population are a highly sensitive person. Dr Elaine Aaron a HSP Expert, states that a lot more people think they are highly sensitive when they are not. Now more and more studies are demonstrating being highly sensitive which is also known as hypersensitivity is not a dis-order or a weakness. Highly sensitive people are not emotionally unstable or emotionally immature.

In-fact an FMRI study of the Highly Sensitive Brain demonstrated sensory processing sensitivity and response to others’ emotions. The highly sensitive person is shown to be physiologically affected by others moods and the environment that surrounds them.

An explanation why many HSP’s struggle with the harsh energy of modern day living. Especially sensory processing; for example noise and busyness.  Which can lead to an increased risk of  highly sensitive people suffering from chronic anxiety, stress and some other health related issues.

The Gifts And Challenges Of A Highly Sensitive Person

Being a highly sensitive person has tremendous gifts and challenges. In many ways being highly sensitive is a powerful needed trait in society. Especially when so many people are so disconnected from their emotions, their pain, their fear, their compassion. A highly sensitive person usually has much greater compassion, wisdom and awareness of the outer and inner world of those around them.

Probably the reason many HSP’s are the Drs, nurses, healers, therapists, counsellors, carers, nursery nurses…

But  also the reason why many in these careers suffer from burn out and other chronic health challenges like CFS or depression. As they often have many challenges around grounding and having healthy boundaries.

9 Traits of a Highly Sensitive Person - Are You A HSP? Common traits of the Highly Sensitive People

Common Traits Of A Highly Sensitive Person

Here are some of the more common and easy to wide range of traits of a HSP

Highly Caring And Compassionate – you can often recognise a HSP as they care for others very deeply. They are extremely compassionate it simply oozes out of them. And very giving to the extent they often put them self last. Self care is often last on their list.

Highly Intuitive And Psychic – highly sensitive people tend to be highly intuitive and at least a bit psychic. Though many block their psychic abilities from a young age because of others perceptions and their own fear. But they have a strong inner knowing, especially about people they meet and those around them.

Highly Empathic -a highly sensitive person is usually highly empathic, easily affected by other people’s emotional and mental pain, fear or negativity

Struggle With Violence And Strong Negativity – hypersensitivity usually comes with a strong aversion to negative or violent media such as the news and tv.

Highly Emotional – a highly sensitive person tends to appear more emotional, they cry more easily especially to situations, things and events not affected by others.

Highly Spiritual – they are usually naturally attracted to various aspects of spirituality.

Struggle To Function in Busy Environments – many HSP’s struggle to function or work in busy environments like call centres, busy office, factory even at school, college. So they need to take time out away from their desk or work environment to become re-focused and re-energised.

Need More Time Out- a highly sensitive person tends to need more time out and time away from others. They need more time to unplug, switch off, relax, even sleep. As being a HSP means you tend to have a lot more sensory processing over load.

Many HSP’s Freeze Or Shutdown– Due to the degree of their sensitivity many HSP’s can become very shut off emotionally especially those that are empaths. Often life, their surroundings can feel quite traumatic so they become quite shut off emotionally. Most are very ungrounded and not fully in their body in an energetic way. Many suffer from chronic anxiety and stress even if they are unaware of it.

So How Can A Highly Sensitive Person

Become More Resilient To Modern Day Living?

One of the big challenges a HSP has is balancing the scales of their gifts with the harsher energies of modern day living. So it is important a highly sensitive person learns effective anxiety and stress management skills.

They also need to learn how to ground and set healthy boundaries. Because HSP’s are often more in their heart and head than the rest of their body. Their energy fields tends to be a lot more scattered and porous so they are easy target to the energies around them.

I know as a HSP how important it is to become more resilient to modern day life. One of the most powerful things I started to study over 25 years ago was meditation. Meditation is one of the most powerful skills everyone should learn especially someone who takes on other’s emotional thoughts, feelings and physical symptoms.

Meditation with daily practice can give us instant access to inner stillness, inner peace. It can helps us become more centred within in our own space. Rather than expanded out into everyone else’s energetic field. You can start learning how to meditate more easily today

what is inner child work course for coaches, healers

Inner Child Therapy and Healing is extremely helpful for most HSP’s and Empaths because it can help not just heal old trauma, but unhealthy beliefs or distortions that have arisen from their gifts. Unhealthy views or fears that have arisen because of other people’s views of their sensitivity. As well as unhealthy patterns that are keeping their level of sensitivity to an unhealthy degree.

As a highly sensitive empath who has been studying in the holistic and spiritual field for over 28  years. I was very fortunate to learn many strategies to help me remain more mentally and emotionally resilient to life’s stressors.

And the reason why I help support and empower people like you today! Are you struggling with your sensitivity? Need more help to turn your sensitivity into your biggest super power?

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My name is Eileen Burns, a coach, healer and therapist and a highly sensitive empath.


Who has been on a healing journey of discovery for over 25 years


As someone who was chronically shy but very caring, generous and compassionate I have struggled with some of the challenges of modern day living.

Like many sensitives and empaths do.


Chronic health challenges from the age of 19 led me down the holistic route and on a journey of discover I never imagined.


But it took me many years to realise how much my sensitivity had played such a huge part in the way I showed up in life, how life reflected back and how it also impacted my health.


I will be sharing in these blog and my podcasts some of the very difficult challenges I endured  and those I overcame or learned to work around.


As someone who has always been highly sensitive to the world and energies around me.


You will get to learn my secret tools that help me remain amazingly strong and resilient when others would have gave up. Or have fell prey to some crazy addiction or victimhood.


I will be sharing a wide range of knowledge and insight I gained through my journey as the client, the healer, the student, the teacher.


Some painful, some sad, some amusing, some inspiring and well interesting.


My role is to help empower you to turn your greatest struggles as a sensitive into your greatest gifts


To teach you how to LOVE, OWN and RESPECT who YOU are.


Not who or what others think or expect you to be.


Learn how to love and own even those imperfections that you never thought were lovable.


And to learn even when we still haven’t got it fully right.


We can still shine our light, still have a purpose while were still growing.


If you would LOVE to belong to a safe space of loving, caring and compassionate sensitives.


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